Figma News Fridays 10/11/13

It’s Friday again! I did not post much this last week, but I have a very good reason. Anime, of course! But that’s something for another post because we’re here to talk about figmas! This week started out with some announcements on releases and such but fizzled out leaving us with no new preorders…or did it? We’ll just have to find out, so let’s get started!


Samus Aran Delayed
samus preview page
Remember last week when Samus Aran’s release date was announced as October 21st? Well, that was a lie…sort of. Samus has been pushed back a week to October 28th making this one of the easier to deal with delays.


Cobra Rerelease Preorders Begin
cobra preivew pic
Did you miss out on Cobra when he first came out back in April? Well, worry no more because Cobra is back for a rerelease in April 2014. He retails for 4115 yen.

I’ll be passing on Cobra again, and didn’t realize he was in need or a rerelease. I wonder why they’re selling him again?

Crystal Bowie Preorders Begin
crystal bowie preview page
Cobra’s arch enemy appears in the figma world! Joining the Cobra figma line is Crystal Bowie who just can’t wait to cause trouble for Cobra. Utilizing transparent plastic, Crystal Bowie has a magnificent inner skeleton to show off and comes with accessories like an effect part for when fighting Cobra and a whiskey glass for calmer days. Crystal Bowie retails for 5800 yen will be released in April 2014.

So that’s why Cobra is being rereleased! Like Cobra, I sadly have no interest in Mr. Bowie, but that’s a given since Cobra is from well before my time! Perhaps more interesting is his price. 5800 yen is rather steep for a standard figma(although he will definitely be discounted at stores), but Cobra figmas have proven in the past to be more expensive than usual. He also uses a lot of plastic which no doubt pushed up the price a little. Still, Golden Bowie looks pretty cool, and it’s nice to see Max Factory take on a character in spite of him being see through. They sure do love their transparent plastic.


Racing Miku 2013 Preorders Reopen for a Limited Time
Racing Miku 2013 preview page
Did you miss the preorder date for Racing Miku? Did you miss it on purpose because you ,like me, can’t afford to fork over so much cash for plastic on such short notice? Well, regardless, Goodsmile Company has heard you!
In honor of Goodsmile Racing’s ongoing trophy streak(2 in case anyone wanted to know) and GSC’s being at New York Comicon, reservations for the 7000 yen sponsorship package have been reopened for international buyers only. So from (Fri) Oct. 11 to (Tue) Nov. 5 at 23:59 (JST), Racing Miku will be available to sing her sirenic song into the depths of your wallet. Hoorah!

I’ll have to pass…


Rei Kuroki Released
Rei Kuroki Preview Page

That’s all for this week! Did you preorder Crystal Bowie or Cobra? Happy about finally getting Rei? How about Miku?
I’ll be back with more figma news next Friday, and don’t forget that you can also like the Facebook page for notifications on new posts!


4 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 10/11/13

  1. I got Bowie… I’ve never seen nor heard if the anime series, but Bowie’s transparent figure looks pretty damn cool. Not a bad price I’m getting for him either.

    Thanks again for the updates, bud!


    • The series is from around the 80’s and was very popular. Or so I’ve read. I’d say you should watch it since it’s a classic, but yeah…I haven’t watched any classic anime >_>

      No problem! ^^


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