Guardian Sabers

For quite some time, my photo shoots and posts have been planned which does not leave me with much time for taking photos just for the heck of it. This is of course my choice, but I do miss photographing random figures for no reason every now and then. That’s why last week, when the light was not right for review photos, but it was still a pretty day, I decided to do just that!

Spring has not arrived yet, but subtle changes like a bed of clovers, buds on trees, and the occasional warm day let us know that old man winter is slithering farther away.

Light that I’ve learned to take advantage of is that which shines on my patio before sunset. Its rich vibrancy is warm and makes the plants sparkle. This light’s fleeting beauty walks hand in hand with morning light as my favorite to photograph figures in, and the majority of my review photos are taken during this golden hour.

Part of the fun of season changes is investigating places that you know and seeing how they’ve changed. The place that caught my eye this day was a planter with a rose in it. The thorns formed a cruel grey arch that reminded me of an abandoned castle garden. I wanted a figure to match this palette and setting, so I ran inside to stare at my figure shelf. The figure to meet my needs was Saber Lily!

gl 1
I played with the depth of field to perhaps have the thorns more visible, but I find that part of the magic of close up photography is the ambiguous blur of color that is the background, so I left it this way. Besides, there’s a bit of bokeh, and you can see the shapes of the thorns too.
One of these days, I hope to invest in a macro lens *looks at prices* Oh….

gl 2
Here’s where the title of the post comes in! Looking at the brim of the planter, it made me think of a rock wall. Saber Lily is like a knight guarding the castle walls from titans!

gl 5
Do not make eye contact with Lily if you want to live!

gl 6
You better not be thinking about invading!

gl 7
Another cool thing about the changing seasons? Just a turn and our setting is entirely different!

gl 8
I love having figures make eye contact with the camera. I feel it makes the photo more engaging~

gl 9

gl 10
But with the addition of greenery, Lily is a bit out of place, so someone else came to join in on the fun! This face and hairpiece are borrowed from Saber Zero

gl 11
An angle I don’t usually shoot from.

gl 12
Her eyes go perfectly with the green plants! >///<

That’s all for this shoot! We saw two very different Sabers in two different settings which changed simply by facing a different direction. Go Saber!


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