Summer with a Splash of Autumn

I have quite the pile of pictures with nowhere to go building up, so in spite of the exciting title, today I’ll be merely posting a collection of miscellaneous photos. I’d call it a photo dump, since that’s what it is, but “miscellaneous” just sounds so much cooler.

I’ll go in chronological order.

Mio drops something important on the way to school.

For one month in the summer, we had rain every day, so I wanted to do a series of rainy day phots and have this be part of it, but it never happened.

Speaking of rainy days, the time right after rain was one of my earliest favorite occasions for figure photos. A grassy area of my back yard(the place this photo was taken actually) fills up with water, and if the sun comes out afterwards, creates a lovely pool with grass visible under the water. I took some of my first pictures with Tsukasa there when the clouds were reflected in the water, but have yet to see a day quite as nice as that one to do it again.

rd 1
Also taken on a rainy day.

I love hydrangeas and wish we has more just because of the lovely colors they can be. I also love Hachikuji!

rd 2

kirito night
Another one of my goals for the summer that never did work out was venturing more into night photography. An SLR allows me to play with exposures more, but seeing how noisy my attempts(never posted them here since they were quite bad) were, I assume I don’t have the proper lens for such a thing yet.
Still, this picture of Kirito was taken during an evening sit on the patio and is illuminated by light from inside the house.

Now we enter autumn!
kuro 3
Black Cat Cemetery
My intended entry to amiami’s Halloween contest that I missed the deadline for and was too upset about to post until now(I also forgot about it hehe).
With her gothic lolita clothing, I figured Kuroneko was most suited for a Halloween theme(totally forgot about Deadmaster *facepalm*), and drew inspiration from her. Shadows are spooky, so I played with my beloved backlighting technique and used a marker to color in some shapes for the shadows themselves. The cat and mask were added to reinforce the Halloween theme.
Overall I’m pleased with it. My only problems are that it isn’t bright enough, and I wish that I’d cut out the white areas in the fence so that light could shine through them.

spider cupcakes
And while we’re on the subject of Halloween, here are some cupcakes we made! And by “we”, I mean my mom baked them, made the icing, piped it on, and I just sculpted the spiders. But that counts for something, right?
They’re carrot cake with buttercream~

fall kagura 1
This year, most of my autumn pictures were taken while camping, but I did take a few of Kagura and Tamaki in the front yard before leaving. It’s rather nasty outside now, so I’d prefer to practice my indoor photography instead of venturing out anymore.

fall kagura 2
Kagura does not have much clothing, so this outfit is very similar to what she wore on the trip. Sorry, Kagura >_<

fall kagura 3
I think it looks better with jeans…

fall semester
Fall Semester

Having props is a good thing! Why can’t I remember that?!

forest creatures
Forest Creatures
Were the forest really full of Chihuahuas, I’d be there all the time.

Tamaki in a new jacket! I’ll talk more about it in my upcoming sewing post though~

passing brillance
During this shoot, I discovered a great place for photos underneath some bushes. I couldn’t pose Tamaki there since she can’t stand on her own, but if it snows this year, I’ll definitely take Miku there. It’s sure to be fabulous!

You’ll have shoes one day, Tamaki.

tama bark

pure saber
And we’ll finish with a pointless photo of Saber that I couldn’t help taking. Photographing Saber always makes me feel at ease(if that makes sense), and I’ve come to realize that she is one of my favorite figures. To think that I almost sold her!

That concludes my photo dum–I mean set. Who knows? Maybe in six months I’ll have another. 😛


4 thoughts on “Summer with a Splash of Autumn

    • Sure, I could do that! I’ll have to think of exactly how though…
      The only digital enhancing I do is with colors, so the most I can offer on stand hiding would be literally hiding the stand. Is that what you had in mind?
      And what kinds of stuff did you want to know about posing?


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