Figma News Fridays 1/10/14

The first Figma News Fridays of 2014! There was no FNF last week…because there was no news! We rarely have a week without news, but as a heads up, next time this happens, I’ll make a post saying so on the Facebook page.
This week had a fair share of news to make up for it which includes a preorder and some pesky exclusive items. So let’s get started!


Amy Release Date Announced
amy wednesday
Amy will be released on January 17th!

And accompanying her release announcement is some sample photos form Max Factory.
This box isn’t bad…

If the colors appear dulled, keep in mind that sample photos aren’t always of the best quality.






Oooohhhh She looks great! But my mind has been made up, and I must resist!
Unless I *ahem* happen to watch the show.

Armin Arlelt Previewed and Confirmed Exclusive
Armin was announced and shown sculpted a while back, but this is our first time seeing him painted.
So far every Shingeki figma has come with the same accessories, so it’s no surprise that Armin’s are the same as well. Cloak, gear, gas effects…good, but not great.
With no diversity in accessories, SNK figmas have to shine with their faces, and Max Factory did a pretty good job with Armin.
We have freakin’ angry

and freakin’ terrified.

Good choices for Armin, and I like that even his fighting face shows signs of uncertainty since Armin is not the bravest soldier on the battlefield. These faces also provide great fodder for photo abuse.
The only reasonable complaint I have is that the sculpt on his hair could be better. In fact, there is a lady on my local news who has hair just like that. Not good, Armin

Now to address the titan in the room: yes, Armin is exclusive. I was almost certain that he would not be since exclusives are usually revealed closer to the event, but that was not the case this time. And although this will make Armin a little harder to get, I can understand the decision from a business standpoint since in spite of being a main character, Armin is far from being the most popular.
Like all Wonderfestival exclusives, Armin will first be sold at the event in Japan, and then on a made to order basis at GSC’s domestic and international online shop. So as long as your country is on GSC’s shipping list(and most are), Armin can be yours. I’ll post more information regarding ordering from GSC when preorders open which will be in February after the event. And if you miss preorders, there’s always secondhand shops!

He’s priced at 4286 yen.


Shimakaze Preorders Begin
shimakaze preview page
From the popular browser game ‘Kantai Collection ~KanColle~’ comes a figma of the destroyer class ship, Shimakaze!
•Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
•A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
•Three expressions are included: a standard expression, an embarrassed ‘damaged’ expression and a confident expression.
•Three different sized versions of Rensouhou-chan cannons are included, the largest of which is articulated!
•The five-tube torpedo launcher on her back can be attached and removed.
•An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken
She costs 5800 yen and will be released in May.

Aaaaaand she’s gone! That’s right, Shimakaze went the way of the Scouting Legion and sold out faster than a female titan(what’s with me and titans today?)! This was not unexpected since the same happened with the nendoroid and Kan Colle is huge in Japan, but she was sold out fast!

And to make it even better, it turns out that due to licensing issues, Shimakaze cannot be offered on GSC’s international shop which is sad since orders from the shop include a really cute bonus for one of Shimakaze’s boat buddies.
rensohou chan wednesday
It’s an extra face for Rensouhou chan.

rensohou chan
Darn. This is the best GSC shop bonus so far in my opinion. I hope they don’t keep including awesome things because ordering from GSC’s shop is expensive.
Anyway, because of the previously mentioned license issues, this little exclusive accessory will have to be Japan only.

This brings up something which I’ve been contemplating since the SNK figmas started selling out. Would you all like me to post an alert when popular figmas go up for preorder? There’s no way to tell for sure if something will sell out quickly, but for figmas like those from Shingeki no Kyojin and Kan Colle where we’re pretty sure, I’d be happy to post something on the blog’s Facebook before or when the preorders start.
And one other thing. 5800 yen?! Sure, store discounts bring the price down to the 4000’s, but figmas used to be 2500 yen! Are they made with gold now? And why won’t that stop me from buying them? I need an intervention!

That’s all for this week! Will you have Amy on the way soon? What do you think about Armin, and did you manage to sneak in a preorder for Shimakaze? I’ll be back next week with more figma news!

13 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 1/10/14

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  2. I’m hoping to add Armin to my collection…. Hope ._.
    Shimakaze and Amy are already pre-ordered 🙂 Though I will agree, they’re not getting any cheaper. Maybe they’re taking advantage of all their american fans? Milking us for as much money as they can get 😛


    • Congrats on getting Shimakaze ordered 😀
      I think it’s just figma popularity and quality rising. I mean, they do look a lot better now than back when everything was 2500 yen. And now they know that they can charge that much, and crazy people like me will still buy them XD


  3. I have it admit I’m super disappointed about Shimakaze…. And these super fast preorder sell-outs in general. I thought the point was to make money as a company… So why make popular characters so dang hard to get?!?! Plus… The fact that they all cost close to $50 each now… Figma are making me pretty sad lately. I did order Amy… She was too cute to pass up XD


  4. Can you announce a day before pre orders for Armin come up? I don’t want to miss it, since I’ve been resisting buying one of the other three so I can get him ehehe


  5. I’m really happy I ordered Amy. The last few weeks I was nearly regretting it, since I kind of ordered her out of a “I just watched it and it was great” manner.^^; But now, since I see her and her awesome glider again, I’m totally happy I’ll be owning her 😀

    About the shingeki figmas… I didn’t like the series so it doesn’t concern me personally, but I can imagine that a lot of fans might feel ripped off. It’s just the same body over and over. there are no new accessoiries (or so it seems?) and if I were a fan, I’d be frustrated by that. 😦

    As for that “popular figmas” update… I have a request to make. Could you please post it here on the blog too? Some people like me still don’t have a facebook account and don’t plan on doing so. 😦 I wasn’t interested in any of the hotcake sales lately, but if I would be in the future that would be a great help!
    Anyway I’m really happy that you are considering doing this at all! I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate it! Keep it up!
    or you could try posting on twitter. I might be getting an account someday. XD” Depends on wether or not I manage to get a smartphone.


    • Personally, I don’t mind the same look/equipment/uniforms. I’m sure they’ll come out with a casual look for them later, right now its just the whole buzz with their military/Corps look


    • I love it when that happens! I bring it up often, but I was so ready to sell my Saber Alter Beach Queen, but as soon as I got her that thought vanished like a popsicle! And Amy is adorable!

      Meh, I’m not too too disappointed since the characters do do a lot of fighting, and the gear is cool. I guess what I’d like is that extra touch. A key for Eren, a handkerchief or cleaning supplies for Levi. It’s not enough for me to stop buying them though >_>’

      I’m sorry, but I’d rather relegate the blog to long posts since I really dislike making one sentence posts. It’s just easier to post quick things to places like Facebook. But if I do get a Twitter(and I have considered it), I will post there as well!


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