Figma News Fridays 10/4/13

News Fridays Figma! *Ahem* Figma News Fridays! This week features the typical things like preorders, delays, and release dates as usual, but hidden deep inside is a gem of lovely teaser goodness! So let’s get started!


Rei Kuroki Release Date Announced
Rei Kuroki Preview Page
Homura 2 Rei will be in stores October 12th!

Samus Aran Release Date Announced
samus preview page
Samus will be out October 21st.


Shimakaze Sculpt Teased
shimakaze tuesday
Nendoroid followers likely recall the preorder hysteria that accompanied nendoroid Shimakaze as she went up for preorder. That her preorder sold out in minutes at most stores attests to the deadly combination that is cuteness and popularity. This is especially effective with nendoroid collectors who are no stranger to buying something based on cuteness alone. This is our first peek at the figma, and for now the only thing to look at is her cannons, but why do I have the feeling that this figma is going to be very impressive? At the very least, I’m excited to see the prototype!
And Miku 2.0 is there too!

Akane Isshiki Palette Suit ver. Preorders Begin
akane isshiki palette suit preview page
Another figma of Akane Isshiki, but this time she’s wearing her vibrant red Palette suit! Included are not only three charming faces, but everything she needs to show off her attacks! Akane will be brightening up your collection in February 2014 for 4200 yen.

I can’t seem to get away from Vividred operation, can I? It feels like every week I’m blogging about Akane, and this time even Homurei joined the party. This isn’t bad, but wow, so much Akane O_O’.


Futayo Honda Preorders Begin
futayo honda preview page
Introducing Futayo Honda from Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. ASide from her sleek costume, Futayo comes with three expression, wonderfully dangerous weapons, and even effect parts so that she can be displayed using her abilities. Futayo will be appearing on the figma Horizon in February 2014 for 4500 yen.

As with the girls of Muv Luv, Futayo’s design is something that I’ll never be able to like. Her overstuffed chest, small head, and black shiny legs that remind me more of a giant ant than anything else make Futayo appear less like a woman and more like a semi robotic fantasy. But that’s just me! It’s not necessarily Ms. Honda’s fault, designs like this just aren’t my taste and probably never will be. That aside, check out her spear! It’s crazy long!

That brings this week’s FNF to a close! What do you all think of this week? Interested in Akane or Shimakaze? Waiting for Rei? Maybe you feel differently about Futayo!

I’ll be back with more figma news next Friday and remember that you can also like the Facebook page for notifications of new posts.


5 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 10/4/13

  1. I ordered the other Akane, because I have the first one and she’s just so cute. I figure I can steal her faceplates and do who knows what with her body.

    Man that sounds wrong 0_0


  2. I thought I would like Honda more than I do, I’m not a fan of the series but I always like figmas that are a little different than my standard magical girls. But the coattails do take it out of the realm of sexy lady and into something that’s a little odd-shaped. Oh well.

    Your Akane comments in an earlier post made me LOL. I don’t know that show either.

    Just give me Archer.


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