Fall Camping Trip 2013

Hello! After a week of being back, I finally have everything together to post about my camping trip. For anyone who didn’t even know I was gone(I don’t blame you), this was my first time camping ever. I haven’t even been on vacation in a while, so this is one of the few serious outings I’ve been on with my SLR which is always exciting. To make it even better, this is the prettiest fall season I’ve seen since taking up photography as a hobby. I live about an hour away from the biggest city(oh why) which does provide me with lots of greenery, but I am still in a neighborhood which makes forest photos hard to do(unless I want to sneak into someone down the street’s yard). And the few trees in my yard don’t even come close to imitating the truly beautiful multicolored canopy of autumn. That’s when this trip came to the rescue! My family had the intention of camping this summer, but we were not able to because of work and such. So when we finally were able to, summer and it’s precious warmth were long gone, but a new opportunity awaited. We camped at Amicalola State Park which is quite popular this time of year since it’s in the mountains. Of course the focus of my photo taking would be my beloved figures, so I packed up two nendoroids, seven figmas, my two dolls, and all of their clothes for the trip. Looking back, it would have been ok to bring a few scales as well, but I prefer not to risk it when going somewhere new.

With everything together, we headed to the site.
Forgetting that it is logically colder up north, I packed shorts and t shirts with a pair of thin jeans “just in case”. This was a terrible idea because it was cold. Especially at night. I spent a lot of time in my pajama pants…

Anyway, the camp site was nestled within a lovely wooded area which gave me the opportunity to not only photograph my figures among the leaves, but have a little privacy as well which is always nice since lying on the ground to take pictures of tiny people doesn’t exactly fall into the realm of normal things to do while camping.

I doubt my description is doing the place justice, so here’s the view from our site:
Very colorful!

We also had a view of the bathrooms which is always a comforting sight.

By the time everything was settled in, it was already getting dark. But I did manage to photograph Miku on a wooden ledge.
autumn miku
The turd next to her really reinforces the mood *facepalm*

After a cold night on the hard ground, the next day(our only full day there) proved to be much more promising. We built a fire, and I got to work on my pictures!

Deciding just who to bring can be difficult and proves even more so the more figures you get. Bringing both nendoroids and dolls was no problem, but for the figmas I only brought those dressed in autumn colors or the characters I thought would work well in a forest.

First was Nadeko!
autumn nadeko
My practice in backlighting prepared me for this!

autumn nadeko 4
You’ll soon notice that I mostly kept the figures in the same pose and photographed them from different angles. This isn’t the most creative thing to do, but when you’re in such a pretty place, it’s hard to resist putting the focus on the environment and testing how the figure fits in with it.

autumn nadeko 2
For Nadeko, I ended up with a lot of silvery morning backgrounds which bleaches her colors a bit, but still provides an unconventional effect.
Also, I can’t help but be reminded of The Road Less Taken while looking at these.

A cool thing about nature photography(especially in a new place) is that you never quite know what you’re going to end up with. With your only control being over your subject, the best you can do is capture what’s there. And once you master the art of capturing whatever you come across(gotta catch ’em all), the results are wonderful.

What I really like is when photography attains that ephemeral quality that takes it beyond “Look, a flower!” and into “Is that even real?”. I hope to reach that one day!

This picture reminds me of pumpkin pie!
That comment probably undermines my heartfelt rant above, but I must speak the truth.

hollow nadeko
Ah! A hole in a tree brings back memories of having a secret base in Pokémon! So pointless, yet so exciting.

Next up was Tsukihi who I brought partly because she hasn’t been played with in months, but also because I thought her blue yukata would provide a welcome contrast!

autumn tsukihi 1
I know oyu can’t see anything, but I love the color of the background~

autumn tsukihi 2
Tried to make the background a little more visible and got this nice bokeh instead!

Since it was chilly out, I lent Tsukihi Nadeko’s accessories and a scarf.
forest tsukihi
And BAM! My favorite picture from the whole trip.
I was happy to get her to stand without a stand.

forest tsukihi 2
And a close up just because.

Then it was Reimu’s turn!
autumn reimu
I chose Reimu because of her lovely red outfit. Reimu had an autumn shoot in her review. Times have changed for the better since then!

autumn reimu 6

autumn reimu 5
This is my favorite pose for Reimu. Can you tell?

autumn reimu 3
Reimu fell victim to being in the same pose over and over again, but I just loved how each angle looked!

Reimu can stand on her own too!

autumn day
I’d have brought Aya too, but mine falls apart easily >_>

forest drunk
After her photo shoot was finished, Reimu celebrated with a few sips of sake.

forest sake 1
Speaking of sake, there’s someone else who enjoys it, but in a much more dignified manner.

forest sake 2
I love how this one came out as well! Getting away from your usual places is so great!

Kirito and Asuna also received a quick photo. I was getting tired at this point, so that was all the time I had for them. A few people started walking by too.

fall greeting
But before taking a break, I made sure to squeeze in a photo of Kaito!

I then stopped for a while and waited until we went for a hike later in the afternoon.

For the hike, I took along Tamaki and Kagura who had so far received little attention.

kagura on deck
I brought along a whole bag of clothes and did my best to dress them for the fall scenery.

Lots of reds for Kagura and her white boots help to keep her warm. I really should make her a white coat to go with them.

Too bad I didn’t have little back packs for them.

camping buddies 2
Tamaki wore her black kimono with a sage green jacket and polka dot obi.
I think the outfit ended up being very suitable for fall! Especially the black kimono which took be by surprise.

camping buddies
One more shot before we left for the trail. They don’t get many photos together, but I think they look extra cute here!

And we’re off! We walked to the lookout over the waterfall and took a trail down the mountain that I had never been on before.

Here are some photos from the top of the falls:
autumn frame
It’s beautiful in the summer, but this is in a totally different league!

And with some water in the shot!

We then proceeded down the trail!

The first half was in a clear area and offered splendid views of the side of the mountain.
golden sunshine
The mountains really are blue!

I’ve always lived in areas with a lot of trees, so being able to see for such a long distance is really a treat.
One of my ideal picturesque images is a flat green area where you can still see snow covered mountains. I think it’s so pretty!

We soon entered a wooded part of the trail where I was able to get some good shots of Kagura and Tamaki.

fall portrait
First alone

tama forest

hiking buddies
Then together!

Posing them was difficult since I was on a hill and in a bit of a hurry to take my pictures before more people came down the trail.

kagura lack and white
I also ended up with a black and white photo of Kagura since lighting on one wasn’t so good.

We then walked down the rest of the mountain and continued to walk right back up. It was getting late on the way back up, so I only got a few pictures of the waterfall.
waterfall 2
Sadly no long exposure shots.

Returning to the camp site, we ate hamburgers(beautiful beautiful hamburgers) and spent a night subjected to the loudest wind I have ever heard(strong wind + a forest of dead leaves = no sleep). The next morning, we packed up, and although I did enjoy the trip, I was more than happy to return home, not just for the glorious heat, but also because of something else which I’ll cover in another post.

That brings my first ever camping trip(and with figures nonetheless) to a close. I enjoyed it, and am happy to have so many pictures to remember it by!


10 thoughts on “Fall Camping Trip 2013

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  4. Those are really beautiful shots, your figures seemed to enjoy themselves, especially your dollies. You said that you brought two nendoriods, but I only see one, or is it considered two because she has two bodies? I’m a bit confused. Kagura’s winter outfit looks really cute.


  5. Good thing you enjoyed it! We go camping almost every year (except this year of course). But I also live in a forest, so I can just walk into my yard to take forest photos! Unfortunately, we have a ton of oaks (which mostly just turn brown), so the fall colors here aren’t too amazing..


    • My neighborhood is about 10 years old, so the trees we have aren’t nearly big enough to give off a forest vibe. Some people do have their houses up against a wooded are though. I’m envious of them in the day time, but at night, forests kind of scare me XD


      • Well, I’ve lived in one my whole life, so to me it’s weird people are scared of them lol I need to get around to taking my figmas down on the trails for photos (waiting for it to snow; my snow pictures are so much better than all the other ones ^^;)


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