Figma News Fridays 2/7/14

Welcome to the Friday before the storm! What is this storm I’m talking about? Why it’s Wonderfestival of course! Ah, Wonderfestival, the day when hearts skip and wallets weep…
I honestly did not think there would be a FNF this week for the obvious reason that companies are focusing all of their attention on the big event and releasing little info as a result. However, GSC and company are always there with their wonderful teasers, so we have some tasty tidbits to chew on until the feast begins.

And on a separate note, in case anyone was wondering why I didn’t contribute much to the blogosphere this week…it’s not like I’ve spent the last two days trying to sew a collar on a doll jacket.Nope, not at all.

So let’s get started!


Hazuki Mizuhara Announced
mizuhara hazuki friday
B-but it hasn’t started yet. Looks like Max Factory has gifted us with an anti teaser by publishing a full picture of Hazuki Mizuhara. Hazuki is from Toushin Toshi II which I know nothing about, but at least I can say she’s pretty! I especially like her mouth.

Ryuko Matoi Announced
ryuko friday

Now this is the kind of teaser I like to see–blurred beyond recognition!
As for this announcement…OH YES! Kill la Kill is one of my favorite animes of late(next to Nagi no Asukara and Log Horizon which I won’t get my hopes up on for many figures from), and judging on the over the top fabulousness and crazy designs, I just knew that the characters would be perfect matches for figmas. Let’s not forget how good Max Factory has gotten with integrating joints into bare skin, and that Kill la Kill is an action show…I have high hopes for this line!
For those not familiar with Kill la Kill, this is Ryuko’s comically skimpy battle outfit, and I don’t blame figure companies for going for it first. Her school uniform(which GSC is making a nendoroid of Ryuko wearing) is less flashy, and my preferred of the two outfits(since I would be able to show that figure to my family), but I have no qualms whatsoever about picking up this version as well.
kill la kill thursday
We even got this picture from GSC featuring a Kill la Kill diorama which means that there will surely be more figures from the series to look forward to! Is there a Satsuki figmas in our future? Or Jakuzure(one of my favorites)? Oh~ The excitement is beginning!

That’s all for this week, but the fun will soon resume. Wonderfestival is on February 9th, and right afterwards, you can look forward to Figma News Fridays: Special Wonderfestival Edition! In that post, I will be covering everything figma related from the event and adding my commentary as usual. It will be one giant Figma News Fridays! …Except not on a Friday.

See you soon!


6 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 2/7/14

  1. RYUUUUKOOOO!! I hope they release a not-transformed version, so I don’t have to get weird looks from my parents ehehe (Though if i can figure out a way to get it without bugging them, it’d be fun to put other figmas’ heads on) And Jakuzure! I’m in a marching band, so of course I need her. I saw the nendoroid teaser of Ryuko last night and my friend and I were freaking out lol


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