March 2014 Loot

The loot is here once again!
And for anyone interested, my Pokémon X journey is going fabulously. I currently have 6 badges and just bought my trainer a cute pink dress in Anistar city. I love being able to change outfits which might be a problem since I’m tempted to do it almost every day. I even changed my trainer into a coat to ride Mamoswine through the snow. Were the Global Sync server not undergoing maintenance at the moment, I’d be sharing pictures as well.
There have also been some changes to my team. I now have: Jolteon(Pippa), Flygon(Pandora), Delphox(Inari), Venusaur(Midori), Azumarill(Blueberry), and Mienfoo(Mutton). Kalos has a phenomenal selection of Pokémon that are accessible throughout your Pokémon journey. In previous regions it felt like there were only a few good Pokémon to catch along the way and all others were merely to fill space in the Pokedex or for you to use until you reached those good Pokémon. But in Kalos, I found that there were infinite possibilities for my team and was often upset that I’d filled a particular spot in so early. I do not want to rush the game, but I am really looking forward to training a competitive team and taking on some other trainers. I’ll definitely be IV training the best Gardevoir that I can. By the way, did you know that Gardevoir is Yami Usagi’s favorite Pokémon? Because it is.

As for this month’s loot, it was another goodie filled one with not a figure in sight. Here’s everything:
loot 1
Disney Classic Elsa, Shrine Maiden costume, Pink Round Toe Strap Shoes, Asuna Earphone Jack, and Goodsmile Kuji Miku tote.

These were pretty much all extra purchases.

loot 2
First up is Disney Classic Elsa.

Sometimes I do wonder how much easier it would have been for me to be a hardcore Disney fan since Disney is American and the movie are in English, and I’m American and speak English. But I seem to be fond of making things difficult for myself, so why not fall in love with something from the other side of the world that isn’t even in my language? Of course that is not to say that I do not love Disney. Growing up, my favorite princess was Ariel(even the original Little Mermaid story is one of my favorite fairy tales). I also liked Mulan, and in recent memory, Tangled and pretty much everything Pixar makes has a place in my heart. Frozen is the most recent Disney film, and after listening to every girl everywhere sing “Let it Go” for months, the DVD came out and I was finally able to watch it for myself.

loot 3
All in all, the movie was quite enjoyable. Animation was pretty and songs were catchy, but what I was most excited to see was the characters.

One problem with waiting so long to watch a popular movie is that no matter how many spoilers you avoid, you can’t help but form preconceived notions. After seeing Elsa everywhere, I was super excited to learn more about her since not only does she look amazing, she has magic powers(and you all know how I love my magic powers). But much to my disdain, the movie did not feature as much of Elsa as I’d hoped. In fact, I was a little disappointed by the story once the movie was over.

It feels a little odd to have such strong feelings toward an animated movie, but Frozen gave me a very familiar case of what I will be dubbing “Sword Art Online Syndrome”. Those familiar with my opinions on SAO may have an idea of what I am going to say. I loved Frozen’s concept. Elsa’s forced isolation from her beloved sister and struggle to conceal something which was a part of her identity tore at my heart, but I felt that the execution of the story’s themes was lacking. It feels that there was so much more to be told, yet we never saw it. As if Frozen was too big of a tale to be bound by the time it was given. I should add that I do not hate Frozen or SAO. In fact, I loved their concepts so dearly that I am sad that there may be unfulfilled potential which prevents me from being able to love the stories as I wish I could.

Still, these disappointments did not stop me from loving Elsa’s character, and after watching the movie, I was immediately reminded of the Classic Disney dolls which I had seen before. I came across the dolls of Elsa and Anna unintentionally while browsing a doll blog, and fell in love with them instantly. I did not want to buy the dolls on impulse, but was reminded of them constantly(a little girl even walked into where I work with an Elsa doll) and eventually decided to purchase just Elsa after finding her for a decent price.

loot 4
I never envisioned myself venturing into children’s dolls, but what attracted me to Elsa and Anna was their remarkable accuracy to the movie designs. The dolls also have pose able bodies(something fashion dolls did not have when I was a kid) and Elsa’s dress is of good quality. And do I even need to say anything about the sideways glances?

loot 5
A downside would be that pose ability in the legs is lacking which results in Elsa only being able to achieve awkward sitting poses and takes dramatic walking poses away completely. Elsa also has very odd proportions once her dress is removed. It’s a good thing that I did not buy her with the intention of playing dress up because anything that does not cover her legs exposes said proportions.

loot 6
Arriving after Elsa was my amiami order. Sitting atop the box’s contents was the usual “Thank you for shopping with us” paper, but I was delighted to notice that this time the paper was double sided and had a cute picture of amiami’s mascots on the back. It is even printed on postcard quality paper!
I like the inclusion of this little “postcard” because it adds a possible “collect them all” quality to ordering from amiami. I am actually hoping to see another in my next order and hope it will feature a different illustration. Until then, this little card will be joining the other postcards on my door.

loot 7
Of course the real reason for this order was an item which has succeeded in eluding me since January– an Asuna earphone jack!

Japan offers a plethora of unique and fun phone decorations, but what I really wanted was an adorable chibi to sit atop my phone. Just when I wanted one, Peguin Parade(part of the GSC family) announced a set of Sword Art Online jacks. Of course Kirito was absent from the set, but Asuna, Suguha, and Leafa were well represented. Amiami was selling the set in a box or individually, so I chose just Aincrad Asuna since I liked her pose the best.

loot 8
Now that she’s here I can say that Asuna makes a darn cute phone jack, but anyone who bought the set for display purposes may not be so satisfied. The sculpt and paint are fine for the size, but colors are not as clean or vibrant as in promotional pictures. This most notable affects her skin which instead of having the peachy color of a quality scale, is what can be best described as bootleg tan. Her hands are also an entirely different color than her face. The jack is of course legit, but is better suited for use on a phone than proud display which is just fine for me.

loot 9
Details are still great though. Look at those little legs!
I feel like getting a pouch for my phone just to keep her safe in my pocket.

Up next is some little gifts for my Pureneemos.

Both Kagura and Tamaki had their birthdays recently, and in spite of my having amazing parties planned, neither of them ended up happening and both girls were greeted with little pomp on their respective birthdays.
I felt that something needed to be done, so I threw aside my cheap ways of attempting to make everything and decided to buy my girls things that they needed which I could not make.

loot 10
Kagura’s style is fairly broad which means that I can sew most thing for her, but what I cannot make is shoes, so I found her this cute pink pair. It will look nice with dresses and skirts and is much better suited to warmer months than her white boots.

loot 11
Unlike Kagura, Tamaki has a very specific style which is far more time consuming to cater to(although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it). It was actually promotional photos of Caster wearing a shrine maiden dress that inspired me to dress Tamaki in only Japanese style, and although I do like the costume, I was not looking forward to sewing a hakama. So when I found a complete shrine maiden outfit for 20% off, the decision was an easy one.

The outfit includes a white kimono, thin red obi, hakama, and tabi.
I am happy to have the outfit as it is of good quality, but I am also slightly pleased to say that I am not overwhelmingly impressed by it. From now on, I’ll just be buying Tamaki kimono related accessories like shoes because I am just as pleased with a kimono I make as with one I buy. What an awesome feeling to have!

loot 12
Oddly though I don’t regret buying the tabi.

My last piece of loot is *drumroll*
loot 13
A tote bag! But this is not just any tote bag! It’s one from GSC’s spring kuji(the same which spring figma Miku is a pat of)! When GSC’s entire kuji line up was announced, I did not bother to scour the images and fawn over my favorites because the Miku figma was all I wanted and looking at other things would only create unnecessary pain from wanting items exclusive to a lottery in Japan. I had no plans to pursue or own any of these colorful treasures until while browsing MFC’s sale section one night, I spotted a user selling one of the tote bags.

For whatever reason, I have a fondness for tote bags. Perhaps it is their uniform easy to carry size or even their tendency to be a canvas in more ways than one by being the bags most likely to feature unique art and designs. I have several tote bags already, and seeing this one for sale which was not only colorful but also featured unique art excited me. And to make the deal even better, it was being sold for a very reasonable 1000 yen. I bought it immediately and eagerly awaited its arrival.

loot 14
My first impression of the bag was that it has remarkable quality. The top is equipped with a metal snap and there is even a little pocket inside. The bag itself is sewn well and the design is not cheaply applied.

My second impression?
loot 15
It’s huge!
My well loved and standard sized Pandumonium bag fits snugly on the monster tote that is Miku and friends. I am not upset(the dimensions were clearly listed before I bought the bag) as much as I am surprised by just how big the bag is–especially for a lottery prize. I’d almost expected a half tote, so seeing something so big and well made is great. I just wonder what I’ll use the bag for since it is clearly one Miku too wide for everyday use.

This concludes March’s loot, but I can’t leave without a few extra images.

loot 16
Before considering a new doll, I think a lot about how she would fit into the existing family. But it was not until Elsa was on her way to me that I even thought about her relationship to the other dolls. I do not intend to incorporate her into the family with Tamaki and Kagura, but she may make an appearance every now and then. Besides, Kagura seems to be fond of her.

And another thing I couldn’t resist…
loot 17
Shrine maiden Elsa!
I am working on an introductory shoot for Elsa(I can’t just buy something and not photograph it), so this isn’t the last you’ll see of shrine maiden Elsa.

That brings March loot to a full close. Did you all find anything interesting this month?


3 thoughts on “March 2014 Loot

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  2. Loving your March Loot… I’ve been considering the Frozen dolls too… and you know what, I feel the same way about the movie. Everyone is just like, “It’s SO good! It’s about sisters!”… but I really feel like the plot development, character development, and especially the sister’s relationship development were all a bit flat and underdeveloped! I keep referencing it back to Brave, which I think is so much better in terms of the showing of family dynamics and relationship…. I could go on and on about where Frozen let me down. XD (But, LOVE the look of all of it and still want the merchandise… XD)


    • I’m glad to not be the only one. I passionately expressed my disappointment to my mom, but she said she didn’t see much wrong with it(and we watch lots of movies together), so I was wondering if I was taking it too seriously.
      Yet in the end, merchandise wins both you and I over regardless! I’d like to get the Anna doll, the Elsa plush, and maybe some things like shirts or a cup.


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