Review: figma Kaito

Today we’re going to look at the newest Vocaloid figma: Kaito. As usual, figma Kaito is from Max Factory.

Kaito was one of Crypton’s first Vocaloids, but unlike the blue haired diva who has carved out for herself a sizeable chunk of the internet, Kaito was initially a failure. Crypton had yet to realize the potential of designing a proper character for their software which made it easy for Kaito to sink into obscurity. It was not until Miku became a sensation that Kaito was resurrected from his temporary grave and became a part of the Vocaloid family.

As far as figures go, Kaito received the nendoroid treatment fairly early on, but a figma was mysteriously absent for years. It seems that there were no plans for a figma Kaito until the fans came to his rescue in Goodsmile Company’s poll which invited fans to vote for characters who they wanted to see figures of. Kaito dominated the male figma chart and is finally the figma we see today.

Len happens to be my favorite male Vocaloid(I voted for him in the poll >_>), but Kaito has his charm. I also take any opportunity to purchase a figma of a male character so long as I am familiar with them, so Kaito was an instant preorder.

Now that the long wait is finally over, let’s take a look at his box!

kaito box
Kaito’s box follows the theme established by previous Vocaloid figmas with a grey background accented by his image color.
His box further matches the others by having the plain silver background that was present in early figma boxes. This means no di;stage punchout for Kaito, but this shouldn’t be a problem for those displaying their Vocaloid figma collection together since none of the others have punchouts. It’s all or nothing!

kaito front
Kaito’s color scheme is predominately blue and white, and his outfit is composed of a simple coat and pants.

kaito side
Clearly Kaito predated the detached sleeve and legwarmer era or Vocaloids. No cold elbows and knees for him!

kaito back
You can see that Kaito’s coat was sculpted dynamically so that it appears to be blown by unseen winds.

kaito scarf
Moving in closely, Kaito’s hair is a lovely cobalt. He has very beautiful eyes as well(seems Kaito’s turning out to be quite the dreamboat).
Speaking of his eyes, I should bring attention to Kaito’s being sculpted after the updated and more lifelike Vocaloid designs rather than the original box art that figmas Miku,Len,and Rin came from. I’ve never seen it, but I hear that the Kaito used for Vocaloid concerts looks just like this, so that is most likely what he was based off of.
I like this approach much more since the first three Vocaloid figma faces can come off as unsettling.

kaito scarf side
Kaito’s obligatory Vocaloid headphones have even the tiniest details painted.

kaito back close
No part of Kaito is made of soft PVC, so his entire coat is hard. It is slightly bendable around the bottom though. This also means he does not have a chest joint. Only a waist joint.

kaito scarf back
One of Kaito’s signature items is his scarf which is articulated. It’s on a small ball joint which is a little stiff but rotates reasonably well. Just be gentle with it!

kaito chest
The pointed designs on his coat are very wintery. The coat is also painted in a pretty pearl white. This gives Kaito some extra shine, but does cause his pure white arm joints to stand out.

kaito waist
His coat flares out at the waist, and as I mentioned earlier, is slightly bendable. The blue trim is slightly raised which means it had to be hand painted. My Kaito’s trim is less than perfect in places. It’s a small nitpick, but I think the trim would have turned out better if they employed the same method of painting as with Inori Yuzuriha.
You can also see the sliver knuckle on his belt.

kaito sleeve
The sleeve is flared and has an attractive yellow stripe. With yellow and dark blue, Kaito narrowly escapes being labeled a bumble bee. There is also a yellow arrow on his arm. I suppose the arrow is to reinforce a futuristic theme.

arm in coat
One thing I’m always happy to see on figures in general is an arm that continues into the sleeve. It just provides that extra sprinkle realism.

kaito coat trim
More of the trim on his coat. The imperfections bother me more than they should. *next level of figure snob unlocked*

kaito coat back close
Ok, this can’t just be me. Look at those white spaces on the trim!

kaito pants
Kaito’s pants are chocolate brown and also have yellow arrows.

kaito shoes
His shoes are pearly white with blue soles. They have a slight heel in the back.

Now that we’ve seen Kaito, let’s proceed with what he comes with.

First are the obligatory accessories like faces.
Kaito has three faces.
kaito faces
default, singing, and smiling

The faces are basically toned down versions of those included with the nendoroid. To match the realistic proportions of figmas, Max Factory tends to avoid outrageous expressions which is unfortunate since figmas who do have crazy faces like the Lucky Star Girls and Mato Kuroi are very fun to play with.

hair scuff
His default face was on very tight which left a small scuff. Thankfully the hair covers it.

Next is five pairs of hands.
kaito hands
open, fists, gripping to hold whatever you can think of, pointing, and special hands for his accessories.

Now for the character specific accessories!

First is a fabulously long scarf. All you need to do to put it on is pop off his head and switch the scarves.
Kaito’s gentle demeanor resists manly poses. I really should work on posing male figures…

long scarf close
The longer scarf is a lighter color and dips more into his chest.

long scarf start
The scarf also has nice folds sculpted into it.

long scarf ends
Very silky.

This scarf is also articulated and both strands can be moved in a circle. The length makes them fragile though, so be sure to move them at the base rather than grabbing on to the end.

Kaito’s second accessory is his favorite item: ice cream!
ice cream
There are two bars and the fit into his special hands.

ice cream close
The bars are standard blue with a brown stick. They often fall out of his hands, so be sure to keep an eye on them.

ice creams
Both are identical.

That’s all that Kaito comes with! Now that we’ve seen Kaito, let’s take him out for a photo shoot~
clover kaito
There’s a pretty patch of clovers outside. Thankfully they haven’t been mowed down with the lawnmower just yet…

ice cream fu
The art of fighting with ice cream.

ice cream with senpai
Ice cream with senpai
Doesn’t this look like a clip from one of those dating sims for girls?

race king
There’s a reason there are no race kings.

fall greeting
And a picture from my camping trip(my next post).

Final Words
As you can tell, I was not very inspired by Kaito. He’s a decent figma. A good sculpt and good finish, but I found nothing about him to be spectacular or intensely inspiring. Perhaps some snow for Miku 2.0’s arrival will help me to get more mileage out of him.
Still, fans should be very pleased since it is Kaito!


9 thoughts on “Review: figma Kaito

  1. If I want to take off the scarf will Kaito look weird? I’m scared he has no neck,just a joint. 0_0….I think I just gave myself some nightmare fuel. But I agree with the crazy faces thing , I love giving my cousin’s Kyon the silliest face n’ pose imaginable XD. I’m sure Mikuru won’t mind as long as Haruhi stays away.*Rattling* Haruhi: Hey,let me out of here! Me: Not until you say sorry to Mikuru!


    • He looks totally fine actually. Maybe a little weird if you’re used to seeing him with a scarf, but his outfit is still there under the scarf. You don’t have to worry about there not being a neck or anything like that with figmas. They’re high quality 😛


  2. Huh, my Kaito’s painting seems better than yours…. There aren’t those white patches. I really have nothing to compare Kaito against, though, because he’s my first Figma. I dunno, my cousins were pretty inspired on posing him. They found some really crazy ways to balance him….. Anyway, great review as always ^.^


    • It’s good to know that not all Kaitos are like that then!
      Getting your first figma is always fun. I was a little pressed for time this time around, so I guess I just wasn’t feeling it with him.


      • That could be true… I actually find that posing him is easier than for my nendoroids, or the Play Arts figure I have of Riku….. And I notice Kaito balances fairly easy. Compared to Autumn, my Dollfie Dream, he can actually stand on one foot fairly easily. Although I think that has more to do with weight difference, since Autumn is much bigger. ^.^;


  3. I considered buying him but passed… since I felt uninspired by him from the promo pics (and don’t know about his character)… honestly, your pics make me want him more than the promo pics did XD


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