PO Alerts and Twitter


In the most recent installment of Figma News Fridays, I asked if anyone would be interested in preorder alerts for popular figures. After some thinking and seeing that people were interested, I’ve decided to give preorder alerts on not just popular figmas, but all figmas. So from now on, if there’s a figma preorder opening, Never Outgrew Toys will be there to tell you about it! This does not mean that Figma News Fridays will stop covering preorders. FNF will continue to round up every ounce of figma news and combine it with my comments and opinions on figures which you can only read here!

Please allow room for my getting used to doing this and the unavoidable human error, but I’ll do me best to keep you all alerted ASAP!

Now where can you receive these fabulous alerts? There are two places:
First is the Never Outgrew Toys Facebook page.
Second is something that was created just a few minutes ago…the blog’s very own Twitter! I am @NeverOutgrewToy , so please do not hesitate to become one of the first followers!(There are widgets for both accounts in the blog’s footer area)

With Facebook and Twitter, there are now two social media options that you can use to keep track of the blog. I’ll post the all important preorder alerts along with other random figure or anime related things that interest me.

That’s it, and thank you all once again for reading!


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