Snow Day Part 2

Not long after our first surprise snow day, we received yet another dusting of white wonder. Perhaps dusting is not the right word though because this time around it was truly worthy of being called a storm, and we received a healthy five inches along with three days of white. Unfortunately I caught a nasty cold the first night of snowfall which still has yet to clear up completely. This left me unable to take full advantage of the snow which is upsetting the more I think about it, for that reason, I’ll just move on to the pictures!

I received something in the mail just in time for the cold weather. I’ll go over it more in my loot post, but for now I’ll say that Tamaki will no longer be the only one with lots of clothing!

Because of this arrival, most of the photos taken this time were of my dolls.
hand out
Kagura in the outfit speed sewn just for this shoot!

shining hand
The dress is made from an old Christmas stocking. It was ugly as a stocking, but isn’t bad as a dress!

snow dune
I missed the first two days, so this is on the last day of snow. I was pleasantly surprised to see that because of excessive sleeting, the snow was moist enough to form things!

snowman 3
Things like snow men!

snowman 2
My last shoot had very few pictures of Kagura and Tamaki together. I actually do not photograph them together often because they don’t really go together, but I wanted some cute family type pictures of them in the snow.

Snowball fight!

Tamaki says you’re next!

sledding together

down the hill

snow sisters

under the tree

snow relaxation
That polka dot obi is one of my favorites…

sunset shimmer

snowy stroll
A walk in the sunset snow.

The sun was already setting, but I managed to squeeze in two figma pictures as well.

There are many ways to play in the snow, and this time I returned to something that I did on my first snow with figures many years ago: make red snow! Considering that years ago, this was my first thought, I’m a little sad that it took me so long to get the idea this time, but better late than never.
I was out of red food dye, so this time I used red spray meant for decorating cakes.

protect master
Saber will protect her master!
And it’s good to see that Shiro has some ice on that wound.

trail of death 2
Inspired my the scene in episode 10 of Madoka Magica(my favorite episode) where Homura kills one Kyubey only to have another appear after it. It’s a Kyubey massacre!

Sadly, that’s all for this snow shoot. We’re currently entering a false spring as it warms up and some flowers have begun to bloom, but there should be another freeze or two on the way. However, I doubt those freezes will be enough to bring more snow. And I’m ok with that.


3 thoughts on “Snow Day Part 2

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  2. If I could, I would gladly send some of the snow up here down to you so you can take more pictures. We have probably over a foot and have had a bunch of snow days (I know, it’s weird not to be happy, but band test is coming up).


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