Merry Christmas 2013!

Well, well, it looks like Christmas is right on our doorsteps! As with most holidays, it totally snuck up on me leaving me with little in the way of a super spectacular holiday post. But I definitely want to do something, so what do you do when you only have a few holiday photos prepared for a post? A compilation, of course! So here is a little Christmas compilation of wintery and festive photos that have accumulated throughout the years. Enjoy!

Left Outside
Left Outside
November 2011
Still one of my favorite photos. It was inspired by the story of the little match girl.

Len's Snow Day
Len’s Snow Day
January 2011
Two years since we’ve had any snow. My winter figures are waiting!

Golden Lights
Golden Lights
December 2012
From Tamaki’s first Christmas.

candy cane
Candy Cane
December 2012
Taken for Yuki Nagato’s review.

Caster Paki Christmas 2012
Caster and Paki Christmas 2012
December 2012
Last year’s Christmas photo.

Exiting the Chapel
Exiting the Chapel
November 2011

January 2011

homura christmas
Homura Christmas
December 2011
Glorious bokeh!

Len on the road
Len on the Road
January 2011
That scarf is in 80% of my Christmas photos…

shiro saber christmas
Shiro Saber Christmas
December 2011
Another favorite of mine.

January 2011

tree 11
December 2013
From my Pureneemo tree decorating post

tree 24
December 2013

tree 19
Wrapping the Tree
December 2013

But it can’t be all old pictures!

December 2013
My Christmas picture for 2013!
I love my little Miku, and even Sunny managed to make his way into the photo.

fireside reading
Fireside Reading
December 2013

christmas song 2
Christmas Song
December 2013
Nendoroid Luka Megurine review coming soon!

Merry Christmas to you all!


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