Figma News Fridays 12/27/13

Hello and welcome to a post Christmas edition of Figma News Fridays. Only a few more days until we say goodbye to 2013! I’ll have to ready my looking back at the year post.
This week wasn’t very busy figma wise which is great because not only did I work a lot, I’ve also been nursing a Tera addiction.
There were a lot of releases this week along with one preview, so let’s get started!


Guts: Band of the Hawk ver. Released
guts hawk preview page

Okabe Rintarou Released
okabe preview page
Got slapped with an amiami invoice right after Christmas. Yay?
I’ll be reviewing Okarin when he gets here!

Spider Man Released
spider man preview page
I went to see a 3D movie this week and was almost knocked out of my seat by the Spider Man preview. Action movies aren’t really my thing, but that was some good 3D! Very three dimensional.

Sae Released
Sae preview page

Shimakaze Previewed
The coolest bit of figma news we got was a full preview of not only Shimakaze, but all of her accessories!
shimakaze thursday 1
Those gun cannon turret…things are so cute *_*
The gun parts on their heads are even articulated!

shimakaze thursday 2
I can’t help but mention that her butt looks very good for an action figure. Ah~ the figma line has come far!

shimakaze thursday 3
One of her most common poses, but no broken thong strings like the nendoroid.

shimakaze thursday 4
It’s difficult to tell if there are two headbands(one crooked and one straight), but right now I’m assuming there are.

shimakaze thursday 5
She also has a vibrant selection of faces! She has the presence of an exclusive figma, and looking at her very much reminds me of when I first saw the Cinderella Girls figmas which in my opinion are very polished.

Although she is scheduled for May 2014, Shimakaze’s price and other preorder information are unknown for now. I’ve heard that preorders won’t start until January, and seeing that Shimakaze’s accessories were shown in a broadcast instead of when preorders begin as usual, I’m inclined to believe that is true.

That’s all for this week! Do you have any newly released figmas on the way(or maybe some for Christmas)? What do you think about Shimakaze?

Also, does anyone play Tera? If so, let me know~ I’m a newbie priest on the Celestial Hills Server!


3 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 12/27/13

  1. When oh when will Armin be announced?! I have a bunch of money from
    Christmas, and I’m trying to resist buying one of the other SnK figmas.. If he turns out to be exclusive, I swear to god……..


    • Well the prototype has been shown, but not painted. If he’s not exclusive, I’m sure we’ll at least see him at Wonderfestival in…February. =_=’ I’m really doubting he’ll be exclusive.


      • I hope he’s not exclusive. I don’t think it’d be a good idea to make him, since he’s a main character and still fairly popular. I ordered Levi for my friend for her birthday, though, so I can at least go to her house and play with him lol


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