February 2014 Loot

Root-it-toot-toot it’s time for loot! How are the seasons progressing in your area? Spring has definitely sprung here, and it feels great! I already have a set off cherry blossom photos completed, and will have even more flowery fun on the way. But today is a day for loot. And a little look at this loot will explain why those cherry blossom photos might take me a while to publish.

Here’s everything!
loot 1
Murasaki.me shirt, Japanese fashion book, Pureneemo flection M body, and Nintendo 3DS XL

Once again, not a figure in sight! This will change in April when Eren and Mikasa come my way, but let’s just enjoy the goodies for now!
Also notice that all of the dolls came out for this loot post!

loot 2
First up is the shirt which is the first piece of clothing I’ve bought for my Dollfie Dream. I bought it from Murasaki.me which is a shop that has long been selling charming DD sized shirts. The shirts are made by the shop owner while the adorable illustrations come courtesy of collaborations with various artists. This particular shirt is from the Charuca collection.

loot 3
But surely you all know by now that thanks to natural frugality and the mounting prices of figmas, I am rather choosy when it comes to unplanned purchases(There’s seriously a list of shops I mean to buy from), so just what finally convinced me to acquire one of these lovely shirts? A sale, of course! This precious shirt was a dazzling 40% off, so I just had to get it for my girl!
This design is one of my favorites from the Charuca collection(next to “Cute Dino”). I mean, who wouldn’t love seeing a mushroom with a mustache? I also love the navy blue and 3/4 sleeves, so I am quite pleased with this shirt!

loot 4
It fits very well, and the fabric is even prewashed to help prevent staining. There’s no guarantee, but every precaution counts!

loot 5
You can also see that my girl is totally headless now! Her head is overseas now with the face up artist, and I can’t wait for the painting to begin! I’ll give this shirt a better shoot when she’s all complete.

loot 6
The only thing that I don’t love is that the head needs to be removed to put the shirt on. However, that is just because of my extreme nervousness in handling Dollfie Dreams at the moment.

Anyway, if you’d like one of these darling shirts for your girl, don’t hesitate to head over to Murasaki.me’s store. Other collaborations include: Puppy 52, Danny Choo, and Moekana. There’s even a 40% off shirt left over. KuraiKawai also mentioned a future My Little Pony collaboration which I’m totally looking forward to. And if you’d like to try your luck, there is still time left in a Murasaki.me shirt a giveaway The Majokko Shop is having!

loot 7
With her new shirt, my girl is also wearing a pair of shorts I made for her. I like shorts because they’re comfortable and easy to wear.

loot 8
Our next dolly related item is…another sewing book?! I was very satisfied with the Doll Coordinate Recipe book, but the more things I sewed for Kagura, the more I felt bad for Tamaki. Doesn’t she deserve amazing clothing as well? That’s when this book came to the rescue because it is filled with kimonos!

loot 9
A peek inside shows the endless potential of a simple pattern. Just a change of print or sleeve length, and you have a kimono for a whole other occasion!
But kimonos are not all you will see. There are also patterns for a haori, hakama, apron, hood, obi, and hair accessories!

loot 10
Here’s my test kimono. I’d previously been using a pattern from Undead Threads which was great for getting started, but I can already see the improvements with this pattern as it addresses many problems I’d been running into.
I like how this test piece came out, but the color does not really suit Tamaki, so it will be scrapped. Next time I will also make the collar thinner and focus on neater finishes.

loot 11
Next up is something for Kagura. An upgraded body! Kagura came with an older Pureneemo body which paled in pose ability compared to Tamaki’s. So with her new body, she can move her legs further and stretch out her arms. Clothes even fit better because she has more room to move.
The only odd thing is that this body’s tone is a lot more orange than her old one. It’s not too noticeable…I guess.

loot 12
Kagura is also wearing a new pair of shorts!

loot 13
I need to make more in other colors~

And finally we come to the thing I’ve wanted for ages!
loot 14
My very own 3DS! My tradition with any new handheld Nintendo makes is that I do not want it until a new Pokémon game comes out for it. I’d kept to this tradition through the Gameboy Advance SP(my debut console) to the Dsi, but much to my horror, I was not able to keep up when the 3DS and Pokémon X and Y came out. I waited and waited, trying to keep that wondrous new region out of my mind until the day came that I finally felt comfortable buying one. Hearing that the 3D is easier on the eyes, I went for the 3DS XL. And if I’m buying, why not pay a little extra for a bigger screen?

I knew that it was called a 3DS, but it was not until I held the system in my hands and played it that I realized that it really is 3D! Everything is super cool, and I’ very happy to finally own one. And looking at that online store, I’m sure I’ll be adding many more games to my library from the comfort of home.

loot 15
And look what came in the mail while I was taking photos!
I am about 8 hours into the game and am so happy to finally have it! Battles are glorious 3D, trainers are customizable(my money!), and there’s a whole new region to explore! But there is a little downside to this. That downside is that on account of Pokémon absorbing all of my free time, I will not be as active with blogging and replying to messages for a little while. Even tearing myself away from the game long enough to write this post was more difficult than you’d think. If you have a comment, don’t hesitate to leave it, but just remember that I cannot respond right away. And don’t worry about Figma News Fridays. That is too important to skip!

That’s all for this loot! I’ve been away from my darling Pokémon for too long already!

4 thoughts on “February 2014 Loot

    • I’m so happy to have it too >///<
      Hehe As soon as my Pokémon aren't all level 20, we can battle too! I still want Animal Crossing as well–just need to rest my wallet after buying the 3DS XD
      I haven't had time to chat at all lately O_O'


  1. So glad you like the t-shirt! :)) thanks for the little review! ^^ I also organized a giveaway on my FB profile (Nia Chan) as I wanted to celebrate that I reached 500 friends! Just send a friend request and post the the number of the shirt you would like in case you win! ^_^


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