January 2014 Loot

As usual, we’re celebrating the beginning of a new month with loot from two months ago. And I don’t delay my loots either! Everything just takes a long time to get here–especially when it comes in several boxes like this one did!

Here’s everything:
loot 1
DDS arms and hands, Build A Bear Fluttershy, Doll Coordinate Recipe: My First Coordinate Recipe, and Re-ment Rilakkuma kotatsu.

Oddly, the one thing that I did plan to purchase has been delayed to March…after it was delayed to February.

loot 2
First up is the arms and accompanying hands which I already posted about. There was also a pair of black heels which I forgot to put in this post. My girl’s arms have a lot more mobility now!

And while we’re on the topic of Dollfie Dreams, I have good news! My face up commission has been accepted! I’ll be packing up my girl’s head tonight and hope to ship her out very soon. There will still be a wait since the faceup artist is still busy with other heads, but this project is almost complete! *tears of joy*

loot 3
Next up is what was in that Build A Bear box photo I shared quite some time ago: Fluttershy!
Perhaps you knew that My Little Pony Friendship is a guilty pleasure of mine, and Fluttershy happens to be my favorite pony, so once I found out that this wonderful thing existed, getting one for myself was a no brainer.

When searching images online to evaluate Fluttershy’s quality, most of what I found was stuff written by moms about how much their daughters loved her. And although that is nice, it was not quite what I was looking for. For that reason, I’ll be doing a mini review of Build A Bear Fluttershy.
I’ll save my full opinion for the review, but for now I’ll just say that she is DARLING.

loot 4
I really went crazy with the extras for this month. And doing so was actually part of my new years resolution which resulted in Fluttershy and this book being purchased from Amazon. …It also helped that I had a gift card from Christmas.

So what is this book? It’s a doll pattern book from a series called Doll Coordinate Recipe! This book would have completely eluded me were it not for Mew on figure.fm who received one as a gift for her dolls. I also ended up getting this edition since it’s the beginner book, and I figured the patterns would be a good start.

loot 5
The book has lovely photography and every piece of clothing worn by the dolls inside can be sewn using the patterns! Patterns are included on a pull out sheet in the back or printed on the pages of the book. The patterns need to be scanned and printed not just because the tear out sheet is double sided, but because some cutting is needed in patterns prep. The patterns are also given for dolls of several sizes. I’ve been using the 27cm Momoko patterns for Pureneemos.
Step by step pictures inside make is fairly easy for non Japanese speakers to follow along. But some sewing experience does help.
The book cost $25 without shipping on Amazon, but retails in the 1500 yen range. I’ve seen other editions for sale online for closer to that price, and both Hobbysearch and Hobbylink Japan carry them–although they do not have every edition.

loot 6
And here are the results of my very first serious attempt(my quick attempt can be seen in my second snow day post.

After making my first dress from the book, I have to say that the patterns are awesome! The skirt did end up tighter than intended, but I love how it looks on Kagura!

loot 7
While making this dress, I also learned that having your sewing machine’s stitch length on the right size is…a good idea. I usually sew at 3, but soon found out that 1 1/2 or 2 is better for such tiny clothing.

Because of her arms, the fit of the dresses is a little awkward, but I have a remedy for that on the way!

Even having just dipped my toes into this book, I am very pleased with it. I would recommend having a little experience with sewing in order to fully utilize the book though.

And seeing how many amazing things I can make for Kagura thanks to this book, I went ahead and ordered another that applies to Tamaki. Now both of my darlings can wear even better clothing. Woohoo!

loot 8
Last is a further continuation of my resolution: more props!
Re-ment is one of the most commonly suggested companies for third party figure/small doll props, so I did a quick search on amiami. Unfortunately, I am still quite cheap, and many of the 3000 yen boxes(even if it is for a full box and totally worth it) were more than I was willing to pay. I then came across this kotatsu set.

Re-ment released a kotatsu set quite some time ago which now fetches a hefty aftermarket price, so I was thrilled to see this one for the easily digestible retail price of 1500 yen.

loot 9
Being the Rilakkuma version, this one is of course decked out in bears.

loot 10
None of the cute food pictured on the box is included, but you do get everything you need for the kotatsu.

There’s a table top(cream on one side and chocolate brown on the other), the table with four legs, two pillows, and the kotatsu cover.

loot 11
A kotatsu is a heated table by winter and regular table by summer, so I was really happy to see a well detailed heating box at the bottom. Reminding me why I’ve come to love Japanese products!

loot 12
The pillows are very cute and soft as well!

loot 13
And although closer to Pureneemo(1/6) size, the table works for figmas as well(even though they look odd sitting at it together). The figmas do have to sit on their knees though.

That brings this loot post to an end! Next month will be doll related again!


10 thoughts on “January 2014 Loot

  1. Nice loot. I’m so sad I missed the Kotatsu set. I hope they might release it again sometime in the future. I really want it for my two PureNeemos that I have just gotten. Re-ment stuff is really great. Its really worth the money. I have 3 complete sets and its wonderful and it works so great with PureNeemos ^w^ Had a fun little photo shoot today with my new girl that I got yesterday and the Re-ment stuff I have. It looks great with the girls. You definitely should get it. They just get more expensive on the aftermarket.


    • Awww Congrats on the new Pureneemos! I wanted to get more, but am thinking of going for another DD instead. Dolls are serious wallet drainers T-T

      >_< That's a good argument. I hadn't thought much about the aftermarket. Looks like I'll just have to find a set I like and bite the bullet ^^' Although I hear that Sylvanian Families food isn't bad either!


  2. You got some good loot! I friggin love re-ment but I’m cheap haha.
    I think i may have to pick up that dolly pattern book. Is it easy to understand? I’m also glad your girl is getting her face-up soon! Did you end up sending her to Bellatrix? Also did you make that peasant top for your DD? I think I want to make some for my girls, I need some medieval clothes.


    • Thanks! And yep, same for me. I’m such a cheapo with accessories >_>’
      Since you have experience, I don’t think it’ll be a problem for you :). Everything is step by step with pictures which are very useful for those who do not read Japanese. And if you already know how to sew, then it’s not hard to figure out some of the more ambiguous pictures. I already ordered another XD And as far as Pureneemo patters go, the sizes compatible are 27 cm(good for M or L bodies) and 22 which should fit smaller girls.

      I sent the head last week! I hope it makes it there safely ^^’

      For the dress in the photo? Yep! It’s actually from a Barbie pattern that I enlarged.


      • Thanks for the info on the book, I guess I will get one haha.
        I also wanted to mention that you may want to pay a little extra for return shipping on the head. If you don’t like waiting which I don’t haha. The trip there isn’t so bad, but once you see her painted it’s excruciating. It took me a month to get Elena back.


        • No problem! It’s nice to use already made patterns every now and then instead of having to worry about drafting your own. There’s also a book called Easy Doll Coordinate Recipes that I hear is made for mixing and matching patterns. I do not have it, but you might like it since you make clothes!

          Thanks for the advice! You’ve saved me time stalking the mail man. XD


    • Build A Bear ponies for all!
      If I were to get another, I think it’d be Twilight.

      Yep, they’re freakin’ huge dolls XD
      I switch between being surprised at how small they are and thinking they are gigantic.


      • When I got rainbow dash all they had was Pinkie Pie and her! It was somewhat awkward since I went with my cousin and were pretty old compared to the others…

        They are really big! The bigger the better i guess?


        • Ahaha Yeah, that would be a little awkward. I ordered mine online, but wouldn’t have minded enduring the awkwardness to get her in person ^^’
          Have you seen the mini Spike? He’s cute too!

          I’d say it was worth the money! I get so used to $35 being the norm for a good anime plushie.


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