Project DD: The Body

That’s right! Emerging from the depths to finally make another installment is…Project Dollfie Dream!
Having acquired the head, eyes, and wig at a fairly steady pace, I was left with the face up and body. I struggled with which to get first especially since the body is the most expensive part, but eventually settled on getting the body first so that I could start making clothes.

I soon found a body on the Dollfie Dreams forum, and after kissing a precious chunk of money goodbye, the next piece of this relentless puzzle was on it’s way.

DD 1
Ta da!

The body I chose was a DDII M bust.

One of the things that surprised me most as a Dollfie Dream newbie was the variety in bodies. The most obvious difference is in bust size, but there are also subtle differences in areas like hips and height. I want my girl to be fairly plain and normal, so I chose a medium bust(having a smaller bust fits her personality too). The simple reason for picking a DDII body is the lesser price when compared to DDIII(about $100 difference), but after viewing body comparisons, I also liked that the DDII has a slightly thicker build even if pose ability is lessened. I was a little disappointed that there is no way for her to have thicker thighs like a Dynamite body(without modification, at least) since I do like the look of those, but it’s not a big deal.

Getting a new doll is always an odd experience for me since I’m not inclined towards them(I played most with stuffed animals as a kid), so upon opening the package, I was a little…creeped out for lack of a better ter. Being used to the childlike proportions of Pureneemos, the head seemed way to small, and I ended up putting her away for a while just to get used to the idea of having a Dollfie. The next day was the start of our camping trip, and by the time we returned, I was more than ready to play with the body more.

DD 2
Upon inspecting her(this doesn’t sound right), I was pleasantly surprised for once to have something I buy be bigger than expected. When paired with a figma, she’s still a pretty darn big.

I enjoy sewing for my Pureneemos, but have wanted for a long time has been to make Dollfie Dream clothes. The larger size is not only more forgiving, but allows for a plethora of details that are much harder to execute in Pureneemo size.

DD 4
Wanting to get the basics out of the way, I made an improved headcap using a pattern from the DD forums along with some simple underwear.

DD 5
The only thing the body is missing is a pair of hands which I don’t mind as it allowed me to get a small discount.

With the body finally out of the way, my project is edging closer to the end. All that is left is the faceup, and of course a pair of hands. I hope to have these before the end of the year, but seeing that I initially thought this project would last 5 months at most, it would be best for me to not get my hopes up. But the good thing is that with a body, the door is wide open for swing practice, and I’ve been having a great time. Once I accumulate a good number of presentable outfits, I’ll put them in a post!


8 thoughts on “Project DD: The Body

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  2. Congrats on getting her body! DD’s are actually what made me want to sew. I always feel like my resin girl is much more fragile. DDs are like a big barbie,and I”m not afraid to leave them out and stuff.
    I have seen people modify DY bodies with DD busts. If you cut the bust piece shorter(for a DDII) you can use it on a DY body. Something to think about for the future.
    ….I want some Neemo clothes!!


    • Thanks! I’m happy to have it!
      I’ve found myself being much more adventurous with DD clothes, but I’m burning through my fabric and notions haha. They really are like big Barbies!

      I recall seeing that a while back too. I’ll think about it 😛
      That’s right! The tiny clothes cannot be neglected!


  3. How strange that she’s missing hands… you can order spare hands and arm pieces from Volks… so you can probably fix her up eventually… if not…. then she’ll need an interesting story, hehehe.

    I love my DD girls… and you’re right, body sizes are all over the place.
    I can’t wait to see what you start sewing for them!!! 🙂


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