Winter Wonderfestival 2014 Personal Highlights

With that monstrous figma post behind us, Never Outgrew Toys is done with Wonderfestival, right? Wrong! Wonderfestival is never over because it lives on in our hearts and the deepest nightmares of our wallets!
Figmas will always be my true love, but with a few other figures under my belt, my eye can’t help but wander, and there are several figures that I’d at least like to bring attention to. That’s what this post is for! Here I will be featuring and discussing the non figma items that caught my eye whether they be future candidates for my collection or not. I’d love to hear your opinions too!

Here we go!

Character: Sinon
Series: Sword Art Online

You may or may not have heard, but SAO has a confirmed second season for 2014 thus reigniting my passionate love hate relationship. And to celebrate, we finally have a scaled Kirito…just kidding, it’s Sinon! Sinon is a new character from the show which hasn’t aired yet, but she already has scaled announcements from Pulchra and Aquamarine. I do want my Kirito, but can’t blame anyone for hopping on the train early.
Until the inevitable figma, Sinon is not on my list.

asuna and yui
Characters: Asuna and Yui
Series: Sword Art Online

Another SAO figure is coming our way, this time in the form of Asuna and Yui. This is not a bad concept at all since two in one figures are quite rare, and having mommy and daughter together makes a cute picture. But rather than dwelling on who or what is missing from this delightful family picture, I must remark that I’m not thrilled with execution on this figure. Yui looks perfect, but Asuna seems unnaturally scrawny with s big head. I also wonder why the Millennium Pyramid is on the nightstand next to them, and are those wine bottles? You better hide them, Asuna, or Kirito won’t be happy! There, I said the magic word: where’s my Kirito?!

asuna koto
Character: Asuna Titania ver.
Series: Sword Art Online

Ah! Kotobukiya’s Titania Asuna! I shared a picture of the unpainted version on Facebook and Twitter because I was so impressed with her. Fairydance was not my favorite part of SAO, and every time I see Asuna in her Titania garb, it makes me a little sad. Lets not forget that most every figure of her in this outfit is bound in some way which only helps to remind me of that episode. Because of this, I was happy to see a cheerier take on Titania, and was thinking of pursuing her. Then we saw her painted. I don’t hate the paintjob, but I don’t love it either. The subdued colors are reminiscent of the light novel art which I like, so I suppose she just isn’t what I was expecting. Kotobukiya’s Asuna isn’t entirely off my radar, but she’s fallen significantly.

colossal titan
Character: Colossal Titan
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin

This is just awesome! A giant Colossal Titan figure with part of Wall Maria as the base? Totally cool.
I have no desire to own such an ominous creation, but would like to see him painted!

mikasa 2

Character: Mikasa Ackerman
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin

Because of my relentless pickiness with regard to scaled figures, Goodsmile Company’s Mikasa is not a figure I would buy(although I wouldn’t mind owning her), however I must bring attention to her beauty! Just look at that face! I should stop staring at it before I change my mind about her.
*sneaks another peek at Mikasa*
*adds to watch list*

Character: Dandy
Series: Space Dandy

Throughout my academic career and much of my anime watching time, I struggled with just what kind of stories I like. I founds good books to read and shows to watch, but never could pinpoint just what it was that attracted me to them. That problem persists, but sampling each anime season’s wares has taught me a few things about myself one of which is that I have a weakness for fabulousness. Said weakness spawned with Kill la Kill only to be cemented by Space Dandy. A faster way of saying that is: Space Dandy is fabulous and I love it.
I am embarrassingly behind on many shows this season(you can thank Tera for that), but Space Dandy was love at first episode, and I’m looking forward to catching up with it.
This figure of Dandy may not be enough to blast his way into my collection, but were we to get a figure of that amazing “cat”, I’d be beyond thrilled.

Character: Elin
Series: Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

Speaking of Tera, what do we have here? Arcadia(previously Yamato) has been spewing out Elin figures as of late which considering that I play as an Elin, has made me quite happy. Unfortunately, not a single one of these figures has been of my beloved priest class, and even worse is that they insist on bestowing Elins with swimwear instead of armor. I was not interested in the pink haired one shown off recently, but this figure has not only the hairstyle and ears of my Elin, but her face as well! The weapon is even similar to the magical staffs I love, so I’ll have to watch this figure.

homu yukata
Character: Homura Akemi yukata ver.
Series: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

I was forced to abandon my kimono girls only mentality soon after companies began releasing kimono figures like mad and made it impossible. FREEING has even begun a yukata line which I’ve sadly found quite disappointing. However, Homura turned out better than expected, so I figured she deserved a mention.

mika jougasaki
Character: Mika Jougasaki
Series: Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls

If you like diorama bases or figures based on artwork, then Mika is for you! Being a mobile card collecting style game, Conderella Girls has a plethora of art to choose from, and Goodsmile and co. (this figure is by PHAT) have been making excellent use of that art by using it to create amazing figures. I have a strange weakness for Mika Jougasaki(I think it’s her eyes), and can’t help but be impressed. At a second look, the outfit and setting are borderline stripper, but years of anime have calloused me to such thoughts. Mika is not on my list, but she sure is pretty!

racing miku 2

racing miku 3
Character: Racing Miku 2013 Sepang ver.
Series: Goodsmile Racing

My my, we sure are getting a lot of Racing Miku 2013 before moving on to 2014. The Sepang version is yet another derivative, and I LOVE it. The pose is spirited, she has adorable hair, and a tan! I also love the costume tan combination because it reminds me a lot of the Bahamas. Bahama Miku go!
Definitely on my watch list, and I can’t wait to see her painted!

sailor saturn
Character: Sailor Saturn
Series: Sailor Moon

Here’s where things get difficult. I am a fan of Sailor Moon and am thrilled to see it finally get high quality affordable figures. But what I do not like is SH Figuarts. I have never owned one, so maybe I’m biased, but the quality just does not look good. I mean, they’re ok, but the craftsmanship, painting, and joint integration are nowhere near a figma which has made me decide to skip the Figuarts Sailor Moon line. But now they’ve announced Sailor Saturn who next to Pluto, is my favorite(it’s the magic staff). I’ll have to wait to see if Saturn is what pushes me over the edge. I’m also still waiting on a Princess Serenity scale *crosses fingers*. And hopefully once the anime starts, somebody other than Bandai will be able to get the license because I am not thrilled with their quality overall.

Character: Sakura Kinomoto
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is another classic that is long overdue for a good figure, and the wait has worth it because nendoroid Sakura is simply darling. I hope we’ll see scales and even a figma as well! She also has many amazing costumes to choose from, so go crazy, figure world!

senbonzakura len
Character: Len Kagamine Senbonzakura ver.
Series: Vocaloid

I’m always happy to see another Len on the figure scene! This version by FREEING is inspired by the song Senbonzakura and has a matching Miku(already painted) and Rin. When colored, Len’s outfit should be black, and he’s looking very cute already. I just love the officer style hat.
I hope that this means we’ll hear more about Max Factory’s Tony Taka Len and Rin pair. And while we’re at it, do you know what song I’d really like a Len figure based off of? Spice

yamagi tsurugi
Character: Tsurugi Yagami
Series: Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

Can you believe that after all of this time, I still do not own a Max Factory scale? Max Factory has long been one of my favorite manufacturers not only because their work is unique, but has amazing quality.
A coat of paint can make or break a sculpt, and Max Factory proves their mastership by taking a figure that I had no interest in and making me love her.
Tsurugi is now high on my list.

yukata madoka
Character: Madoka Kaname yukata ver.
Series: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

My opinion on this figure is conflicting. On one hand, I wonder why it even needs to exist as it looks a whole lot like FREEING is just milking Madoka Magica, but on the other, Maiko Madoka is one of my favorite nendos that I hope to get one day, so I feel that I should at least watch this one. I hope for some nice faces and accessories!

That concludes this little bonus post! I could sit here all day and talk about figures, but it’s not good to spend the whole day in one place, so it’s best I stop now. What caught your eye this time, and do what do you think of the figures shown here?


6 thoughts on “Winter Wonderfestival 2014 Personal Highlights

  1. Regarding figuarts, I have to say that humans are not their specialty. I own a ton of figmas (almost a hundred) and out of them I only had 3 qc problems. D-arts and figuarts tend to have really cheap paint jobs and loose artic. I only purchase them if I have strong attachment to the character. That said I do own the Sailor Moon figuarts so feel free to ask for a better description.


    • That’s such a shame since they have not only Sailor Moon which I like, but Pokémon which I love. I just haven’t been able to put down the dough for any of the Pokémon D Arts yet. Maybe we’ll get a figure of Red or another trainer one day? *shrugs* I’m just waiting for something to push me over the edge. XD


  2. There was just so much lovely scale figures and nendos this WF *happy*
    And so happy to see the Sakura nendo..I seriously thought they had given up on her (oh please let there be a scale figure >.<)
    GSC's Mikasa looks very good…but something is just off. I can't put my finger on it!!

    The only figma in my wishlist is the Iron Man one! He looks fantastic! I've been thinking I want an Iron Man figure in my collection. But have not been impressed with any of the existing scales. Mostly it is a case of 'I don't want him in that pose' 😀


  3. So much preeetty~

    On the figuarts thing: I own both figmas and figuarts and I have to agree that figmas feel like better quality. However, I feel figuarts are easier to pose because their joints feel a bit looser. Wish they came with some more extra little bits like effects though! My Sailor Moon collection would be kickin’ if Bandai had given us spell effects, but alas. Super super excited for the Outers!


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