Figma News Fridays 12/13/13

Ah, the time of Christmas parties is upon us which means that someone forgot to write Figma News Fridays on Friday. But so long as I change the date on the post, it’ll be like it never happened. Right?
This week had more news than usual! We have release date announcements, a preorder, and the first painted appearance of a prototype. So let’s get started!


Guts: Band of the Hawk ver. Release Date Announced
guts hawk preview page
Guts will be out on December 26th.
Because nothing says “Be satisfied with what you have” than a new figma the day after you open presents!

Okabe Rintarou Release Date Announced
okabe preview page
Okabe will also be released on December 26th.
It really is a Christmas miracle! I was almost certain he would be delayed, but it looks like all three Steins;Gate figmas are being released in December. El psy congroo my friends.

Spider Man Release Date Announced
spider man preview page
Joining the December 26th party is Spider Man.
Is it already time for him to be released? Feels like it was yesterday that I posted about his preorder. They grow up so fast.


Yukari Akiyama Preorders Begin
yukari akiyama preview page
From the anime series ‘Girls und Panzer’ comes a figma of Yukari Akiyama from the Ankou Team!
•Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
•A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
•She comes with a gentle smiling expression, an exited expression and a embarrassed expression.
•Optional parts include a tank shell, gloves, and alternate messed up hair parts.
•A loader’s seat and tank battery are also included.
•An articulated figma stand is included.
Yukari retails for 4800 yen and will be released in May 2014.

4800 yen? Collecting figmas sure is getting expensive…
Miho’s preorders began not long ago, and not having watched Girls und Panzer, didn’t think much of her, but OH MY GOSH Yukari is adorable. Just look at than excited face! She is seriously the cutest figma I’ve seen in a while. And the shell with the little gloves! Ohhhh!
Yukari comes with another tank part, but seeing that it’s just another chair and loading area, I’m beginning to doubt that each girl will come with a part to build the tank. But there are still a lot of girls left, so you never know.
Even with her divine cuteness, I’ll have to pass on Yukari since surely a deep relationship between us cannot develop on appearances alone.

Shimakaze Painted
shimakaze thursday
After many appearances, Shimakaze is finally painted, and with a few accessories already pictured, it looks like preorders will soon be upon us. Being a moefied and somewhat skimpy version of a WWII battleship, Shimakaze(striped wind? XD) is everything I expected and actually really awesome. The face is just the cartoonish type that I wish Max Factory did more of for figmas, and I think that the realistic proportions makes her design translate to figure form even better than with the nendoroid. Surely extra faces and more accessories will be revealed when preorders begin, but we have these cute little cannons to look at until now. Don’t ask why, just admire them.
Shimakaze has the potential to join Mika Jougasaki as one of those figures that I give in an decide to add to my wish list in spite of knowing nothing about them(with regular purges, my wish list has become a prestigious place), so I hope her other faces will be just as awesome!

Sae Release Date Announced
Sae preview page
Sae will be released on December 26th.

Sae is figma 201, and after the nendoroid line received a change in box design for #300, it was a very real possibility that the same would happen to figmas. Miku 2.0 featured a new box, but would this be the new standard, or was it just a box for a special occasion?
box change thursday
Here is your answer!
Yep, figma boxes are different now too. I have to say that in spite of liking the new nendoroid boxes, my first reaction to this was not so favorable.
The box looks dark and uninspired. I do not love it, but it might grow on me…might.
As for why the figma and nendoroid boxes have changed(other than just freshening up the lines), I have to agree with a comment on MFC that pointed out how these boxes are more international friendly. With less Japanese text, the products seem less like Japanese collectibles and more like something people from all over the world can enjoy(not that they don’t already). I suppose GSC is ahead of the game in this aspect, but there is some charm in having something that looks completely foreign.

That’s all for this week! Are you expecting any figures on the 26th? What do you think of Yukari and Shimakaze? How about the new boxes?

And don’t forget that you can like the Facebook page for more figure goodness. We’re almost up to 50 likes!


7 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 12/13/13

      • Much obliged, friend 🙂 this is the first I’ve heard of it.

        This isn’t categorized as “loli”, is it? Because the thong straps are a bit much >.>


        • No problem!
          Kan colle is not very popular on a lot of sites I follow(barely anyone knows what it is haha), but apparently it’s huge in Japan. I only know about it because of the figures. Funny how that happens.
          Depends on your definition of loli really. To me a loli is any older girl with a flat chest, so I’d call her one. I don’t think she’s under aged though.


          • Then I’m ok with this…. loli as flat chested women. But underaged, not so much.

            Thanks again for your time! 😛 I’m use to being ignored, so I really appreciate it 🙂

            I hope you’ll keep us posted on her preorder, I’m thinking about this one


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