Swinging into Spring

I’ve been a little silent this past two weeks, haven’t I? You can blame Pokémon X for that, but I can assure you that I am having lots of fun!
I am now headed for my third badge, and here’s my team: Pancham(named PandaExpress), Azumarill(named Blueberry), Ivysaur(named Midori), Aerodactyl(named Flappy), Jolteon(named Pippa), and Braixen(named Inari). I adore Braixen because of how it fights. You all know that I love magic characters, right? Because I do! The only bummer about Braixen evolving into a fire/psychic(my dream starter *_*) is that I can’t catch any other Psychics(my favorite type). Fairy is also giving me a challenge since I do not always remember their strengths and weaknesses–not to mention the old Pokémon who have been altered. I freaked out when Pancham’s karate chop did nothing to a Granbull.

Yet another long awaited addition is the option to customize your trainer, and there are even spots to take pictures!
Here’s my trainer in Shalour City. Her name is Sunny!

I also finally found my 3DS’s friend code. It’s 2079 8038 4607 if you’d like to add me~

But I’m not here just to share codes and 3DS photos. I’m here to share real live photos taken of real live fictional characters!
Yes, spring has begun, thus signaling the start of the outdoor photo season which is also known as my preferred season. I’ve written before about how my local flowers bloom in stages. These photos were taken in stage one which surprisingly snuck up on me. Spring often has a false start which is negated by one last April freeze. So when the flowers began blooming in March, I wasn’t hopeful for their survival, yet no freeze ever came and spring was instead catapulted into full bloom. In fact, with stage two on the way, it has been rather hot lately.

So which flowers occupy stage one? Cherry blossoms! My yard has one lone cherry tree which saves me from having to venture to a park for any Japanese-y photos.

Even though the tree is small, the blossoms are difficult to reach, so I usually wait for the other tree we have to bloom. But this time I found a simple solution.
A step stool!
Life isn’t always easy being short.

With my step stool under foot, I was ready to take on the tree!
tsukihi parasol
For my first subject, Tsukihi was an easy choice. I gave her Snow Miku’s parasol for more Japanese flair.
Is it realistic to wear a yukata in the spring while holding a parasol? FLOWERS.

You can thank “the new Flickr” for discrepancy in image sizes. *grumble*

Also at the base of the tree. This is where all of my cherry blossom photos were taken last year.

earthen crystals
Dirt bokeh!

floating notes
Next came Luka who matches pink flowers perfectly. Sing Luka, sing!

toxic pink
Oh how I love you, Luka. Tako Luka was also going to be in a photo or two until she fell off of Luka’s head and plummeted to the ground. Tako Luka was the first of many figures to fall that day.

spring lounging
I then wanted to photograph a figure lounging on a branch, so I grabbed Mami to utilize her lovely sideways glance. You all know how I love them!
Very pleased with the colors in this photo. Mami’s yellow pops out but still blends in enough with the natural colors. I’ll have to bring her out again when the other tree finally blossoms. Mami also fell from the tree after this shot.

Next up: Hachikuji! That backpack of hers makes Hachikuji perfect for adventure type photos.
Also, I could not avoid the up-skirt at this angle. Don’t judge me!

paper tunnel
Looking through a paper cone.

looking out
I believe Hachikuji fell too…

I called it a day after this and returned for another round the next day.
It was still nice, but more windy the second day.

Day two was dominated by an idea I’d had before which was to build a spring swing. While taking a test shot of Hachikuji dangling from a branch, I realized that the blossoms and sky made a great background, and decided that a swing would be more suitable. Not only are swings perfect for an outdoor shoot, they’re perfect for couple photos! Little did I know that building a figure sized swing is not exactly easy. This is namely due to balance since the figures were not anywhere near the ground, and I did not want to send even more figures to meet Mr. Dirt. So after much cutting, gluing, and balancing, I finally had my adorable couple swing photo!
spring couple
Just look at them! *_*
As usual, Kirito is never happy. I’m so happy that he has that face.

sitting in the sky
See right Asuna’s hand? I’ve been using Homura’s hands on her instead. Cute, right? RIGHT?!

face of joy
Kirito wishes he was playing games now.

Photographing just Kirito and Asuna on the swing seemed like a waste after all of that work, so the rest of the shoot was devoted to getting as much mileage as possible out of a single prop.

sugary pink
Madoka is always my go-to for pink flower photos. Swing, Madoka, swing!

sweet smile
Just look at that smile! I wish I looked that good when I smile in photos. Maybe that’s why I like to be behind the camera.

spring into a contract
Form a contract and you can swing to your heart’s content!

swinging sweetie
Oh Madoka, why are you so cute?!

After Madoka, I was not sure who would also match the pink flowers.
Then I remembered Mikuru! My Mikuru does not get nearly enough outdoor time.

orange and pink
I wanted the bottom of the swing to be in the shot since it looked cool. This is one of my favorite photos!

Ending with one last shot of Mikuru. I am admittedly not fond of this face, but Mikuru.

That brings round one of spring photos to a close. You may notice that there are no dolls this time around, and that is because with the new sewing books in, almost nothing in Tamaki and Kagura’s wardrobes is good enough anymore, so they have very little to wear until I get back to sewing. Of course the Dollfie Dream has plenty to wear, but she’s you know…headless for the time being. Anyway, that’s all for now! I’ll get back to my beloved Poké-Pals, and my next post will be Figma News Fridays! But of course don’t be afraid to comment or question– I always have time for that!

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11 thoughts on “Swinging into Spring

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  4. Glad you’re liking Pokemon X! I got really sick when I got it which meant…lots of gaming! After finishing the main story in two days my mom took it away ^^;. Anyway, beautiful pictures as always!


    • And that one too….
      Well the rest was
      I feel terrible I forgot all my figures at home during spring break, so now I have to wait some before I can start photographing….. >.w<


      • Ahaha Once I left three comments of nothing on a friend’s Facebook status because my phone got water on it and went crazy, so no biggie.

        Nuuuu You can’t forget the figures! I’ve actually had dreams where I was upset for having gone on a trip and not bringing my figures. In the dream, the trip was ruined.


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