Happy Miku Day 2014

Ha! I did it!
No matter what the day be, holiday photography is not my strong suit. This is for the simple reason that holidays tend to “sneak up” on me. I think that Christmas is a few weeks away when suddenly Christmas is breathing down my throat and I have no pictures to show for it. But just what changed this time? Nothing! …Except the time! With daylight savings having kicked into gear last night, I have one less hour of sleep and one more hour of daylight! And that extra daylight combined with a wonderfully warm day to give me one of the longest photo shoots I’ve been able to have in a while.

So what is Miku day? Well, using a pinch of Japanese linguistic magic, the 3/9(March 9th) makes the word Miku! And what better day to dedicate to Miku Hatsune than Miku Day?

So since I had the day off, a little Miku themed photo shoot was definitely in order.

With the weather becoming warmer(for now at least) and the world becoming greener, I was finally able to do one of my favorite and sorely missed outdoor photo shoots. With no fiddly artificial lighting or space constraints to worry about, I was finally free to just take pictures, and I have to say that I am very happy with this shoot. The whole Miku herd was assembled for this day(although not all made it into the shoot), so let’s join hands and celebrate the electric angel, Miku!

Shade for a Friend
Even though the other Mikus were out, Miku 2.0 stole the spotlight today. She starts by offering some shade to Snow Miku. We wouldn’t want her to melt!

bm 1
Next Miku grabbed her new bike and Hachune for an afternoon ride!

bm 2
This bike was one of my recent acquisitions in a trip to the hobby store. I found it in the doll house section, and it makes a cute figma prop. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually buy an EX Ride bike.

bm 3
Walking Home with Onee Chan
Hachune is one of my favorite parts of this shot.

bm 6
Freshly Picked
These white flowers are some of the first to bloom when spring nears, and they’re the perfect scale!

bm 8
One thing I focused on this time was bokeh. My lens isn’t quite suited for it, but with the right positioning, it can make a nicely blurred background. I placed Miku in front of a rose bush but near a patch of sunlight so that the colors and light would blend behind her.

bm 9
Miku’s purse is taken from figma Shironeko! But it’s Miku’s now because she takes what she wants and nobody asks questions!

bm 10
Still loving Hachune.
Although I should add that posing her is often a pain since her pigtails do not want to stay in her head. Still, it’s all worth it for that face.

green fairy
Now we have a quick intermission with Append Miku who is relaxing on some nice squishy moss.

Go moss Miku!

But Miku 2.0 is back!
These last photos were taken on a garden candle holder. Last week I realized it resembled a balcony and made a mental note to take a few photos with it.

daytime fire
Next stop, the Miku Observation Deck where Miku observes you!


But it would be a crime for Miku to be all alone on that romantic balcony!

warmth of your arms
So Kaito stepped in!

together on the balcony
Oh the cuteness!

looking up at love
Miku sees you!

I hope you all enjoyed Miku Day because I sure enjoyed taking these photos!


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