Figma News Fridays 2/28/14

Welcome to Figma News Fridays!
This week I’ve learned that it’s important to remember and stick to what you love. That is why with one long day at work behind me, and an even longer one on the way, I am staying up to write Figma News Fridays–because I seriously love figmas. And with determination, I want this strange crazy love of toys to take me somewhere where I can live doing what I love.
Now that the detour through Yami Usagi’s sub conscience is over, let’s get back to the figmas! This week had the usual preorder news along with a few other things. So let’s get started!


Iron Man Mark VII Full Specification ver. Correction
iron man monday
Last week’s FNF included some updates on figma Iron Man. But after a week, it looks like some of that information will have to be corrected.
It turns out that the Iron Man pictured is in fact a separate release from the one we’ve been seeing at Wonderfestival. This Iron Man (named Full Specification version) is set to be a Goodsmile Online Shop Exclusive with a planned release of August. His price is a disturbing 8148 yen.
It would appear from the scans that the only difference is a Tony Stark faceplate. However, until complete information on both Iron Man figmas surfaces, that is only speculation.

Akane Isshiki Palette Suit ver. Delayed
akane isshiki palette suit preview page
Akane’s release has been changed from February to March.

Strength TV Anime ver. Release Date Announced
strength TV ver preview page
Strength will be released on March 14th


Shimakaze International Preorders Begin
shimakaze preview page
Remember figma Shimakaze? It’s hard to forget her! Reining from the ever popular Kantai Collection, most every figure of Shimakaze has sold out in record time making them quite a chore to acquire. One of the most frustrating things when figma Shimakaze’s preorder began was that even though Goodsmile Online Shop offered an excellent optional expression as a bonus, she was not available overseas to due to licensing issues which not only left many unable to receive the bonus, but made it very difficult to find her for sale in general since her preorders sold out quickly everywhere else. It would seem that many were affected by this, and as a result of this high demand, GSC has announced that they are now able to sell Kan Colle items internationally on their shop. And GSC is already making use of their new distributing power by opening international preorders for figma Shimakaze and many other Kan Colle figures on their shop.
Shimakaze can be preordered for 5800 yen with a release date of June. The usual rules and restrictions apply, but I’ll let you all read those for yourselves when you preorder her!

As cute as Shimakaze is, I’ll still be passing this time.


Hazuki Mizuhara Preorders Begin
hazuki mizuhara preview page
The beautiful successor of the Mizuhara Dojo.

From the Nintendo 3DS game ‘Toushin Toshi’ comes a figma of the heroine, Hazuki Mizuhara!
•Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
•A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
•She comes with both a smiling expression and a serious expression.
•Her reliable sword and its scabbard are both included to help you recreate amazing scenes.
•An articulated figma stand is included, allowing various poses to be taken.
Hazuki retails for 4000 yen and will be released in June.

A 3DS game? I would play it on my 3DS…IF I HAD ONE.
But seriously, Hazuki is very pretty! I obviously know nothing about her, but she captures the classic JRPG fantasy vibe while having a mature beauty about her. In my “Preorder everything that moves” phase, this would surely have been on my list, but alas, those days are over.
Hazuki will be a pass for me.


Thor Preorders Begin
thor preview page
The first in The Avengers figma series – the mighty God of Thunder!

From the movie ‘The Avengers’ comes a figma of the most powerful fighter in Asgard – the Mighty Thor!
•Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
•The utmost care has been given to the details of Thor’s design and paintwork, ensuring a high quality figure fans will be proud to own.
•Careful thought has gone into all points of articulation on the figma, preserving his heroic appearance while allowing for various poses from the movie!
•A number of optional hand parts, as well as Thor’s mighty hammer ‘Mjolnir’ are included.
•An articulated figma stand is included, allowing various poses to be taken
Thor retails for 6800 yen and will be released in July.

The first of the Avengers figmas to open for preorder! And what better day for Thor than Thursday?
Thor looks just as epic and rugged as expected, but I hope you weren’t looking forward to playing with his myriad of accessories. Why is that? Well, because besides the obligatory hands and a stand, all that Thor has is a hammer.
Thor is also shockingly(get it? haha) expensive for a figma most likely due to his licensing–something which will surely affect the rest of the Avengers figmas.
Due to my lack of interest in figures of realistic characters, Thor will be a pass for me.


Akagi Previewed
Not far behind Shimakaze is Akagi who is being shown a little more in depth–although without anything new since we saw her last at Wonderfestival.
So far, Akagi has only been confirmed as a July release, but I expect preorders for her to begin shortly.

That’s all for this week! And did you notice that we had news for every day this week?
So, what chunk of news excited you, and did you add any new figmas to your preorder list?


2 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 2/28/14

  1. I was almost worried you forget about FNF, I’m thankful for your dedication.The Avengers figmas are easy passes now. Its not just the weird faces and high price that bugs me but the fact that plenty of other companies have already done them justice. Well at least I can look forward to other nice figmas such as Akagi and (I hope he comes out soon) Red Pyramid Thing.


    • Since news sometimes comes up later in the day, I usually post FNF on late Friday(or early Saturday depending on your time zone).
      I hadn’t thought of that, but you are right. Many other companies are better suited and well known for making figures of characters like the Avengers. I am biased though since super heroes have just never been my thing. ^^’


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