December 2013 Loot

With the entirety of my December loot finally here, it looks like I can truly say goodbye to 2013. Although with the figures in this loot having long been released, I’ve come to wish that I’d been blogging in the days when I used EMS for everything. Still, saving money on shipping isn’t bad with all the other hobbies I’ve picked up since then…

Anyway…here’s everything!
Takara Tomy Espeon, Azone Styling Wax, figma Kurisu Makise Lab Coat ver, figma Okabe Rintarou, and figma Nodoka Manabe

First up is the wax!
After learning that a Pureneemo was indeed in my future, I searched high and low for Azone’s styling oil mist. And apparently so did everyone else because pretty much nobody could find the mist after a while. Although having dolls with unstyled hair did bother me, I soon learned to live with it. Until I saw The Majokko Shop’s review on Azone Styling Wax which it turns out does just the same thing! Seeing that the wax(which is actually cream) was less than $10, I couldn’t help but get some for myself.

And what are the results?

Not bad!
I tried it on Kagura first, and wasn’t quite able to get the look I wanted, but I like how Tamaki’s turned out!
I’d like to meet the styling master who fixes the dolls for the promo pictures.

But here’s where my buying problem comes in.
Espeon is one of my favorite Pokémon(I love me some psychics), and after learning of the two Espeon plushes released by Pokémon Center and Takara Tomy, I just had to see if I could get one. I ended up liking the Takara Tomy one better, and hunted for it on Ebay, but was deterred by the ridiculous amount of counterfeits. I had settled on living without Espeon(a familiar story?) until I went to HLJ to purchase the styling wax. It was there that I randomly searched Espeon, and just happened to see the very plush I’d wanted for sale! I contemplated the situation intensely before adding both to the cart.

I usually dislike sitting plushes, but feel that this is really the right pose for Espeon. He’s a very pretty purple.

I was fully expecting a palm sized plush, so seeing something so big was quite a surprise. Just look at how big he is next to Tamaki!
I should also add that my dad(who is the official name giver of all my stuffed animals) has christened him “Vortex Axis” or “Vortie” for short.

Now for the figmas who were the planned portion of my December.
And we have none other than Christina and Okarin!
I needed to photograph them quickly, so neither have been opened yet.
Both will be receiving a review.

There’s also Nodoka who I stumbled across while shamelessly browsing amiami preowned. I can control myself when an unplanned purchase costs a lot, but when I can get a figma like Nodoka for 1180 yen, there are no questions. INTO THE CART!
Nodoka will also be getting a review, but is not priority.

Speaking of reviews, I apologize that I have fallen behind lately. January is historically a sluggish month for me because of the weather, and in addition, I worked myself into a creative rut. But I’m feeling back into the groove and can assure you that Miku 2.0 has been fully photographed, and the review just needs to be written.

I should also add that these three figmas are the last I have preordered until April. It’s not that I’m taking a break in collecting, the preorders just ended up this way, but I am looking forward to not having to pay for any expensive figmas for a while.
I plan to take this time to finally finish off Project DD, and as far as reviews go, I’ll go back to reviewing what’s already in my collection.

My figma review queue right now is:
Miku 2.0(almost finished)
Kurisu Lab Coat ver.
Aya Shameimaru

When I finish off those, I’ll start taking requests~

And that’s the last of 2013! My January loot is 100% goodies, so I’m looking forward to that.


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