Figma News Fridays 4/25/14

Welcome to another installment of Figma News Fridays! For once it is beneficial that I am writing this post on what is technically a Saturday because some awesome figma developments popped up just a few hours ago.
And those developments promoted what was already a decent week to a darn good one, so let’s get started!

Also, how do you like the new background?


Captain America Previewed
series: The Avengers
I usually have a decent recollection of what has been reported in Figma News Fridays, but for whatever reason, I have no recollection of ever showing that Captain America was colored. Perhaps it was just too long ago, or I lost track of him when Thor and Iron man came out. Regardless, Captain America appears to be the next Avengers figma slated for preorder and received some time in Goodsmile’s broadcast. Promotional images were shown off as well.

captain america monday 2
Check out that shield.

captain america monday 3
And did I mention that he comes with a shield?

captain america monday
And here’s an old higher quality image.
Captain America is scheduled for August, so as I said before, his preorders should open very soon. And as with his predecessors, I’m sure the price will not be the best of news for fans.

Miho Nishizumi Delayed
miho nishizumi preview page
Series: Girls und Panzer
Miho’s release has been pushed back to May.


Flyboy Zombie Preorders Begin
flyboy zombie preview page
Series: Dawn of the Dead

From the legendary zombie horror film, ‘Dawn of the Dead’ comes a figma of Stephen’s completely changed form!
•The unique coloring of the zombie body has been faithfully preserved in figma form.
•Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of zombie action scenes.
•Along with his standard expression, he also comes with a damaged expression with blood spray parts and a head part to recreate the ‘Machete Zombie’.
•The blood spray parts can be removed and attached to arms or legs, allowing you to pose him as if limbs were torn off.
•An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken
Zombie retails for 4444 yen and will be released in August.

With this figma, we see once again that popular Japanese manufacturers are not afraid to occasionally venture into western media. It is a development many have waited ages for, but I am sadly indifferent to. It’s not that the figma looks bad or I don’t think Max Factory should do things like this, but there’s a reason I cast aside the super heroes and various sci-fi wonders which surround me and define nerdiness of my side of the globe– they’ve simply never appealed to me. This is all a fancy way of saying that no matter how amazing the figmas based on western characters become(oh shoot, what if they made Darth Vader? Figma Darth Vader, oh man!), I am afraid my reaction will always be the same.

But it would be a shame to ignore the fact that we’re looking at a zombie figma! Check out that blood! In fact it’s so gory that GSC’s page has his thumbnail blurred out. I’m sure that many people will have tons of fun with his accessories, and when can we expect for somebody to buy a couple of these and recreate Thriller with figma Michael Jackson?


HunterXHunter Figmas Rereleased
kurapika preview page
killua preview page
gon preview page
All three HunterXHunter gentlemen have been released once again.

Ninja Slayer Preorders Begin
ninja slayer preview page
Series: Ninja Slayer
From the mysterious cyberpunk ninja novel with an anime series on the way, ‘Ninja Slayer’ comes a figma of Ninja Slayer himself!
•Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
•A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
•He comes with a number of hand parts allowing poses such as his ‘aisatsu’ and ‘karate’ poses! An alternate scarf part for more dynamic action poses is also included!
•Three expressions are included: His standard face, a half-Naraku face with effect parts and a Naraku Ninja face.
•Optional parts include his shuriken, shuriken throwing effect parts, a grappling hook, two types of sushi, dark red flame effect parts and an enemy ninja head part.
•A selection of speech bubbles are also included on a plastic sheet to display with him.
•An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.
Ninja Slayer retails for 4000 yen and will be released in September.

The decision to make Ninja Slayer into a figma seemed like an odd one at first, but now all becomes clear as we learn that an anime is being produced. I had little interest in the anime until I learned that it is being produced by none other than Trigger! Seeing how easily Trigger won my heart with Kill la Kill, I’m willing to give Ninja Slayer a shot.
Returning to the figma, I have to say that not only does Ninja Slayer sell for an unusually low price of 4000 yen(so sad that I have to say that), but he actually looks to be worth the money. Along with him, you get tons of cool effect parts(Wasshoi should be my new catch phrase. “May I take your order? Wasshoi!”), cool faces, and sushi. What better accessory for a ninja than sushi?

Ninja Slayer is a pass for me, but I’m looking forward to the anime. Wasshoi!


Casca Released
casca preview page
Series: Berserk

Chihaya Kisaragi Released
chihaya kisaragi preview page
Series: The Idolm@ster

Mikasa Ackerman Rereleased
Mikasa preview page
Series: Attack on Titan
Mikasa’a second release for those less fortunate *cough* like me *cough*
I just paid for my Mikasa and Eren!

Hibiki Ganaha Sculpted
hibiki friday
Seres: The Idolm@ster

Now for the fun stuff! It seems there was a little event in which several figmas appeared! The first of which is a freshly sculpted Hibiki Ganaha. Hibiki’s midriff sculpt looks really nice. Check out those details! And it’s good to see that both the Cinderella Girls and original Idolm@ster line are receiving attention.

Gorou Inogashira Painted and DX ver. Announced
inogashira friday

Series: Kodoku no Gourmet

Gorou was yet another one of those unexpected and obscure characters who won the privilege of being figmatized. I’d call him a boring or plain figure of an older man, but can’t help but be reminded of my beloved Mushi shi and how thrilled I would be to see more figures of Ginko who also happens to be a plain older male character, so I won’t say anything. Wasshoi!

And, he comes with food! FOOD!

There is also the DX version which was announced in magazine scans. How exactly it differs from the standard version is still a mystery, but at the very least we know that he is scheduled for July.

Terraformar Painted
terraformer friday

terraformar friday
Series: Terra Formar

Do you like ripped humanoid cockroaches?
On second thought, I’m better off not knowing.
Whatever your answer may be, that’s what this is, and it’s painted! As expected, Terraformar is a sultry shade of black and comes with a club. Wasshoi!
I can’t wait to see his faces?

Bike Miku Painted

miku friday
Series: Goodsmile Racing

Now, saving my personal favorite announcement for last…Bike Miku is painted! Oh just look at her! That suit, that bandage, the hair, the helmet, the Wasshoi!
As expected, I am head over heels for Bike Miku and must obtain her!

That concludes this Friday’s news! There’s so much to see this week that I’ll just ask: What are you excited by?

I’ll be back next Friday with more figma news!


20 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 4/25/14

  1. I had gotten an email from HLJ saying my Mikasa figma order was cancelled… and then a day later, an apology email saying, “Whoops, nevermind!” So I’ve got to pay for her and be on my way with that XD I haven’t gotten an Eren bill yet, but I’m on the second order of him.

    Loving the Bike Miku, what a cutie!!!


  2. One does not simply post Figma News Friday on a Saturday. I really like Ninja Slayer, but haven’t preordered him yet because I know firsthand how Phat’s protos change. I already have Mikasa, you should like her a lot. Are zombies, ninjas, and mutated roaches not moe enough for you? Now that Casca’s finished, it’s on to God Hand.


    • Saturday is not allowed to begin until Figma News Fridays has been posted!

      I’ve yet to own a Phat figma, but the one I did get from GSC was the worst quality figma I’ve ever had, so I don’t blame you.

      I need my daily ration of pretty ladies and sugoku kawaii desu nya.


      • Kiritsugu’s too moe for you, I suppose. I bought Phat’s Meruru and I hate how they botched up her paint job. Which Phat figure disappointed you? Phat’s too hit or miss for me, like another company *cough*Griffon*cough*.


          • Wait do you play Atelier games! I really wanted her, since I like the games, but they have almost no merch. Now she’s in her box until I have the time to repaint her. Although since Phat’s making figmas now, I might get some Atelier figmas.


              • Doh, we could have been PSN buddies. Maybe you’ll join the club eventually. If so, I’d love to play something online with you someday. I agree about the art, the Dusk series has some great artbooks in particular.


                • Maybe one day. Gaming is a hobby in itself, so with so many games and consoles out there, it’s one I seriously can’t afford beyond buying the latest Pokémon games lol.

                  I’d love to too! The only online game I am playing now is Tera . I intend to venture to other MMOs when I’m finished.

                  I’d love to get my hands on some prints. Art books are gorgeous, but I like to have the art where I can always see it.


  3. The Terraformar creeps me out a bit >.> Captain America is a 100% MUST for me. I need the whole Avengers team in my collection ._.


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