Figma News Fridays: Winter Wonderfestival 2014 Edition

Is that not the longest title ever? But it’s definitely fitting for a long post filled with figma goodness!

As usual, figmas have a strong presence at Wonfes, and although there are a few winners in my book, I have to say that I feel a tad underwhelmed since there was nothing that had me jumping out of my seat. Is this perhaps a sign of a newfound maturity as a collector? Instead of a pounding heart and flailing arms, will a smug smile of satisfaction now suffice? Regardless, I’ll let you decide how successful this Wonfes was. Let’s get started!

As usual in Wonderfestival posts, I will begin with unsculpted announcements, then move on to unpainted prototypes, before ending with fully painted figures. The name and series of the character will be included.

bubblehead nurse
Character: Bubblehead Nurse
Series: Silent Hill 2

If the figma line has shown us one thing, it’s that they’re not opposed to venturing outside of the anime realm. This is especially the case when companies other than Max Factory produce figmas, as is the case with this one.
FREEING is the manufacturer this time, and after bringing us oddities like Egashira, they’re gracing the figure world with Silent Hill figmas. I’ll be honest and say that I know little about Silent Hill, but Bubblehead Nurse is someone I’m at least familiar with(she has PVCs as well), and judging by what I’ve seen, this will be an ultra creepy figma! I wonder if they’ll even try with interchangeable faces…

Characters: Void, Slan, Conrad, and Ubik
Series: Berserk

*These are separate releases, but are in the same picture, so I’m listing them all at once*




More Berserk figmas(this time from FREEING), and it looks like we’re getting some villains! This bunch doesn’t even look human, in fact, they look mega creepy! I have no plans to pick any of them up, but am interested in seeing how Slan and Void turn out since they looks pretty cool!

hibiki ganaha
Character: Hibiki Ganaha
Series: The Idolm@ster TV Animation

Our first anime figma!
The Cinderella Girls line has been on fire with five releases, but figmas of the original Idolm@ster girls are not progressing at such a pace. After Chihaya, Hibiki is second to join the party. She’s definitely cute, and I’m always happy to see atypical outfits on figmas. It’s also nice that Idolm@ster’s stage outfits are themed rather than a straight out uniform. It lets each character’s personality shine even though they are in matching costumes.

Character: Link
Series: Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce 2

If you were one of those disappointed by the Skyward Sword figma rendition of Link, be at ease, because there is another option! Link has endured many changes throughout the years, so it’s awesome to see Max Factory reflecting that by making another figma in a different style. Will there be even more version of Link in the future? Will we ever see characters like Zelda being figmatized as well? Just how short will this one be?
I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, but if Link ends up being as cute as in the announcement photo, there will be some major “D’AAWWWW” coming his way.

onoda sakamichi 2
Character: Onoda Sakamichi
Series: Yowamushi Pedal
Yowamushi Pedal is a sports manga with an anime that began in 2013. It does not seem to have garnered much attention, so it’s surprising to see a figma. Onoda is the main character, and as you probably guessed, the sport this series revolves around is cycling, so I wonder if he’ll be bundled with a bike. Akane Isshiki had a hover bike, so you never know!

racing miku 2014
Character: Racing Miku 2014
Series: Goodsmile Racing

There are a lot of things you could say about this year’s Racing Miku. Some say that the costume looks more like a swimsuit, or that she does not look like Miku at all. But if I’ve learned anything over the years of seeing Miku figures, it’s that part of the fun of Miku is seeing how she is interpreted. Miku straddles the line between character and concept, so if somebody wants to give her a new look, and somebody else wants to make a unique and beautiful figure out of it, I’m game!
I’m also happy to finally see a Racing Miku figma design stray from the space queen path we were headed down. It may not be Redjuice’s 2010 pit crew look, but I don’t mind.

This little lady is going straight to my wishlist, and I can’t wait to see her sculpted!

samus aran announcement
Character: Samus Aran
Series: Metroid: Other M

There is already a figma of Samus in her suit, but I’m going to be a creep by saying that I always thought it was a shame to hide such a pretty lady away in a bulky suit. Her skintight blue suit is surely compatible with figma joints, and should allow for great pose ability!

Character: Mutsu
Series: Kantai Collection

More Kan Colle! Mutsu is the next battleship inspired girl to join the crew, and although there’s nothing wrong with her, I don’t find her design particularly captivating either–especially when compared to Shimakaze.

Character: Nagato
Series: Kantail Collection

I feel the same way about Nagato. Perhaps the sculpt will prove me wrong. There are always interchangeable faces too!

satsuki sama
Character: Satsuki Kiryuuin
Series: Kill la Kill

A pixelated Ryuko was already announced, so we of course need a Satsuki sama to go along with her! Satsuki is Ryuko’s composed and squeaky clean rival, who is also decked out in her kamui’s fighting form. She’s going straight to my wishlist, and there will be a lot to see (especially from behind) when Satsuki is finally sculpted.

*Gasp* We’re finished with announcements! Ready to see some sculpts?

bike miku 2
bike miku
bike miku 3
Character: Racing Miku 2013: Bike Miku
Series Goodsmile Racing

I don’t know how or why this exists, but I WANT IT!
Well, I sort of know. This figma is based off of another illustration of Racing Miku 2013. I have on idea why they decided to make her into a figma instead of PVC, but I’m so happy that that doesn’t matter. This is just what I was talking about earlier when it comes to interpreting Miku. This way, instead of sighing “Another Miku?” I look forward to seeing what’s next!
This new Miku has not just an adorable bandage on her nose, but she apparently stole Celty Sturlson’s helmet!
The bike has sadly been confirmed as a separate release, but oh well, another Miku for my wishlist!

chariot 2


Character: Chariot
Series: Black Rock Shooter TV Animation

After a thousand years, Chariot has finally been sculpted! No paint, but at least we’re seeing her again. She looks just like Chariot and has a cute pouty face. I’m looking forward to her accessories, and after I passed on Black Gold Saw and anime Deadmaster, Chariot is staying on my wishlist.

conan edogawa
>detective conan
Character(s): Conan Edogawa and Culprit
Series: Meitantei Conan
Another figma of a classic character(also by FREEING)! Conan is pictured next to a shadowy culprit figma, but it is currently unknown whether the culprit will be released separately, as a bundle with Conan, or at all.
It is also odd that Conan is a figma rather than a nendoroid, but I suppose Conan fans are just happy to see a good figure of him at all!

Character: Femto
Series: Berserk

Another Berserk figma from FREEING!
All I have to say is look at those feet. Super cool feet.

Inogashira Gorou
Character: Gorou Inogashira
Series: Kodoku no Gourmet

Kodoku no Gourmet is a manga with a live drama adaptation that is about a man who samples various eating establishments. I’m sure there is much more to the story, but it is admittedly another odd choice for a figma.

Kusanagi Motoko


Character: Motoko Kusanagi
Series: Koukaku Kidotai S.A.C.

All of these older characters are doing nothing for making me appear knowledgeable about anime. In fact, they’re doing quite the opposite!
Koukaku Kidotai(better known as Ghost in the Shell) S.A.C is an alternative story featuring Motoko Kusanagi. It is odd that we’re getting a figma from a side story, but seeing that S.A.C is from 2002, I suppose it’s about time for a figma!

Character: Marth
Series: Fire Emblem: Kakusei

Marth is by no means a new figma, but there has been no new information since announcement. There is still no paint, however there are some subtle changes to information.
First, Marth is now being referred to as SPOILER ALERT Lucina SPOILER END
and has a release date of September.

nobunaga the fool
Character: The Fool
Series: Nobunaga the Fool

This anime is not on my watch list, but I hear that it’s pretty good. Nobunaga the Fool only began recently, so it’s surprising to see a figma so early, but why not?

pyramid head

Character: Pyramid Head
Series: Silent Hill 2

More Silent Hill! I guess no interchangeable faces for pyramid head either?

uno uzume
uno uzume anime
Character: Uno Uzume
Series: Fantasista Doll

This is Uno’s first appearance sculpted, and she sure is cute!

Finally finished with sculpts! Are you ready for some paint? Just to give an idea of how long these posts take, I’ve been typing for over two hours now, so sorry if my commentary’s quality is waning. Almost…done!

Character: Akagi
Series: Kantail Collection

The second completed Kan Colle figma, and she looks very nice! You don’t often see archery inspired figmas, and the modified traditional outfit is awesome as well! Her default face is rather bland though, so I wonder what her other expressions will look like.

archer 2

Character: Archer
Series: Fate/Stay Night

Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together because after literally years of waiting, it is time…FOR ARCHER!
Figma Archer was announced four years ago(before I started collecting!), but was immediately forgotten by Max Factory afterwards. Yet the fans did not forget him, and after a poll, much pestering, and the timely remake of Fate/Stay night, figma Archer is finally real and colored. Between you and me, I’m not in love with his face, but check out that base!
Archer remains on my list, and I’m sure it will only be six years until his preorders begin.

saber 2.0
Character: Saber 2.0
Series: Fate/Stay Night

Remember what I said about that Fate/Stay Night remake? Well that means it’s the perfect time for a Saber remake! Now before you sigh, remember that the original Saber was the third figma ever, and received no updates upon her rerelease, and with the new figma joint system, there are surely improvements to be made.
I’ve added Saber 2.0 to my wishlist where she can join the long released Saber Alter and Extra who I have still yet to get my hands on.

Character: Funasshii

When it comes to Japan, there are some things you should never question, only love. The newest of these things that(you’ve guessed it) FREEING is figmatizing is Funasshii who is a mascot for Funabashi city.
When I first saw Funasshii, I was indifferent, but after researching him a bit, and watching some videos, I have to say that he is kind of awesome. I’ll keep an eye on the figma and wonder how on earth they will put joints in it. He’s something that I wouldn’t mind picking up if he was on sale, and I needed something to ship with an order.
And no faces I’m assuming.

iron man
Character: Iron Man Mark VII
Series: The Avengers

The Avengers figmas were also announced a thousand years ago(alongside Spiderman) before falling into figma purgatory, but some heroes have bravely fought their way out! The first of those heroes is Iron Man who is finally painted. The nendoroid presented some neat options with its opening helmet, so I’m sure figma Iron Man will be a cool addition to the figma line.
He is listed as an August release, but the bad news is the 7800 yen price tag. Surely this has something to do with licensing, but ouch.

Character: Thor
Series: The Avengers

The second Marvel man to gain some paint is none other than Thor! Thor is a personal favorite of mine just because of how cheesy his movie was, and anything that gives me a good laugh has a special place in my heart. He has a cape and manly beard to boot!
My biggest complaint would have to be the oh so obvious line where his hair pieces attach and the fact that he costs 6800 yen. Less than Iron Man, but still a lot
Thor is scheduled for July.

Character: Stephen
Series: Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead? Why no Shaun of the Dead? At least I saw that movie!
Stephen also made his debut quite some time ago, and looks quite nice with all the blood and gore befitting of…someone with a cold. I also have to comment on how whit his shirt is! What detergent is he using, because I want to try it!

Character: …Horse

All right. This horse has been fighting to get into Figma News Fridays for quite some time. It has appeared several times in random pictures, but has been declared a custom or personal project every time. But now the horse is appearing at Wonderfestival with a name card reading “Max Factory”(customs have “Ax Factory” cards), so it must be real! The horse is apparently part of the fledgling figma plus line, and it looks like the first figma plus item I’d be interested in getting. And with Shingeki no Kyojin figmas on the way, this brown horse isn’t a bad release at all.
This little fellow is on my wishlist, and I think I’ll name him…Jean!

kuji miku
Character: Miku Hatsune 2014 Spring Ver.”
Series: Vocaloid

She actually popped up in magazine scans last week, but totally slipped my mind for FNF. Luckily, we have an even better picture now!
A while back, I lamented that Goodsmile Company would be including a Miku figma in their accursed Kuji line, and hoped that the Miku wouldn’t be too cute. Well, this sadly is that Miku, and she’s ADORABLE. Spring Miku has not only a sweet cherry blossom motif, but an original uniform, and gentle almond eyes. I want her bad. Real bad.
The price for this sweetie is a deceptive 800 yen, but since this is a Japanese exclusive lottery item, and the B prize, expect to pay a lot more for her on the aftermarket. The good news with Goodsmile kuji Mikus(based on the nendoroids) is that their prices only soar briefly before settling comfortably in the 4000 yen range. I hope the same will happen with this Miku, and a little patience can award me with a deal.
She’s scheduled for March.

matoi ryuko 2

matoi ryuko
Character: Ryuko Matoi
Series: Kill la Kill

Finally in her unpixelated and half naked glory, we have Ryuko Matoi! She looks great just as I’d hoped, and is of course joining Satsuki on my wishlist.
There are some complaints and concerns regarding her under boob joints and straps, but I’m too happy to care.
I hope to see a rendition of Ryuko on her standard uniform as well, and seeing that Mako Makanshoku received a nendoroid, maybe a figma isn’t so inconceivable as well. *cough and I need Jakuzure*

momoe nagisa 2

momoe nagisa
Character: Nagisa Momoe
Series: Mshou Shoujo Madoka Magica: The Rebellion

No, I still haven’t seen the movie yet. But a coat of paint has changed my perception of Nagisa who I was drifting towards not(or reluctantly) getting. She’s tiny and adorable like a piece of pie with cheese on top. Just looking at that second picture again made me HNNNNGGGG, so welcome to the list, Nagisa!

And with that…we’re finished!
In the end, Wonfes wasn’t quite so devastating(I was certain there would be a Mirai Kuriyama figma) as I expected, but there is still a fair share of things for me to look forward to. I’m happy!

While I have your attention, I should also mention that preorders for
figma Armin


snow miku 4
Snow Miku

have begun! The two(along with all the other Wonfes exclusives) can be ordered on GSC’s shop until February 17th and will be released in July. You can find all other necessary info on GSC’s website!
And don’t forget that you can like the Never Outgrew Toys Facebook page or follow @NeverOutgrewToy on twitter for updates and other stuff!

THat may be the end of the figmas, but I’m not done with Wonfes quite yet. There was a fair number of other figures who caught my eye, so I will soon have a follow up post of my personal highlights from the event. But for now, what caught your eye this time around?


17 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays: Winter Wonderfestival 2014 Edition

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  3. Hey! Tell me you saw the little Snow Miku wizard Nendoroid! I -instantly- needed her.

    That Motoko will be a day 1 buy for me, I’ve only seen part of one of the movies, but all of the S.A.C. and the universe is just something I love. Which is odd, considering I mostly enjoy fluffy crap like magical girls!

    Also I saw someone mention that it’d be interesting to see some limb swaps on that horse. xD


    • Wizard Miku is darn tempting(especially with that ‘_’ face), but I’m trying to resist.

      Oh shoot, human limbs on that horse sounds amazing XD I’d like to see the horse with Billy Herington’s muscular legs!


  4. I’d really love to get Akage, Momoe and The Kill La kill but is there any news about bike miku being a normal, a sp or an exclusive release? Also I want Lucina too and many more I guess. Hahaha! I’m such an addict for figmas! Love the review too about Wonfes :-))


  5. I was so sure there would be at least scales of Nagi no Asukara! …yet there was nothing. o_O I must say, I’m a little shocked by that. As for Kyoukai no Kanata or rather a Mirai figma, I was sure there wasn’t going to be anything like that. The series rather did a bad job. I mean a lot of people had high hopes but from what I hear (and saw myself) a lot of people (like myself) were crushed by how the series turned out in the end. What was that ending about anyway?
    Well, back to Wonfes. 🙂
    For me the only thing really hitting the spot was that awesome Bike Miku! I love her design. Than I guess there’s chariot. But I guess I’m not as sure about getting her anymore. I mean, I’ve got Mato and love her a lot. But I also got BRS Beast and hardly do anything with her. My love for BRS has faded a lot since when I started watching the anime. I still want BRS Game figma though. 🙂 It’s just too awesome!
    And I’m totally getting that horse XD If it turns out good.
    As for other stuff… I’m interested in those Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Cu-Poches (I so wanted Chu2 figmas!) and on another note I’d like your opionion on characterbased PureNeemos. I’m thinking about picking her up ( Never bought a doll, but I always thought your little Tamaki was adorable. 🙂 Greetings to your girls!

    And I think it’s rather strange that there were so many figmas for older series and yet nothing really new except KanColle and Kill la Kill. A bit disappointing for me. Maybe there will be more later on.
    That’s all from me!


    • Nagi no Asukara figures would be amazing, but I’m not putting much hope into it for the simple reason that it’s a drama show and the character designs reflect that. I don’t think there would be figmas, but if the show is popular enough, maybe a nendo of one of the girls. Maybe a simple scale or two…ooh! What about Beach Queens? Now you’ve got me thinking XD
      I was disappointed by Kyokai no Kanata as well, but it seems to have done well with overseas audiences, and the designs are highly marketable, so I thought there’d at least be something. It’s a shame the show wasn’t better. Mirai was cute.

      Character based Pureneemos? As much as I love Tamaki, I do have to say that compared to Azone’s Pureneemos of original characters, they’re not my favorite. The quality for clothing on anime Pureneemos is definitely lower(what you’re paying for is the licensing) with inexpensive material , and wax/mist is definitely needed to make the hair look anything like the promo pictures. For future Pureneemos, I’m watching the Azone character dolls rather than anime ones. In spite of this, I wouldn’t advise against getting character based Pureneemos entirely. I love Tamaki to bits because she’s based on one of my favorite characters, so it you feel that way about Rikka, then why not? I’ve found that no matter how expensive, dolls need a bit of TLC before they really feel right.
      Long story short, if you want a top notch quality doll, the anime based Pureneemos aren’t the best. But if you want to take your love of a character to the next level, a Pureneemo isn’t a bad idea.
      Let me know if you have any other questions =P

      Looking back, you do have a point. And I was prepared for new series too… >_>’


  6. Okay…if they’re making Thor then I NEED Loki. My heart will die if they don’t plan on him!

    It also seems I’ll be forever waiting for those Append Rin and Len…I don’t think I can wait much longer! I also would really like if they Rozen Maiden figmas…I think they’d make lovely figmas!


  7. There were too many series that I’m not familiar with or interested in for me to be arm flailingly excited about these announcements. Then again, I think I’d only get that excited if they announced Vampire Princess Miyu or Hell Girl figmas. That said, Chariot is going on my preorder list, and some of the stuff I don’t know looks really nice! Also, I too like all the different versions of Miku.


  8. I’m pretty excited to see more Marvel characters from figma. But I’m far more excited for the Silent Hill characters! I can’t wait


  9. Apparently the horse is supposed to be Epona? Idk, but all I have to say is “why not make Jean instead” haha.. I hope they make figmas of all the elite four from Kill la Kill (Gamagoori would be freaking hilarious). God, I need a job so I can buy some of these

    Also, Facebook always chooses the most woooonderful preview pictures lol


    • Gamagoori would be huge! Any figure of Ragyo might be cool too. I want one with LEDs so she can shine XD

      The preview thing was kind of my fault haha. It gave me the choice of Ryuko, Ryuko, or Miku, and I chose Ryuko thinking it would center on her face. Oh how wrong I was.


      • We’d need a couple Gamagooris, since he seems to change size based on the situation lol. And glowing Ragyo would be freaking awesome! She was cool until episode 16… Then she turned…. Really creepy…….

        Yeah, Facebook is evil lol


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