Surprise Snow Day

Hello everyone~

I planned to start out this week by revealing what was in the box I tweeted/Facebooked last week, but those plans were brutally interrupted by none other than…snow!

Surely you know from reading my often weather related photo summaries that I despise winters where I live mainly because they are brown and boring. When the vibrant palette outside transforms to that of a cardboard box, my inspiration suffers a devastating blow. Not to mention the horrible darkness! But there is one thing that lifts my spirits and that is snow! Of course being down south, snow is never a guarantee, so my hopes for glistening whiteness are often in vain. This year, I was prepared for more of the same. Not even forecasts could convince me, so you can only imagine my surprise when I woke up and looked outside to see the streets dusted in powdery white with more on the way! This was the perfect storm since last time it snowed, I had my old point and shoot with not nearly as many figures. Now with a huge selection of photographic subjects to choose from, a SLR, and improved skills, my dream shoot was finally here!

But snow is not always something to cheer about because this storm affected the city and suburbs where I live rather negatively. To begin with, southern cities are never well prepared for winter weather for the simple reason that it rarely snows around here(I’ve never even seen a snowplow haha). Although snow was predicted, it was underestimated and schools and businesses which are usually closed at the mere sight of snow resumed as usual. This was the first mistake. Then it began snowing, and the mayor and districts decided to have early releases for schools and government workers. Businesses were also encouraged to send people home early. This was the second mistake. Why? Because what happens when you tell a city with six million people in it to go home? They go home. All at once. With a mass exodus initiated, the city’s already poor infrastructure was flooded, and don’t forget that it was snowing. So what happens when you take a lot of people who aren’t used to driving in the snow(not to mention black ice) and tell them to go home all at once? They crash! And with crashes, roads were blocked. And with roads blocked, tons of people, and snow, commutes suddenly take very long.
My mom who works an hour away spent six hours driving home. A friends of hers who left work in the afternoon to drive home(fifteen minutes away) for lunch managed to return to work at midnight after never having made it home. A twelve hour drive home seems to have been the norm, and still others never reached home that night and resorted to sleeping in their cars or convenience stores. Some children even spent the night at school.
Yet amidst the disaster, it was nice to hear that people did their best to help each other out by giving out water and food.
I felt that before sharing my benefits from the snow, I should at least acknowledge the not so pleasant side affects and be grateful that my mom returned home safely.

Now where were we…oh right, hooray for snow!

The snow began Tuesday afternoon and fell into the night. Wednesday presented a full day of snow, and by Friday, the sun had already begun to take its toll. This gave me one and a half good days for photos!

Looking back, Tuesday gave me the best photos not just because little flecks were captured in the shots, but because the overcast sky contributed a lot to the wintery atmosphere. Sadly, I spent the majority of Tuesday watching Fellowship of the Ring for the zillionth time waiting for proper snow coverage, so there are not many photos from that day. Regardless, snow is snow (especially when you’ve been waiting so long for it), so I’m happy to have had anything!

Figmas may be my area of expertise, but I dislike the lack of attention my dolls have been getting, so they were first to venture out into the vortex!
snow field
A big part of the fun of dolls is finding the perfect outfit for any occasion.
Tamaki was wrapped into her grey kimono made just for Christmas, but this time I accented it with purple in the form of a lace headscarf and socks.
No jacket this time because none of the ones I made for her matched. Fashion is suffering.

winter wonder
Dressing Kagura was more difficult since her wardrobe is currently limited, so she ended up wearing her Christmas outfit as well. The only change was a scarf and her hairstyle.
But she’s darn cute, and that jacket is the warmest looking thing I’ve made for her anyway.

snowy outpost
I usually go traditional with Tamaki’s kimono outfits, but Kagura’s white boots were too perfect for her not to wear with this outfit.

snowflakes falling
Funny to think that that jacket was originally intended to be a cardigan.

snow incoming
Here comes the snow!

Bow on the head, bow on the waist.

lavender chill
The snow was wonderfully powdery, but that sadly made me unable to make snowmen or snowballs.

Just looking at Tamaki’s frozen hair makes me feel cold.

bundled up
One of my favorites from the whole snow shoot!

By this time, it was getting dark and cold, so I headed inside to wait for the next day.

On Wednesday, I made sure to wake up earlier, and the sun was shining(although it was still below freezing) which made taking photos outside more bearable.

I began by finishing off the Pureneemo’s photo shoot.

snow angel
Kagura making a snow angel!
The sun shining so brightly gave both me and my camera a case of snow blindness. I usually shoot at 60 exposure, but there’s no way that was going to happen.

A close up of Tamaki.

winte portrait
Sans scarf!

Next I grabbed my nendoroids. And who better to start with than Snow Miku herself?

strawberry mint
I totally forgot to bring this hair on the camping trip, so I made sure to use it this time.

snowy perch
But the bun hair is second to none!
Here Miku freezes her rear off while enjoying sake~

snow princess
Apparently I have a thing for snow and kimonos?
They probably aren’t bad to wear in the snow though. I’ve worn a yukata in the summer and sweated like a milkshake, so a lined winter kimono with fur doesn’t sound bad.

ice princess
So delicate, Miku!
I used a different white balance to give it a chilly look~

The primary camouflage mechanism of Snow Mikus in the wild.

With Snow Miku’s shoot finished, who else to move on to but Kirito?
sow sweethearts
Always make sure your girlfriend is properly dressed for winter weather!

This scarf has already shown up in numerous pictures of mine.
In fact, I’ve had it since fifth grade! It was attached to a reindeer head pencil topper I won in a gift exchange. I remember trying extra hard to get the bag with the reindeer in it because I thought it was a full stuffed animal. Was a bit disappointed to only get a head, but the scarf remains, and it looks like it was worth chasing after all.
Still, I should seriously look into getting other scarves.

The Poplar army hasn’t made an appearance in quite some time!

snow trek

snow cave
Not everyone is enthusiastic about the weather.
This photo reminds me of one of my favorite Pokémon episodes. Nothing like being trapped in a snow cave!

They’re a great search and rescue team.

poplar invasion



winter warrior
I also brought out Momohime who has gotten very little attention in spite of my having owned her for a year.

She got a photo shoot in the summer, but I’m saving the pictures for whenever her review happens.

snowy hime
I love what the whisps of grass add to the background.

snow alone


At this point, it was late afternoon, and I was getting a little worried since I had yet to bring out any figmas. So I ended up skipping nendo Luka and a few petites to move on.

winter couple
And what better way to start than with one of my favorite couples?

Stay warm!
Here’s where some of my inexperience with snow comes in. I should have sprinkled some flakes on them to differentiate the snow from a typical white background.

Asuna wasn’t there, but does anyone remember this scene from the anime? It was one of those odd cartoony moments. Like the fishing scenes.

In a similar fashion, we have Kaito making a snow angel!

Irisviel and Kiritsugu are another must in the snow.
And check out that rim light on Kiritsugu. Oh yes.

The bad thing about snow is that it is not the best mix with plastic. A lot of figure parts became brittle because of the cold which greatly affected my nendoroid face and part swapping. I also broke a couple of figma pieces(nothing super glue can’t fix) including Kiritsugu’s cigarette.

out of control
Ararararagi out of control. Another thing I didn’t think to do was make a trail behind him.

Nice ending

Hardcore sledding

Saber scheming.

That’s where I ended day two!

The next day, there was a little snow left over in the shade, so I made a quick pair of tiny skis’ and tried to see what I could do with them.

Pictures didn’t really come out the way I wanted.

skiing 2
Strength is a super cool athlete.

That concludes my surprise snow shoot! They’re saying there’s a chance of even more snow this upcoming week, but I’m not getting my hopes up. And if it does snow again, I’ll have to make new doll outfits and think of more scenarios…yay?

Anyway, what do you all think of snow? And have you ever taken your dolls or figures out in it?


11 thoughts on “Surprise Snow Day

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  2. Good to know that your mom made it safely back home.
    Awesome set of pictures. Everyone seems having a lot of fun in the snow ❤
    My faves are picture #4, 14, 18 and 27. Popura sets are quite funny and Araragi's reaction is priceless. Haha. Great stuff!


  3. It’s weird to see people get excited about snow, because up north by the Great Lakes, we get toooons! We have around a foot right now


  4. How cute and lovely! 😀 I’m glad your mom made it home safely~! Anyway, the pictures are really nice. ^^ Back when I used to live in Texas, I was a pre-teen and I didn’t have any figures to play with so I missed out… but if it were to snow here (doubt it), then maybe I would!


  5. Aww, Kaito is so adorable ^///^ Sorry, I’m such a Kaito fangirl. You’re so lucky I wish it snowed here. I has only snowed once here for ten seconds. And then it disappeared. I’ve only actually encountered (and played with) snow once….. Really like the photos though. I was going to name a favorite, but I decided I like too many of them to name one ^w^ So, yeah….


    • Kaito had to have his time in the snow! He’s probably best dressed for it out of everyone.
      We haven’t had snow in years, so I’m thrilled! Kind of glad it’s not so cold anymore though. >_>’
      Glad you like the photos 🙂


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