Figma News Fridays 1/24/14

Huh? It’s Friday? I lost track of the days this week!
With a couple lengthy delays, release info, and unexpectedly quick info on a new figma, this week was not bad at all. So let’s get started!


Futayo Honda Delayed
futayo honda preview page
Let’s start with the delays who Futayo is first to fall victim to. And this isn’t your friendly neighborhood delay, it’s a delay on steroids! I’ll cut to the chase: Miss Honda has been delayed from February to March.
At least they gave us a heads up?

Strength Animation ver. Delayed
strength TV ver preview page
And it gets even better! Our darling psycho Strength has been delayed from January to March.
I recall hearing that their were problems with her during development, so it might not be such a surprise for her to receive such a lengthy delay during mass production.

Mikasa Ackerman Release Date Announced
Mikasa preview page
But here’s some good news(depending on who you are): Mikasa’s release date has been confirmed as January 31st!
Of course, this is the first shipment only, so those of us waiting for her second release later this year will just have to be late to the Mikasa train.


Saori Takebe Accessories Shown
saori takebe thursday
Since she’s being updated next, I can only assume that Saori is set to be the next of the Girls und Panzer figmas to become available. They seem to be backtracking as Saori was already seen painted when she made her Wonfes debut. But what we haven’t seen is her two awesome faces, protective headphone, and bomb accessories.

I’m actually impressed by her faces. Very expressive and nice to see since it sometimes feels like exclusives get the best faces.


Nagisa Momoe Accessories Shown
nagisa thursday
Hello, I’m the tiniest picture ever!
The newest Madoka Magica character is back, and if you squint and believe in yourself, you can see some of her accessories! So far, she’ll be coming with a sideways looking face, trumpet, and Bebe.

I would give my input on the accessories, but I honestly cannot say anything because I have not seen the movie yet. I plan to watch it, but am waiting for something better than a cam rip, so in the mean time, please no spoilers. And a much as I hate to discourage discussion, I ask that you not say “I wish she came with X item from when XYZ happened” or anything along those lines. And if you absolutely must, please preface your spoilers for me and others who may not have seen the movie yet.
The movie aside, I do have to say that I’m not in love with this figma right now. I’ll probably get her anyway for the sake of having a complete Madoka figma collection, but I hope that changes.

She is scheduled as a June release.

Ranko Kanzaki Previewed
That was fast! Ranko was teased last week, and we already have pictures of her faces and accessories!
ranko friday 2
Did you think she wouldn’t be adorable? Wonderful for goth loli fans, or anyone who likes pretty figmas for that matter.

ranko friday
HNNNGGGG That face! I was worried about Ranko being underwhelming for a minute, but Max Factory reassures me by bringing in one of the wonderfully unique and expressive faces that has earned my adoration for the Cinderella Girls line.
The sketch book is showing a cute drawing of Ranko in what I can only assume is one of her other numerous outfits from the game.

ranko friday 3
There isn’t a nice photo of her third pose, but we do have a scanned image of it. She has a spell book and enthusiastic face.

Ranko is scheduled for June as well.

That’s all for this week! Are you saddened by delays, excited by releases, or just excited to see what’s new?

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