Figma News Fridays 3/7/14

Are you ready for figma news? Good! Because it’s time for Figma News Fridays!
This week had a lot of pictures of new figmas, but no actual new figmas. This seems bad for now, but it means that next week will definitely have at least one new figma to prepare your wallets for. So let’s get started!


Strength Animation ver. Previewed
The anime version of Strength is not scheduled to hit the shelves until March 14th, but we have kindly been treated to some sample photos of the final product!
Her box!
I will not be getting this version of Strength, so these are the only pictures of her you’ll see here >_>’

Free from her box!
If you’re a little underwhelmed, remember that sample photo lighting often makes figures look worse than in person.

Just look at those giant arms!

There’s also some photos helpful for maneuvering the arms.





Also for installing her finger guns. Because who doesn’t need their fingertips to shoot bullets from time to time?




Miku Hatsune 2014 Spring version Released
kuji miku
Surely you know of the wonder that is this lottery exclusive Miku!
Yes, Goodsmile Company’s kuji has officially begun which means that this Miku(along with all of the other disturbingly amazing prizes) is now available to the Japanese public. She’s sure to begin popping up on secondhand stores soon as well, so those of us outside of Japan will have a chance to add this little darling to our collections. I do dread Miku’s prices, but hopefully they will settle within a reasonable range as did Santa Miku and the other Family Mart kuji nendoroids. Fingers crossed because I intend to hunt this baby down!

Nagisa Momoe Previewed

In an odd case, all of Nagisa Momoe’s information along with photos have been revealed, but she has not yet gone up for preorder. I suppose they to build excitement?
Well, let’s take a look at Nagisa!
I was not expecting to even want her, but darn she turned out cute!

She comes with a happy face and gun

There’s also a little friend

A close up of her little friend

What’s up with the italics? Well, I still haven’t seen the movie, so although I do have my suspicions, I still do not know the little details of each accessory. So no spoilers, please!

Oh, look, it’s Mami and Nagisa’s little friend. HOW SWEET

MFC has this next image marked as a spoiler, but we already saw it in magazine scans. Still, spoiler?
That face from my nightmares again. And a dinner tray which is probably for eating my soul in said nightmares.

Nagisa retails for 4444 yen and will be released in July.

Since preorders have not yet begun, I will save my full opinion of her for then.

That wraps up this week! Is there a figma Strength in your future, and are you looking forward to her? Or are you putting all of your hunting abilities towards acquiring spring Miku like I am?


11 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 3/7/14

  1. I really need to see the new Madoka movie. I feel like I will want Nagisa so much more after I see the movie.

    I cannot wait to have Strength in my hands! She looks like she’s going to be a real fun one to pose.


  2. The only thing stopping me from buying Nagisa is the restriction of the leg movement of the figure because of her design. I mean she’s a cute one but such a shame that her movement or playability isnt that quite good and as for Strength maybe I can get her but I’m worried about the ogre arms though. What do you think? Hahahaha!!


    • Ah, I’d forgotten about the leg movement. Although after so many figmas, one with difficult to move legs doesn’t bother me so much. What DOES concern me is that price >_>’
      I have the original strength, and although I’ve never played with her arms much, they aren’t alarmingly fragile. Just be careful with the fingers, and be gentle when turning her arms so that you don’t stress the joint since it’s made from a more brittle plastic.


  3. Nagisa’s way cuter than I thought she’d be O.o Maybe when I have money, I’ll buy her.. Hopefully her aftermarket prices won’t be too crazy >.<" Oh, and I don't think it's a spoiler, but it's not a gun, it's a trumpet. A really, really weird looking trumpet.


  4. I really need to see the Madoka movie………… Every time I look at Momoe I feel like the movie is already being spoiled for me. Strength is perfection though, I may just pick up a second.


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