Tree Decorating with Tamaki and Kagura

My first holiday post this year! I definitely wanted to do something with my girls since Tamaki got no attention last year, and this is Kagura’s first Christmas. So here’s a combination photo shoot and photo story!

As Christmas time nears, the weather has certainly changed.
tree 1
Tamaki: Hmph You know that I’m only sharing my blanket with you because it’s cold, right?
Kagura: Whatever… Just scoot closer. I’m freezing!

tree 2
Me: There you all are! My surprise for you two is ready, so why don’t you come out from under the blanket and show everyone your new outfits?
Tamaki: Understood!
Kagura: Ok!

tree 3
Tamaki: Good evening!
Kagura: Hello!

Tada! Having the right outfit for a photo shoot is very important! I originally dressed them in clothes that I already have, but they didn’t look nearly Christmas-y enough, so I decided to go ahead and make whole new outfits.
For Kagura, I used fabric that was in the box with our Christmas decorations to make a felt overcoat and holiday dress.
Tamaki’s outfit was a little difficult since there aren’t exactly Christmas kimonos. After looking at winter kimonos for inspiration, I decided to just incorporate winter colors. This is also the first test of some revisions to the kimono pattern to make it more accurate and cleaner. There are extra seams on the front and back and I made the collar so that it has no ugly stitching showing. The kimono is also lined everywhere except the sleeves

tree 4
Tamaki: I have to say that you look positively gorgeous today, Kagura!
Kagura: Why thank you, Tamaki, I think the same for you!
Me: Wow! Looks like the Christmas joy is really spreading!

tree 5
Tamaki: *Whispers* I hear that if we’re nice, we’ll get presents!
Kagura: Heehee

tree 6
Me: Well, here’s my surprise for you two!
Tamaki: Waah! Master, there you are!
Kagura: What is it?
Me: You’ll have to open it up and see.

tree 7
Tamaki: It’s filled with ornaments!
Kagura: Look Kazuto, isn’t it pretty?

tree 8
Tamaki: But what are we supposed to do with them?
Me: That’s simple. Look over there!

tree 9
Kagura: Kyaaah! Our very own Christmas tree!

tree 10
Me: You see, there are 24 ornaments, so you can add them one at a tim–
Kagura: Let’s put them on all at once!
Tamaki: Ok!

So the girls spent the night decorating a Christmas tree just for them.

tree 11
I had a difficult time setting up a photo area since day time photos are barely an option anymore. The fireplace ended up making a great background since a cozy fire is just what you need on cold winter nights.

tree 14
I used a tripod for this whole shoot. And many thanks to Mew on who suggested putting lights in the background for more light and a better atmosphere. I sadly couldn’t get a good bokeh(that’s what I get for only having one lens XD), but it looks much better than had the background just been my living room.

tree 15
Gingerbread man!

tree 16
A Tamaki under every tree

tree 17
Standing all by herself. I’m so proud.

tree 18

tree 19

tree 20

tree 21

tree 24

tree 23
And we can’t forget the most important part!
But what is that mysterious orb of light above Tamaki’s head?!

tree 25
In color!

tree 26
Black and white!

tree 27
Me: Wow you two did a great job decorating!
Hey, where’d they go?

tree 28
Awww looks like everyone is all tuckered out.

So I’ll have to say Merry Christmas to all my fellow doll lovers. Treat your girls and boys to something nice!


8 thoughts on “Tree Decorating with Tamaki and Kagura

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  4. The pictures came out really nice! I love the felt coat you made too! Tiny sewing can be tricky.
    Is that a Kirito dakimakura for them heh you’ve given me a wonderful idea mwhahahaha….


    • Thank you! The coat was going to be a cardigan, but once I put it on her, it was obviously destined to be a coat XD
      Technically it’s a cushion strap, but who am I kidding, that thing was made to be a dakimakura >:)


  5. EEEE!!! Merry Christmas!!! I think this shoot turned out GREAT! I love the feel of it… warm and holiday-like… you’re right, the fire made a wonderful background!

    Everyone is so cute… and this reminds me I really need to do a holiday shot of my own -_-


    • Yippee! Thanks! Looks like the yellow tint from indoor lights helped for once. Seeing the wonderful holiday pictures that have been going up everywhere lately, I really wanted to get in on the Christmas spirit XD Now to think of something for the figures =_=’

      Holiday shoots always sneak up on me. It’s like oh no, —— is next week, and I’ve done nothing XD


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