Project DD: The Update

Time for a little checkup on my Dollfie Dream project! The preceding posts can be found on the “Projects” page.

Here she is! Just chillin’ as usual. But there is a minor change.

It’s a small addition, but the body looks and is so much more complete with them.

My wallet wishes that this was the only new part of her, but that is not the case. The other upgrade my girl got was
This was an involuntary purchase actually. There was a little problem with her original arms that made attaching hands impossible, so I ended up having to buy new ones. Everything DD is expensive, so it was more of a hit than I was anticipating, but that’s behind me now, and the good news is that the replacement arms are much more pose able than her old ones.
These are DDS arms as you can see by the shoulder. They were a tight fit, but she can touch her face now. Woo hoo!

Another benefit of needing to make a purchase from Volks was that I was able to add something extra to my cart: my girl’s first pair of shoes! Unlike most DD shoes, these were an affordable $8! They’re made of plastic, and will take some time with the hairdryer to fit her feet, but I’m happy that she has something to wear until I gather the gumption to fork over a larger sum for more shoes.

I also did some work on her wig.
And since DD wigs are such a pain to remove and put back on, Paki the alpaca will be modeling it for us.

The wig was messy and still had curls from the packaging.
To clean it up, I first used a toothbrush. Apparently Dollfie Dream brushes are nothing more than giant toothbrushes, so many owners recommend using just that for hair maintenance. The brush smoothed out her hair wonderfully and made it look softer.

I love wavy hair (have it myself hehe), but do not like the curls left at the ends of most wigs simply because they look out of place if the rest of the wig is straight. My girl’s wig is not heat resistant, so to straighten it, I took a deep breath and finally tried out the method that everyone swears by: the boiling water treatment. By name, it already sounds like an unthinkable act to submit your beloved DD’s wig to, but it’s really not so bad. You simply boil water and pour it over the wig! The wig actually steams, but when it’s done, the hair is molded in whatever position you set it in–which was straight down in my case.

With smoother fibers and better shape, the wig is already looking much better than when I got it. All that remains is some simple trimming on the bangs, but I’ll need to wait until she has eyebrows to do that.

I also learned that heat resistant wigs have thinner fibers which is why I was never able to get that baby soft look with my girl’s wig. DD sized wigs in my girl’s color are hard to come by, but I do have my eye on another for her that is heat resistant and a bit wavy as well. A girl can never have enough hair options!

I’d say he’s a good model.

I’ve also been sewing more for her!
I’ve found that my standards for myself have gone up lately. Mistakes that I would have excused earlier are no longer acceptable, and garments that I would have thought were ok are now scrapped. Yay?

First is a new shirt. Since I expect my girl to be finished in spring, I’ve bypassed heavy winter clothing in favor of lighter garments. Most of my fabric is patterned, but I’ve seen photos of dolls wearing graphic tee shirts and wanted to try my own. So I present to you…
Supremo Italiano!
Being the penny pincher that I am, I’ve learned to search for fabric wherever available, and when my mom who was catering a party asked if I’d like her left over rice bags, I couldn’t refuse. Half of the bag was a simple and useable white, but the other had a giant stamp on it. I was not sure what to use to stamped side for, if at all, and figured it’d be used for scrap of some kind. But when I had the idea to make a graphic tee, the bag was just what I needed. My hope was that when cut, the words would not be legible and come off as a cool design with random letters and designs. That did not happen at all because it is still very obviously a rice bag. But maybe that’s not so bad–especially since I do love Arborio.

DDU 10
I’d like to have her wear it with a simple cardigan.

DDU 11
Next is a shrug from the wonderful Jade Pixel Doll Lab. I should also mention that I’ve been using her tee shirt pattern as a base. It’s immensely helpful!

I want to be able to make everything for my DD, so for a while was trying to make things without using premade patterns. However, I often found myself too frustrated to make anything decent, and eventually realized that my basic sewing skills are not good enough to venture out on my own yet. Thankfully there are generous people who have made patterns available which are great for practicing and allow you to make some very cute and unique outfits!

DDU 12
This was my first attempt at the shrug, so I’m not completely pleased with it. I do not have this fabric in very many pretty colors though, so a second try will have to wait.

DDU 13
Next is a trench coat! This coat was made with a pattern from Undead Threads and is actually meant for SD13. I’d seen the pattern on the site some time before, but never tried it because it was not labeled for DD. Yet when I decided to return to playing with patterns, I gave it a try and was happy to see that it is DD compatible. The pattern calls for a full length coat, but I shortened it in favor of having a coat that is city chic rather than…detective.

DDU 14
I’m quite happy with it(although I could point out several problems just by looking at these pictures) and want to use the pattern again to make a short black jacket.

DDU 15
Last is another dress. Dresses are nice to have since I enjoy making tops more than bottoms which has obviously already created a problem.

DDU 16
This is my second time successfully sewing this kind of dress, and aside from some fit issues caused by my cutting a step from the pattern, it came out great!

DDU 17
I have tons of that grey fabric, so expect to see it quite a bit.

That concludes this little update!
Now just what is left? The only thing remaining in Project DD is the thing that gives every girl her character…the face up! It’s amazing that I’ve been working on this project for almost a year, but seeing it so close to being finished feels wonderful, and I grow more anxious by the day. I’m currently waiting for the artist I want to commission to open slots again, but when the head is ready to go out, I’ll gladly shout it to the world!


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