Snippets of Spring

The photo shoots I post usually consist of photos taken to be displayed as a group, but this time I have pictures that were taken at different times and are coming together for this post. But there is one theme which unites them: spring!

I’ll work in chronological order.

elsa bouquet
First are a few pictures of Elsa. I sadly missed the snow with her, but spring flowers compliment anyone and work well for the transition from the harshness of winter to gentleness of spring.


emerald queen
One of my favorite things about Elsa is her sideways glance, but it does present a challenge when attempting to maintain diversity in a single shoot.

ruby red wm
I love the colors and composition in this shot.
Also, have you been looking at the corners? I’ve begun watermarking my images!
I’ve never had to deal with image theft, but as the blog hopefully becomes more popular, I’d rather avoid the issue entirely. Besides, I’d say the mark ended up being pretty cute~

Next is a shoot with the shrine maiden outfit I found for Tamaki. At the end of that loot post, I found that Elsa did not look bad in it either, so both had the chance to wear it for photos.

Tamaki stands in a patch of green underneath a tree.

pink and cute_edited-1
She’s also cute with the flowers in the tree! I have plans to make an all pink kimono for Tamaki. It will either be adorable or hideous. I won’t know until it’s finished…

red tama 1_edited-1
Perching in the Japanese maple. I love that tree, and it has served me well throughout the years.

red tama 6_edited-1 copy
And what would a shrine maiden be without a talisman?

red tama 8_edited-1 copy
Another view.

And more green!

Now it’s Elsa’s turn!

red elsa 1
For being the queen of snow, red suits her quite nicely.

red elsa 2

red elsa 5

red elsa 6

Last is a few shots taken in blooming trees~

This tree which blooms small purple flowers was difficult to stand near because bees claimed it immediately and coming close to it was met with a swarm of buzzing. However I noticed near the end of one day that many of the bees were gone, and was able to sneak in a few photos with Caster. I chose Caster because her blue kimono would compliment the flowers.

spring bride
And to compliment Elsa’s light blue dress, I chose the pink tree. The flowers are gone now, so Elsa and Tamaki were the only ones this year to have photos taken in it.

rosy stairway
I made her a bouquet of white flowers which are the perfect size for dolls and figures!

pink wonderland
I love the pink hue cast by the flowers.

purple smile_edited-1
And Caster is back!

purple blur_edited-1
Lately I’ve been focusing one background and bokeh to bestow an ephemeral quality to my photos. I doubt I’ll get that fully without buying another lens, but if anything photography has taught me to do the best with what I have.

lavender fire_edited-1
I can’t wait for my next scale to arrive next month! I’ve mentioned her before. Do you remember who it is?

That brings this exhibition of color to a close! My next batch of photos has even more dolls!


4 thoughts on “Snippets of Spring

  1. Man, it looks so lovely around you… we don’t have such loveliness around here yet… around here it’s still threatening to snow on us!

    … and yes… I should start watermarking my images too… I’ve found a lot of FB pages lately that are using them without any credit. It’s so annoying too… I’m fine with them using it, just, for goodness sake, CREDIT!!!! Yeesh.


    • Still? If I could I’d send some warmth your way! We’re getting a lot of it now. I better enjoy it before the humidity sets in.

      Bleh, that’s what I’m doing my best to avoid. I’ve seen my images come up in internet searches too, and considering how many places I post them to now, a watermark isn’t a bad idea. Took me forever to start, but once I made mine and started slapping it on images, I felt a lot more secure!
      Some people have on problem just googling photos and using them =_=’


  2. No Figma’s, I am dissapoint. Your shots are so nice, I’ll probably never do an outdoor photo because it never looks all great around me. That and I’m worried about losing any accessories. By scale figure do you mean Morgiana.


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