Figma News Fridays 2/21/14

Figma News Fridays! Would you believe that February is almost over?
I was not expecting much this week, but several gems of information popped up to surprise me. So let’s get started!


Ninja Slayer Sculpted and Painted
ninja slayer sunday
Every Wonfes, a slew of unique and unanticipated figmas appear, but we often do not hear about them for a long time in comparison to their anime derived counterparts. Ninja Slayer was one of those figmas. In fact, he was announced last year. However, there is indeed progress on Ninja Slayer as he is making his first appearance since then with not only a sculpt, but a gleaming coat of paint.
The dramatic comic book look is really cool to see on an action figure!


Spring 2014 Miku Previewed and Release Date Announced

cherry miku box
Some updates one of my new favorite Miku figma designs!

kuji miku
Miku in her lovely cherry blossom themed uniform. I adore original art, so seeing more Miku figures(let alone figmas) based on original designs makes my heart skip a beat!

cherry miku 2
A dashing pose. See the pink highlights on her bangs? Oh yes.

cherry miku 3
Glasses too?! The palpitations!

cherry miku 4
But it can’t all be good. Artists have unique styles which sadly do not always translate well into the PVC world, and I have to say this is the case for Miku’s tearing faceplate. Not coloring in the whites of the eyes is an odd choice in my opinion. It’s not terrible, but I don’t love it.
Also notice what I believe to be a diploma in her hands.

Of course, the cherry on top is that Miku is available only through a Japanese lottery. The lottery is Vocaloid themed, and pretty much everything in it is awesome which makes me sad but a little happy that I’m nowhere near Japan because I would squander my whole paycheck on tickets for these.
Miku’s release date(AKA the lottery’s start date) is March 8, 2014, and her ticket is a measly 762 yen. She is the B prize.
Of course, few people will actually be getting Miku for 762 yen. The only way for overseas consumers to get her is via proxy or on the secondhand market. Due to being limited, she will be pricey, but seeing that prize nendoroids have a history of settling in the 4000 yen range after a few months, and not being too difficult to come by, I am not worried.

Iron Man Mark VII Full Specification ver. Previewed
iron man friday 2
Finally more information on the Avengers figmas. First up is Iron Man who we have a slightly better look at along with some of his accessories. I seem hand rockets, but my favorite thing is a faceplate of Tony Stark’s face. And sadly that 7800 yen price tag is still a reality.
He is scheduled for August, as we may see preorders soon.

EDIT: MFC is listing him as a separate version from the other Iron Man. Yay?

Nagisa Momoe Previewed
iron man friday
Nagisa gets some time in the spotlight too! And isn’t she a cutie? With a cute wittle bwody, and an itty bitty twumpet, and —AAAUUGH THAT FACE. So much for sleeping tonight.
I really need to see this movie… Until then, no comment, and no spoilers please.

That’s all for this week! Which one of these news tidbits caught your eye? And will you be able to sleep after seeing Nagisa’s face?(remember, no spoilers).


3 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 2/21/14

  1. Geez 7800 yen and yet Tony doesn’t even get a Proton Cannon………. Anyway that Ninja guy is too awesome. I feel like buying multiples in order to make Ryu and Joe customs.


  2. Really looking forward to the Iron Man figma 🙂
    I collect only scales as I don’t like visible joints, but none of the Iron Man figures have caught my interest so far. And joints work with armour anyway and doesn’t stand out much 🙂


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