Figma News Fridays 10/18/13

It’s Friday once again! This week had little in terms of volume, but two big ticket characters created a scramble that more than made up for it. There was also a small announcement from the end of last week. So let’s get started!

I report figma news on Fridays because there is rarely ever news on the weekends, but last Saturday happened to have something small.
Miku Hatsune Goodsmile Kuji Announced
miku saturday
For anyone who doesn’t know, Kuji are lucky draw prizes that can be potentially won by purchasing lottery tickets. They are only available for purchase in Japan which makes second hand places or proxies the only options for international collectors.

Goodsmile Company entered the lottery prize business a while back with their flagship nendoroid series. Since then they’ve been torturing their loyal fans with adorable and painfully exclusive entries such as Santa Miku, Jumbo Miku, and even Family Mart versions of Rin, Len, and of course Miku. But since GSC distributes for Max Factory, that makes it more than possible for the same to be done with figmas. So we’re finally seeing our first kuji figma of Miku. It’s listed as “Uniform Version” which leads me to believe that there won’t be anything spectacular about this Miku, but you never know. I just hope that this is an experiment and not the start of an era of pain for figma fans.


Eren Yeager Preorders Begin
Eren Yeager preview page
The boy with an iron hard spirit and endless desire to wipe out all titans on earth is the newest figma. Eren comes donning his Scouting Legion uniform which is complete with a removable cloak and the all important 3D maneuver gear. Use the gas effect part to pose Eren zooming through the sky and equip him with one of three expressions just perfect for a Titan encounter. Eren retails for 4937 yen and will be released in April 2014.

Although I was not thrilled about him before, I’m happy to see Eren available for preorder. And apparently so was everybody else because Eren is already sold out at many stores! Some people say he sold out at amiami in three minutes which means that Shingeki figmas are serious business. This does present a dilemma for those who cannot afford to camp out on a store’s page, so luckily many local stores along with Goodsmile International Shop still have him for order. But act fast, this series is hot and GSC’s orders are limited.
As for Eren himself, I think he came out just fine but a little safe for those interested in seeing more character specific accessories. The 3D maneuver gear, gas, and cloak are the same as Mikasa’s which leaves Eren with not much more than his faces to separate the two in terms of accessories. I’m surprised a biting face and bloody hand were not part of the package. We all know how much Eren loves to gnaw on his hand!
Still, this was an instant(and I mean instant) preorder for me.

Mikasa Ackerman Rerelease Preorders Begin
Mikasa preview page
Mikasa Ackerman sold out much more quickly than anticipated which left many like me who wanted time to think with thoughts of regret. In response, Mikasa has received a second release alongside Eren. Mikasa retails for 4937 yen(a tad more expensive than the first release) and will also be in stores in April 2014 which gives those who grabbed both her and Eren at once a chance to get them together.
I snatched up Mikasa immediately this time and can finally end my hunt for her. She also seems to be less in demand this time which makes getting Mikasa from the second release easier.

And as before, those who order her from the GSC shop will receive a free Shingeki themed Di;stage.
Mikasa special base
This also applies to figma Eren

That’s all for this week! Are you part of the Shingeki no Craze? And what do you think about having a kuji Miku figma?


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