Big Batch of Doll Clothing!

After finally securing a body for my Dollfie Dream in the making, I mentioned that I’d already begun sewing for her and would post what I’ve been making. Many hours of being hunched over the sewing machine later, I finally have a good sized batch ready to share. And around the time the body arrived, I also received a lovely package of fabrics from Littlebearries, so this post is to share what I’ve made with those fabrics so far as well!

The colder months always make this hobby more difficult for me since as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I rely primarily on natural light which is in short supply this time of year. I just might have learned a better way to cope with photographing figures indoors, but since dolls are much bigger than what I’m used to photographing, had to face the cold and go outside for these photos. Because of that, these aren’t exactly staged or exposed well, but you can at least see the clothes!

We’ll start with Pureneemos!
My first attempt full outfit for Tamaki.
I found the red fabric in the remnant bin and bought it thinking it was cotton, but it’s actually a stiffer fabric that feels almost like those table cloths with the white fuzz underneath. Thankfully it works just fine for doll clothing.
Since I got a good amount of this fabric, I of course wanted to make another kimono for Tamaki. I usually make the casual yukata/komon style kimono, but wanting to be more adventurous, decided to “listen” to the fabric. It sounds creepy, but sometimes you just look at something, and it “tells” you what it wants to be. This fabric would look good with long sleeves(a furisode), but since furisodes are known for their intricate patterns, I didn’t feel right making it a traditional long one. So it became a mini kimono!

furisode 2
Too bad the autumn leaves aren’t around anymore. I’ll have to wait for the Japanese maple.

furisode 3
I also make my first pair of dolls socks. They’re white thigh highs to add some zettai ryouiki appeal. I think they really bring the outfit together.
The socks are made from a rarely worn pair of tights.

Need to work on those edges too.

furisode 4
With the short “skirt”, I wanted to place a lot of emphasis on the dangling sleeves. But to add to the theme of long loose pieces of fabric, I made a daridari(dangling) obi. I like how this kind of obi looks, but have never made one since they’re meant to be worn by maiko. But since I was already breaking all of the rules with the furisode, just went ahead and added it.
I’ve been getting a little lazy with Tamaki’s outfits. I should make other kimono styles more often…

Next for Tamaki is something very important to have as winter comes: a haori jacket!
haori 1
After the green one, this is her second haori. This fabric(along with the obi fabric from above) was part of Littlebearries’ care package. The pattern makes me think most of candy corn and spider webs, so I wanted to make something Halloween themed, but the geometric shapes also reminded me of some haori I’d seen, so I ended up using it to make one first.

haori 2
Black thread hides my mistakes. I also don’t have to worry about lining it since this is a jacket!

I’ve been seriously neglecting props for a long time, so another care package fabric was used to make a pillow! I figured it would look good as a pillow since I’ve seen designer furniture(been watching a lot of HG TV >_>) set ups use similar geometric colorful accents.
The only thing I’m not happy with is the obvious edge, but I’m not sure how that can be fixed on such a small scale.

futon 1
And what better place to put a pillow than a bed?
Neither of my girls have proper beds, so I set out to change that.

futon 2
Tamaki, of course, gets a futon while Kagura will have a wooden bed once I get the materials for it.
It ended up being a twin futon, but that’s no problem since Master needs a place to sleep too.

spring apple skirt
If you were wondering about Kagura, she got something too!
The care package was exceptionally seasonal and included a green apple fabric, so I used it to make a patchwork skirt similar to the first one

spring apple skirt 2
I love matching the colors to make these! Kagura looks good in green too.

I’ll now move on to Dollfie Dream clothes which took up the majority of my time.

I mentioned before that my DD is based off of an original character of mine. This OC has been with me for years, and has developed as someone with an air of sophistication. I’ve long had an admiration for female characters who are well mannered, elegant, and graceful. Even Gardevoir, one of my favorite Pokémon, reflects this tendency. I myself am not particularly dainty, nor do I wish to be, but characters like this have long had a place in my heart. Returning to my OC, one of my main methods with which to communicate her fanciness has always been through clothing. I’d always imagined her having an amazing wardrobe filled with the finest clothing. But as this project continued to develop, problems arose like “Wait, what does her face even look like?” but the one we’ll be discussing today is, “Wait, I have to sew an amazing designer wardrobe?!

In spite of having served myself such a tall order, I was more than ready to begin Dollfie Dream sewing. I love Kagura and Tamaki, but their size can be frustrating and limiting to work with. So, having my newest family member finally here, I began with the basics.

undies 1
Frosted Lace Underwear
And I’m not kidding when I say the basics.
The first thing that every girl should have is of course underwear, so I began there. A simple pair can also be sewn in just a few minutes!
The first pair was plain white, but since a DD is such a large doll, I wanted to do some decorating. I dug around in the sewing box for the usual ribbons and flowers, but found about a yard of lace fabric and decided to play with that instead. The fabric used for her underwear is actually from old polo shirts that I no longer need, so thankfully the lace really dresses it up.

I also made a pair in blue(which is actually my favorite), but it did not come together as nicely as the yellow pair.
undies 2
Since the fabric is stretchy, both pairs definitely need more lace to compensate. I also noticed that they significantly loosened over time, so I’ll have to do something about that, but I’m happy with what I have for now!

Since I’m 45% less lazy with sewing than when I started, I put some effort into actually making her a decent headcap. The pattern is from Jadepixel Doll and offers much more protection than my previous attempt.

blue casual shirt
Casual Shirt
Jadepixel Doll has a simple shirt pattern as well which I used to make this. It’s also made from old polo shirts!

blue casual shirt 2

blue casual shirt 3
The back could use some work.

polka dot dress 1
Red Polka Dot Dress
Next, the red polka dot fabric returns as a dress!
I found that Dollfie Dreams and Barbie have similar proportions, so several of my Barbie patterns only needed to be enlarged to give me some DD sewing practice without having to worry about measuring
I’ve tried sewing this dress several times in 1/6 size for Kagura, but never succeeded, so this is my first time actually completing it.

polka dot dress 2
Gathering and elastic is much easier to do on a bigger scale.

polka dot dress 3
I’m not entirely satisfied with the lace finish since it’s almost too big for a doll.
The length, color, and lace, causes the dress to strike me as something Shirley Temple would wear which isn’t quite what I had in mind.
I’ll have to make the top more subtle next time.

casual button down 2
Casual Button Down
I love button down shirts(if I had a boy doll, that’s all he would wear hehe).
When I first saw this striped fabric at the store, it reminded me of a buttoned dress I have, so I wanted to make a doll version. But once I brought it home, decided that since it’s seersucker, a shirt would be better and made a casual button down.

casual button down 3
I tried to make the core shirt pattern myself, but ended up using Jadepixel’s pattern as a base instead since I was having trouble and it was just what I needed anyway. The collar and button area were the most troublesome since I had to draft those myself, but with the exception of the neck being thicker than I’d hoped, I’m quite happy with them.
The buttons are fake since the shirt actually closes with Velcro. I also sewed them on the wrong side for a women’s shirt, but what’s done is done! I’ll just fix it on the next one…

casual button down 4
The next one will have to be longer too.

summer beach shirt 1
Summer Beach Shirt
What’s better for winter than a sleeveless shirt?!
My first thought was to make this fabric into a long sleeved sweater style shirt since the pattern made me think of argyle. But after trying out my long sleeved shirt pattern, that obviously wasn’t going to happen, so I made something summery instead!

summer beach shirt 3
It’s lined in white and has a very modest neckline. One benefit of the M bust is that wearing something scrunchy does not make her look like an overstuffed sausage *eyeballs Tamaki*.
I think this shirt would look best with black or denim shorts or a similar skirt.

summer beach shirt 2
Lace on the bottom extends the zig zags~

summer beach shirt 4
It ties in the back with a white ribbon.
Once again, closing the back was a problem, so I left a space open. But since this is a summer shirt, I think I can get away with it 😛

stockings 1
Made from another pair of rarely worn tights(they make my legs look yellow) is some stockings!

stockings 2
One side ended up being tighter because of the way I stitched them.
I’m pleasantly surprised with how nice they look on her legs though!
Black stockings would look good too, but I’d worry about staining.

black forest skirt 3
Black Forest Skirt
With so many shirts, she needed something to wear on the bottom, so this is my black forest skirt(makes me hungry for ham)!

black forest skirt 2
This skirt was based off of a similar blue and black skirt I have.
The only problem I ran into with fit involved the black shiny top which doesn’t hug her waist as I’d intended(the upper area on my skirt is stretchy).

black forest skirt 6
It also does not have a clean finish.

black forest skirt 4
But I am vey happy with the lace edge

black forest skirt 5
and the inside which is lined in white! I love adding lace to the bottom and will definitely need to pick up more!
This skirt moves more into the dressy sophisticated look I had in mind for my girl.

pencil skirt 1
Black Pencil Skirt
Seeing that the Black Forest Skirt was more of a statement piece, I wanted to have a neutral bottom, and next made a black pencil skirt since they go with just about anything and can be dressed up or down.

pencil skirt 2
The fabric came from a pair of men’s black dress pants that my dad found at a thrift store.
It has two darts in the back, and the closure came out much cleaner. It’s also lined in white.

pencil skirt 3
This pattern is also meant for Barbie, so the waist is a tad loose, but I’m still happy with it!

casual button down 1
It looks great with the casual button down! Just need to get some black heels~

tank top 1
Simple Whit Tank Top
Yet another wardrobe staple is a white tank top. I also used Jadepixel’s pattern as a base for this.

black forest skirt
The simple white tank top is just what a colorful skirt needs to stand out!

lace top 1
Lace Top
My final piece of clothing is a lace top! The tank top was originally made to be worn underneath it.
Since it’s see through, I made the neckline higher and expanded the waist so it would have a better flow.

lace top 2
The edges of the fabric were already finished which is better for me!
I actually didn’t hem any of the edges since it’s lace. Depending on how well the edges hold up, I might just leave it that way.

lace top 3
I’d like to make a lace dress as well or a fitted chiffon top.

This concludes my doll sewing for now! In time, I hope to make something nice enough to have a giveaway of some sort. I’ll resume my sewing for another post like this which will definitely have more things for Kagura.


3 thoughts on “Big Batch of Doll Clothing!

  1. Those look lovely! I wish i was better at sewing T.T I’m not used to the small scale for it. I also have my first DD in the making! she will hopefully be finished in 3 days! I’ve been relying on Jadepixel’s patterns too ^^;; and it seems we have opposite things going on as ive been making more props and clothes xD


    • Congratulations on your DD, then! Just a little longer for mine >_<

      orz I've always had the problem of wanting to buy figures/dolls instead of props. Now I have a bajillion figures and nothing to pose them with… =_='


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