Kagura’s Pet Problem

I haven’t made a story in a while, so here’s one about how much of a bumpy ride it can be owning a pet.

kp 1
Tamaki: Zzzzzzz

kp 2
Tamaki: GYAAAH! Wh-what do you want?!

kp 3
Kazuto: Foooo

kp 4
Tamaki: Hey, Kagura! Have you fed Kazuto yet?
Kagura: Huh? Oh, no I guess not today.

kp 5
Tamaki: Hmph Well then pay more attention to him. He disturbed my beauty sleep this morning, and he’s supposed to be your responsibility!
Kagura: All right! I got it~ I got it~

kp 6
Tamaki: Kagura! Keep Kazuto out of the clothes!

kp 7
Tamaki: Kagura! Kazuto keeps breaking things!

kp 8
Tamaki: Kagura! I told you to take him outside!

kp 9
Tamaki: That’s it, Kagura! I’ve had enough. We can’t keep Kazuto anymore!
Kagura: Wh-what are you talking about?!
Tamaki: You’ve shown your irresponsibility is raising Kazuto, so I’m taking him to the pound this afternoon! The people there will care for him properly.

kp 10
Kagura: No! Anything but that! You don’t know what those places are like, Tamaki! Please, let’s find somewhere else to take him.
Tamaki: Hmph. All right then.

kp 11
Tamaki: Maybe you were right this time. Setting him free is surely the best thing to do.
Kagura: That’s right! We’ll release Kazuto into the wild where he’ll be able to run free!

kp 12
Tamaki: *Sniff* There he goes!
Kagura: Goodbye Kazuto! You have a full life ahead of you!

kp 13

kp 14
Tamaki: *Pant* *Pant* That was a close one. We saved him by the fur of my tail!
Kagura: *Pant* That didn’t work, so *pant* we’ll just have to think of something else.

kp 15
Tamaki: Are you sure looking for Kazuto’s parents is a good idea?
Kagura: Of course! We’re back where I found him, so Kazuto’s parents are sure to be close by!
Tamaki: If you say so…

kp 16
Tamaki: But this place is awfully crowded.

A Few Hours Later
kp 17
Tamaki: Kagura, just give up. It’s getting late already. There’s no way we can find them.

kp 18
Kagura: *Sigh* You’re right.

kp 19
Kagura: I guess Kazuto just doesn’t have parents.

kp 20
Kagura: We spent the whole day looking and weren’t able to find another home for Kazuto.
Tamaki: …

kp 21
Tamaki: It’s settled then. I’m taking Kazuto to the pound. The people there will be able to make him happy.
Kagura: Tamaki, wait! You don’t know what those places are like! They won’t take care of him there!

At the Pound…
kp 23
Tamaki: Excuse me kind sir, where might I make a drop off?

kp 24
Tamaki: Oh… Well, thank you then!

kp 25
Tamaki: See, Kazuto? This will be your new home! And there are already lots of friends for you to play with!

kp 26
Tamaki: Well, I guess this is goodbye, Kazuto.

kp 27

kp 28
Kagura: *Snivel*
*Door creak*
Kagura: *Sniff* Sounds like Tamaki is home.

kp 29
Tamaki: I can explain.

The next few weeks were spent rehoming animals.


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