Figma News Fridays 12/20/13

December 20th already? I should probably buy presents…
This week was very slow in terms of figmas. And by slow, I mean that there was but one lone preorder. Still, it was a popular character, so let’s get started!


Levi Preorders Begin
levi preview page
“I promise you, I will drive the Titans to extinction!”

From the anime ‘Attack on Titan’ comes a figma of mankind’s strongest soldier, Levi!
•Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
•Three expressions are included: His standard face, an expression with clenched teeth ready for combat and a cold-hearted expression perfect for Levi.
•His dual blades are included for combat scenes, along with his Vertical Maneuvering Equipment and effects parts.
•Special hand parts to display Levi holding the blades in his trademark reverse grip are also included.
•The hooks connected to a wire that shoot out from the equipment are also included, along with his Scouting Legion mantle.
•An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.
Levi retails for 4937 yen and will be released in June.

Like with Mikasa and Eren, Levi figmas preordered from GSC’s online shop will come with a rooftop di;stage.

Levi is definitely not my favorite character, but I am in a minority because Levi is very very popular with many SNK fans. Anyone who has been following Levi figures will surely know of the frenzy that took place when Sentinel’s Levi went up for preorder. And to have a decent figure from a lesser known company sell out so quickly, many were worried that securing the figma would be just as difficult or even more considering how quickly figma Mikasa and Eren’s preorders sold out.
This was partially true because at the time of writing, Levi is already sold out at places like Amiami and Hobbysearch. But I did not find Levi nearly as difficult to preorder as Mikasa(I didn’t even make the first release), in fact, amiami has already restocked him several times. Still, those wanting to preorder SNK figmas need to be on their toes because these things sell like hotcakes.
But let’s talk about the figure. Levi never has been a ball of sunshine, and this figure portrays that quality of his very well. Levi’s faces are scowling, scowling, and super scowling, and I have no problem with that. In fact, I love that gritted teeth face, and can’t wait to use the other two faces to shame every figma I own. I was quite satisfied with Levi’s accessories until I remembered that there isn’t a cleaning product in sight. I know that the 3D maneuver gear is an awesome accessory on its own that is probably difficult to manufacture, but since Levi is one of the few SNK characters who could actually come with something other than the gear, it’s a shame that nothing else was included. No mop, no bandana, no handkerchief, just Levi.
That’s why right now I’m betting that the second Wonderfestival exclusive will be a cleaning version of Levi. Just you wait!
Still, what we do get is enough for me, and Levi was an instant order.

That’s all for this week! Did you preorder Levi?


11 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 12/20/13

  1. I´ve preordered him on the second AmiAmi run. Now eagerly waiting for Armin. I´m one of the counted few that actually like him. Let´s hope we don´t have to go to the aftermarket for him (rumors has it he´ll Winter WonFest Exclusive).


  2. For Eren’s and Mikasa preorders, I had to wait for their second preorder wave. The first ones sold out as soon as they were announced… I was sad. But I got Levi’s preorder on time, now to play the waiting game >.<


      • Say, besides AmiAmi, what other sites could I use that have fair prices? I’ve tried HobbyLink Japan, but they jack up their prices. AmiAmi has been totally fair in pricing… for me, at least.

        My other question is…. is it bad that I’ve become obsessed with Mikasa? I love anime, but I’ve never obsessed over a character before (well, when I was younger, there was Makinami Mari Illustrious). But Mikasa has really caught my attention >.>


        • Hobbysearch is good. Their prices are just a bit higher than amiami’s, and I used them for a good year and a half without any problems.

          Haha not at all XD I almost wish it happened to me more often. I’ll just have to cuddle up with my Kirito plushie and take a sip out of my Kirito mug until then.


          • Thanks, I’ll check it out soon 🙂

            I feel weird when I like a fictional character, whether or not its anime. Hell, I’m almost 25 and I feel like I should’ve out grown this… but at the same time, I have no shame. I love my hobby and collections of Figmas, Revoltechs, MonsterArts etc! I’m just sad I didn’t find out about these figures sooner


  3. Finally someone else who doesn’t love Levi! I didn’t preorder him, but I showed it to one of my friends, and I’m pretty sure she might (the way she was screaming in joy)….


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