Happy Birthday Tamaki!

That’s right! Today, December 3rd, is my little Tamaki’s first birthday!

You may have noticed from my lack of Valentines, Halloween, or Christmas posts, that I am not very good at preparing for this sort of thing(it always sneaks up on me >_>), so Tamaki has not had her party yet, but I’ll be sure to have a photo story up by the weekend. That way she can show off her presents!

But since I wanted to post something on her actual birthday, I’ve put assembled a little summary of Tamaki’s first year!

Tamaki was my first doll. I was interested in a few Pureneemos before, but never dreamed of buying one because $100 for a doll is crazy, right? Then while browsing MFC one fateful night, I stumbled across the prototype pictures and it was love at first sight. I knew I had to have her, and several agonizing months later, she was mine.

I was first very apprehensive about owning her since right out of the box, Pureneemos don’t look nearly as neat as in the promotional pictures. I also wasn’t sure how to pose her. Still, I proceeded with her review which is where Tamaki had her very first photoshoot

Golden Lights
The photos were taken in a Christmas tree!

Photo stories were a must, but without other dolls to interact with, and not really wanting to put myself in the stories as her master, I sought out a replacement master for my little servant.
Caster Master hug
Paki the alpaca won, and the two have been together ever since.

Tamaki and amiami
At this point, I was not entirely in love with Tamaki or sure what to do with her, so she mostly appeared in loot posts.

I also hadn’t thought of a personal name yet and had just been calling her Caster.
Tamaki's name
But in the second photo story, A Name for Caster, she was officially dubbed Tamaki.

Giving my dolls their own names is important to me since they feel more personal that way. I normally wouldn’t name a preexisting character, but since Caster is really just her servant class, I felt ok doing so.
I finally settled on the name Tamaki since it resembles the name of her true identity in Fate/Extra, Tamamo no mae, and sounds much cuter.

A little while after, I got my SLR and was able to take better pictures of her!
window shot
Sitting in the window.

Playing with Master on a rainy day.

Wearing a hat.

At this point, Kagura appeared which changed everything.

t 17
There were “accidents”

t 26


and time spent behind bars

s 10
But with an ice cream party or two, the girls finally warmed up to each other.

And the good times commenced.
st 11

s 5

s 22


s 11

s 16

s 19
s 20





kp 11

kp 17

august nights

hiking buddies

Second only to her fun times with Kagura is Tamaki’s wardrobe which has helped me a lot in my sewing and also grown to a notable size!
sakura tamaki 3

Hello Flowers

chomp chomp

yk 1

rk 10

tama forest


s 2

So happy birthday, Tamaki! Here’s to another year together!
As soon as the weather brightens up, the party can begin! ^^


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tamaki!

  1. Happy Birthday, Tamaki!!

    I actually think the wardrobe you make for her suits her better than her default!
    What a great year!

    … it makes me wonder how long I’ve had my first Neemo… I suppose I can look it up.
    (My first was Majokko Aika) LOL!


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