November 2013 Loot

Loot-ity loot loot loot

As is typical with packages shipped using low priority services like SAL during the holiday season, this loot spent an extra long time making it’s way to me. After waiting a month for something, seven day domestic shipping is like a dream. And in the end, I have my dog to thank for alerting me to the doorbell which I didn’t even hear.

Here’s everything!
Could it be? Daylight?
figma Ui Hirasawa, figma Miku Hatsune 2.0, and nendoroid Luka Megurine.

Ui has been on my list for quite some time!
I posted my wished figures a while back, and have to say thank you to everyone who PM’ed me with figures for sale afterwards. Many things are out of my budget for now, but when I came across Ui on amiami preowned for the excellent price of 1780 yen, I just had to add her to my order! Her condition was listed as “B”, but she looks good as new, so I’m very happy. I even searched out another deal which will be arriving in my next order. Then no more! No more!
Ui will be receiving a review soon.

Miku 2.0 is the most innovative figma in quite some time, and nothing feels better than watching everybody else get theirs while yours is stuck in the mail.
I’m in the process of photographing her for her review, and have mixed opinions so far(although they are better than when I first opened her), so stay tuned for the review!

Luka is the wild card in that she is my prize for winning in GSC’s Halloween contest. The third nendoroid in my collection and fifth to own, photos for her review are finished, and I just need to write it.

That’s all for November. December’s loot will have more figmas and something extra for my dolls which I’m very much looking forward to~


6 thoughts on “November 2013 Loot

  1. Super cute loots for November! I can’t wait to read your review of Miku.. and I also have to send a little curse your way (as in “curse you!” not as in “Forever may a dark cloud hover above your family”)… I had no idea amiami sold 2nd hand figures, and now I’ve got one… and I want more, LOL!!!


    • Oh no! What have I done XD
      Amiami preowned is potentially more dangerous than Mandarake since if you preorder from them, getting an extra figure shipped with your order is just a click away. JUST A CLICK
      Oh but do remember to be mindful of the condition. I’ve heard of some people receiving sub par figures, so I don’t buy anything below “B” for the item.


      • A lot of their descriptions are false too. Be careful with their preowned, they don’t accept returns/refunds and will falsely defend themselves so they don’t have to tend to you. I bought a figma Queens Blade “Cute” character that was supposed to come with a PSP game. Box came in with just the figure, hand sets, face plates but no game.

        I sent an email and they told me to read description before buying. I copied and pasted the part that said “all accessories and game included. Figure A, box B”. They told me that was false and that game was not included… so i sent a screen cap of the descritpion. And they didn’t respond after that…did nothing for my favor. Be wary, its been my only issue with them, but if it happens again they’ll get more out of me. This was about a month ago


  2. I have an odd question, if you don’t mind…

    So I stopped buying Figmas from Ebay because I kept getting cheap/bootleg versions of them. Reading some forums, they say that they are not bootlegs, but merely “Chinese versions”… Which to me, they’re bootlegs. Like they look so crappy, it made me think a 3 year old made them. Now, are there really “chinese versions” or are people trying to be nice to the bootleg/knock offs?

    Reason why I asked is because your Ui reminded me of the Ui I ordered for my ex, who was obsessed over K-On. The Base and box looked legit, but the legs were waaaaay unnaturally curved, the eyes were rather “derped”, the joints were balled and glued in rather than able to slide out like Figma, the neck was glued in as well and the hands looked like they were carved.
    I was disappointed, made my complaints, got a full refund though.


    • Yep, as you thought, “Chinese version” is simply a nice way of saying bootleg. It’s a bit misleading since figmas really are made in China, but these are made from stolen/imitation molds or are factory defects. Things like that.
      Sellers just put this in the description with the hopes of it serving as a liability for when someone who knows what a figma is supposed to look like gets one. That way they can say “Well, we said it in the description”. They usually refund though since refunding one person is better than dealing with a dispute or bad feedback. Glad you got your money back!

      Some collectors do shop on Ebay which is ok if you know the good places. I tried looking for a Pokémon plushie on there a while back, but kept running into sellers from Hong Kong who all used the same picture which is a bad sign, and after reading up on bootleg plushes, just decided to not shop on ebay.


      • Alrighty, thank you! What irks me is that they use the same pictures as say AmiAmi rather than photographing what they have at hand. EBay is no longer my goto for any figures, especially coming from Hong Kong. I go Amazon or look for restocks/preowned from other sites I trust…. which seems to be AmiAmi >.>


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