Figma News Fridays 4/11/14

Figma News Fridays signals the end of another week. I have not spent much time in front of my computer this week partially because of life, but also because when the sun and flowers are out, I’d much rather be outside enjoying them. And although nothing is finished at the moment, I have a plethora of half baked posts and projects. Comic ideas, photo shoots, a spring photo story, loot, reviews, an old photo critique, and more sewing await…that is when I can get to them. There is also Pokémon X (headed to the Scary House) and anime to forever be in my path. With so much preparation required for other posts, writing Figma News Fridays is truly a pleasure since the news makes itself! This week had a good amount of figma news with some lovely reveals and release date announcements. So lets get started!


Eren Jaeger Release Date Announced
Eren Yeager preview page
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan

Eren will be ready to slice your neck(if you’re a titan, that is) on April 19th!
I actually managed to secure an Eren from the first batch, so mine will be on the way! Woohoo!

Hunter X Hunter figma Release Dates Announced
gon preview page

killua preview page

kurapika preview page
Gon, Killua, and Curarpickt will be rereleased on April 24th. These three were originally scheduled for their rerelease in May, but have been bumped ahead to April. Something like this is either a blessing or a curse.


Chariot Weapons Revealed
Dat sword

Dem spikes

Series: Black Rock Shooter TV Anime

Remember 20 years ago when the BRS anime came out? For a while it seemed like Max Factory forgot, but the oddly timed development of Chariot has proven that she is thankfully unforgotten.

Let’s take a moment to admire Chariot of the beautiful figma she is. With an epic outfit with a crown and messy hair, a giant sword shield combo, and wheels for feet, Chariot is the peak of characters with designs truly worthy of a figma. But I can’t help but feel that Max Factory failed to strike while the iron was hot. In fact, the iron is cold and crumbling. Were this figma revealed shortly after the anime aired, I would be far more certain about preordering her, but considering that anything BRS is long gone, and I only muddled my way through the anime in the first place, I may be better off saving my money for something from a newer series. That is why I am very eager to see what accessories accompany Chariot. If there are crazy faces and macaroons to look forward to, then I’m on board the Chariot…chariot, but if not, I’ll have to appreciate her from afar. Regardless, I bet she’ll look great.

That’s all for this week! Do you all have any figmas from this batch on the way? What about Chariot? How do you feel about her so far?

4 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 4/11/14

  1. I need to do some outdoor shoots as well, so I’m looking forward to yours! I would also like to see some more sewing from you >_<
    I just ordered RAH Link and the Levi figma YAY! Otherwise I'd be all over nendo Link. I hope the make Zelda!


    • I finished some outfits today and am getting ready for a doll photo shoot. My girls haven’t had much attention on the blog lately ^^’

      RAHs are looking really good lately…too good >_>’


  2. MOAR SEWING ARTICLES PLZ! Chariot is great, almost too great, I’m a bit too afraid of her price tag, but I’ll probably buy her no matter what. I know it’s not a figma but I can’t wait for Nendo Toon Link.


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