Figma News Fridays 12/6/13

Figma News Fridays! I ended up not spending much time online this week because I have a job again! Finally. I haven’t worked since May, so I can now buy more figures replenish my savings account. Of course I’m going to concentrate on the important things in life, but that’s not interesting material for a figure blog. This will impact the blog in that I’ll have more wiggle room for extras and my projects, and you all also won’t have to see me try to explain my barren loots. It shouldn’t affect my time for blogging since my days are free for now. It was only an issue this week because I need to fix my ridiculous sleeping schedule. So if it took me a little while to respond to your message, or if you were expecting more posts, that’s why!
Speaking of this week, it was decent for figures! We have release date info and an super snow-riffic announcement! So let’s get started!


Kurisu Makise Release Date Announced
kurisu preview page
Kurisumasu is happening! Kurisu is joining her lab coat clad counterpart for a release in December. But will Okabe be out in time to join them? That just might take a Kurisumasu miracle, but I’ll share the good news if it does!
Kurisu will be released on December 16th.


Snow Miku Announced
What? Haven’t they been making Snow Miku for years? That’s true. They have. But this ain’t no nendoroid. It’s a figma
It seems that after years of watching Goodsmile Company’s nendoroids bask in icy bliss, Max Factory has finally decided to join the party with a long awaited figma rendition of the frosty diva. In my case, figma Snow Miku was so long awaited, that I stopped waiting long ago which made this announcement a wonderful surprise. I’d come to believe that Max Factory would not cash in on Mikumania beyond the Racing Miku figmas, but oh what a fool I was. MF does appear to have a less aggressive marketing strategy than GSC though, so can you blame some for not thinking it would ever happen?
snow miku 5
Snow Miku is based not on the magical girl design being used by the nendoroid, but 2011’s Snow Playtime design(which was the last Snow Miku designed by GSC rather than the fans) instead.
I don’t mind the backtracking since this simpler costume deserves just as much love, and is a good no risk place to start from. It’s also little more than a Miku 2.0 recolor. I’m not even mad.

snow miku 3
This fabulous recolor gives Miku a chilly makeover and includes mittens and a scarf!

snow miku 6
The transparent hair makes more sense with a winter theme too!

snow miku 5
But it doesn’t end there! Miku also has a happy face!

snow miku 1
And a shy face! As breathtakingly adorable as this is, you do have to admit that these are pretty much the same faces that came with Miku 2.0.

snow miku 7
But it’s not all faces. Miku even comes with a snow man! Isn’t he just adorable? Look at him!

snow miku 2

Is this Miku a recolor of Miku 2.0? Yes. Is it a shameless money grab? Yes. Does she have basically nothing original aside from a snowman? Yes. Did I care about any of these things for an instant? No.
Miku is going straight to my wishlist because why not? It’s a figma, and it’s Miku which is right up my alley. Whether this is a one time event or figma Snow Miku will become a normal thing is still yet to be confirmed(I wonder if MF can even use the contest designs?), but I’d love for this to be continued. There’s also buzz about a Sakura Miku coming to fruition as well since figma Miku now has a standardized body. It’s just speculation though, so don’t get too excited!
If you’re looking to add Snow Miku to your collection like I am, your journey will be a little difficult since she in indeed a Wonderfestival/Sapporo Snow Festival exclusive, but ordering her is not impossible thanks to GSC’s shop. As with all Wonderfestival exclusives, Miku can be hunted for on the secondhand market which means you can have her as early as February if you’re willing to pay. For those who want to wait wait, her online preorders(GSC and proxies only) will most likely open in February(I’ll post when it does) for a summer release.

That’s all for this week! Are you waiting for Kurisu? And what do you think about Snow Miku?

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