Figma News Fridays 3/22/14

Welcome to this week’s dose of figma news!
I’ve found myself rather busy during the week which is not a bad thing–especially since I’ve finally warmed up to my job! Lots of work means a little less time with figures, but I also appreciate my free time much more. And with spring on the way, I already have a batch of lovely cherry blossom photos in the works!

This was not a bad week in the figure world either! In fact, we have tons of shiny new photos of figmas to gawk at. There are even several squeal-worthy announcements! So let’s get started!

*Thanks to a suggestion, FNF will now be including the series each figure comes from!*


Futayo Honda Release Date Announced
futayo honda preview page
Series: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
Futayo will be released on March 28th!


New Photos of Ryuko Matoi
Series: Kill la Kill
Nendoroid Ryuko went up for preorder this week, and being shown off alongside her was figma Ryuko who is not yet ready for preorders, but does have some surprises up her sleeves! …Or wherever she keeps things in that outfit.
ryuko 1
For starters, there’s her second expression which is a shouting face! The face is rather fierce, but that’ actually perfect for a fully suited up Ryuko!

ryuko 2
A side shot! It looks like those suspender straps are soft PVC. Hopefully that’s not a problem.

ryuko 3
From the back! Her hair is so awesomely spikey!

ryuko 4
And an additional accessory is the extended scissor blade. At the moment it is not clear if this is a separate accessory or if the regular blade just moves, but what does it matter? SCISSOR BLADE!

That’s all the information of Ryuko, but I suspect it won’t be long before we see preorders!


Now are you ready? Today was Anime Japan(I’m surprised too) which is an event that…er…NEW FIGURES!
We were treated to plenty of new things two of which are new figmas that are going straight to my wish list. It’s like a mini Wonderfestival!

Haruka Nanase is Sculpted(in more ways than one)
Series: Free!
Remember forever ago when Max Factory announced Free figures? I’d forgotten until after Wonderfestival when I realized that they were not at the event. But I knew that there was no way that these figures were cancelled because Free is crazy popular. Well, the time has finally come for the Free figmas to resurface(AHAHAHA), and we’re beginning with Haruka Nanase.
haruka nanase friday
And here he is! Poor Haruka(I always thought that was a girl name >_>’) has only just been revealed, but there is a certain degree of backlash over his very visible joints. I was surprised by how visible they are, but for those having second thoughts, remember that this is just a prototype(unpainted too), and everything will definitely be better integrated once he is colored. Also remember Swimsuit Sonico who’s joints are surprisingly well hidden.

A close up for the ladies.

nanase haruka acc friday
And some accessories!
A shirtless man figure with an apron? I can only imagine.

Tsugumori Announced
tsugumori friday
Series: Shidonia no Kishi

I-I don’t know who he is. Nobody told me there would be a test!
After some quick research I can say that this character is from a mecha manga and depicts the main character piloting a mech.

Terraformar Announced
terraformar friday
Series: Terra Formars
Research time again!
Loosely summarized and based on quick research, Terra Formars is a manga about fighting humanoid cockroaches on Mars–a concept which strangely excites me. The figma we’re looking at is one of said cockroaches, and all I have to say is that I am impressed by his six pack.

Mako Makanshoku Announced
mako makanshoku friday
Series: Kill la Kill
Were you afraid that Ryuko would be all alone? Well fear no more because the super amazing Mako is here! Being such a zany character, Mako has tons of potential, so I can only hope that Max Factory properly taps into it.
And seeing that we now have a transformed Ryuko and normal Mako, I would love to see regular Ryuko and “Fight Club President” make appearances as well.
Also Jakuzure >_>
and regular Satsuki <_< and Nui Harime >_>

Shinobu Oshino Announced
shinobu oshino friday
Series: Nisemonogatari

The Monogatari series is one that captured my attention but quickly lost it soon after. I watched Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari, but soon learned that I never really loved the series in the first place. It felt more like I was watching it because everybody else did, and although I would not call it bad, I came to realize that it just is not my cup of tea, and dropped it. I do own several of the figmas though and Tsukihi, Nadeko, Mayoi and Ararararagi himself are some of my favorites in my collection. And although it is true that I disliked almost every female character in the series, I never had anything against Shinobu. Shinobu is long overdue for the figma treatment, and I’d love to see a figma in an outfit like this, so I say, bring it on!

Saori Takebe Previewed
Series: Girls und Panzer
Tacked on to the end is Saori Takebe who is being entirely shown off but not put up for preorder yet.
Very cute with thigh high socks.
And a large bust O_O

Ear Protection is important!

An awesome face! I haven’t seen the anime, but I can tell that this is spot on!

A third face with tank controls and a cell phone.
Tanks get great reception.

And just what do you do with all of these tank pieces?

Combine them for a tank-tastic party!

Saori will retail for 4444 yen, and preorders should open soon as well!

That’s all for this week! What excited you? Was it news about an older figma, or one of the many we’ve just learned about?


13 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 3/22/14

  1. Yes! I almost forgot that Haruka was going to be a Figma (I feel like it was announced so long ago!) Can’t wait to see him painted >:D. I wonder when they’ll make sigma Satsuki…but I have a feeling she’ll be an exclusive.


  2. Mako needs at least five faces. Or a blank face with stickers, that’d be even better. If there’s a Ragyo figure, it needs LED lights in its hair. Also, I think Max Factory is making a model kit of a tank that the Girls und Panzer figmas can ride in.


    • I hadn’t thought of that. They may very well do a blank face with decals! I sort of hope she gets a hairpiece with a red streak in it for when she talks about Ryuko.

      The Ragyo figure would have to come with a pair of sunglasses in order to stand next to it.


  3. SHINOBU, SHINOBU, SHINOBU =D. I’m so glad she’s finally coming out to complete the set. I hope Ryuuko and Saori go up for preorder next week.
    Side Note: Anyway knowing how you feel about the new figma boxes, I think that they are altering the design somewhat because of how Indiana Jones’ box looks.


  4. Oh gosh I panicked, I thought you said figma Ryuko was up for preorder, I was like I couldn’t have possibly missed that! She’s a definite for me, I just fell head over heels for Kill La Kill. I’ll certainly get Satsuki when she appears too! Ahhh this year is great for stuff I want!


    • Oh no! Don’t panic! Haha
      I hope Ryuko is up soon though because I want her too~
      Also, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I post when figmas go up for PO. That way you won’t miss Ryuko or anyone else! 😀

      I’m scared for this year O_O’


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