Figma News Fridays 10/25/13

Another is week coming to a close with a fresh batch of figma news! This week was all ladies…like almost every other week, but these are ladies of all kinds! We have delay-dies, preord-adies, and prototype-adies. Ok, how about instead of trying to make up new words, we just get to the figma news? So let’s get started!


Miku Hatsune 2.0 Delayed
miku hatsune 2.0 preview page
Let’s get the icky stuff out of the way: our innovatively jointed diva has been delayed to November. This is sad, but considering the popularity of Miku, it’s not surprising. Also, she was my only order, so I’m free for this month. Huehuehue


Chihaya Kisaragi Preorders Begin
chihaya kisaragi preview page
From the Idolm@aster anime comes Chihaya Kisaragi in a luxurious outfit befitting of her melodious voice. Chihaya comes with not only three faces perfect for an idol, but stage equipment so that all can hear her voice. She even has a special Di;stage to make her stage more convincing. Chihaya retails for 4500 yen and will be released in April.

Gosh, figmas are getting expensive. I wish I’d been around when 2500 yen was standard instead of the 4000 we’re starting to see. At least the quality has risen.
I have no knowledge of Chihaya, but she looks nice and the stage equipment is a good bonus. It may even act as an incentive for those who do not know Chihaya to pick her up, which is always nice. I wonder if the other Idolm@ster girls will come with it as well.
I also have to mention that based solely on design, I greatly prefer the Cinderella Girls. It could because they’re all exclusives, but the Cinderella Girls figmas appear more polished to the point that I wouldn’t mind buying one without knowing anything about the character(*cough Mika cough*). They also have nicer accessories which makes me wonder if Chihaya has no personality, or we’re looking at a missed opportunity.
So, Chihaya is a pass for me.


Nagisa Momoe Announced
nagisa momoe unpainted

I knew this was coming, I knew it! But this is still a lot sooner than I even anticipated!
Ok, let’s back up a bit since some of you might be wondering who the heck Nagisa Momoe is. Nagisa is a new character introduced in the third Madoka Magica Movie: Rebellion Story(or Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: Hangyaku no Monogatari if you like long Japanese titles). In celebration of the new movie’s release, Goodsmile Company and friends are starting up the merchandise train again, and what better way than with a figma(and nendoroid) of the new character?
The nendoroid is already sculpted and painted, but the figma is only sculpted which leaves figma fans a bit behind. Nagisa’s magical girl outfit is definitely different from that of the other girls, and although the poofy look is great for the nendoroid, I’m a tad apprehensive about the figma’s proportions. But I do have faith in Max Factory’s painters, and considering that I have every Madoka figma so far, Nagisa would have to look pretty awful for me to not get her.
Definitely on my wishlist, and with all of the new anime I’ve been watching this time, I get the feeling I’ll be saying that a lot in the future.

That’s all for this week! What do you all think? Upset about Miku, happy for Chihaya, or maybe excited about Nagisa?

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7 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 10/25/13

  1. Pretty thankful for this month’s delays, actually. My October order was about to hit 200 dollars with shipping… Yikes!
    I wonder if Max Factory will go as far to make schoolgirl Kyoko? They could give her stuff like the rest of the girl’s soul gems and maybe Mami’s weird… stuffed animal… creature from the trailers.


    • Yeah, me too. It’s nice to get a break every now and then thanks to delays.
      I get the feeling they will make uniform Kyoko. And depending on how involved Hitomi is in the movie, they might include her head as a bonus.
      I think that stuffed thing is supposed to be Charlotte…after meth.


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