Figma News Fridays 11/8/13

It’s Friday once again~ This week was heavy with announcements, and there’s also a release of an anticipated figma to look forward to. So let’s get started!


This bit of news is from last Saturday, and of course went up right after I posted FNF. This doesn’t happen much, but when it does…arrgh

Free figmas Announced
free figmas announcement
No, this does not mean we will be getting figmas for free, so you all can sit back down again. What it does mean is that there will be figmas from the anime, Free. For those not familiar with it(I know only the basics myself), Free is about a group of hunky and slightly moe guys who swim. This means muscles and tight swimming pants for all.
I’m slightly surprised by the announcement since properties like Free seem better suited for Kotobukiya, Altair, or Megahouse, but even if it is out of their comfort zone, I know Max Factory will do a great job. Who knows? It may very well be an attempt to draw more female collectors into figmas which would result in even more male figmas which is something I’m always open too.
As for just which character is set to be figmatized, that is still unknown. It could be a few characters or the whole cast, so we’ll just have to wait to find out.


Armin Arlelt Announced
armin announcement
The Shingeki no figma train just won’t stop, as before Levi is even painted, we already have a sculpt for Armin. Armin can be considered one of the three main characters(along with Eren and Mikasa), but is significantly less popular. I happen to like Armin because even though he lacks physical strength, his strategies and perception have saved everyone in ways brute strength never could. I was not getting my hopes up for a figma, so it’s a wonderful surprise to see that there will be one after all.
There is some talk about Armin being a Wonderfestival exclusive which makes sense to a degree(less risk in making a less popular character exclusive), but seeing that Japanese collectors do not seems to be talking about this, and that Wonderfestival exclusives are usually revealed closer to the event, it is still uncertain.
But even if Armin is exclusive, GSC’s online shop will carry him, so there’s not much to worry about.


Miku Hatsune 2.0 Released
miku hatsune 2.0 preview page
Miku 2.0’s official release is tomorrow, but many online stores already have her in stock and have begun shipping. Mine is on hold because of other figures, but she will definitely be receiving a review.

That’s all for this week! Are you excited about any of the newly announced figmas, or are you waiting for Miku?

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6 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 11/8/13

  1. I don´t think he should be an exclusive. He is one of SNK´s Saint Trinity like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Maybe character like let´s say Sasha (with a web exclusive potato), could be…


    • I’m really starting to think he’ll be standard. It just doesn’t add up for him to be exclusive >_>
      But now I’m afraid of what the exclusive will be haha. More Cinderella Girls hopefully XD


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