Figma News Fridays 9/27/13

Ah! Is it Friday already? I woke up from a nap and suddenly realized today was the day for figma news.
This week has a little of everything. We have a release, a painted preview, an extra long delay, and surprisingly little from scans. So let’s get started!


Guts: The Hawks ver. Delayed
guts hawk preview page
Guts has been delayed from September all the way to November.


Guyver I Appears in Scans
guyver 1 wednesday
I’m not quite sure what happened with scans this month, but rather than the beautiful scans we are usually blessed with, all that came around this time was low quality photos. Still, it seems that Guyver has a new face? And based on the random numbers I’m seeing, it looks like his preorders will begin in December 2013 with a release in April 2014.


Kaito Released
Kaito preview
The prince of ice cream is here! A lot of people have been waiting a long time for this figma. I never thought I’d see him ^^’
Once I pay for mine(orz), he’ll be on the way, so I’ll be reviewing him~

Akane Isshiki Pallet Suit ver. Previewed

pallet akane friday
The abundance of butts in it’s promotional artwork tells me that Vividred Operation is not a show for me(if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just treat yourself to a Google image search), but Akane is looking rather nice! I’m not sure what this outfit is for, but her accessories are neat, and that face with her tongue sticking out is just the variety I like to see on figmas. I hope to see the other cast members in similar clothing!

Even if I don’t know what this outfit is for, I can at least make something up. The way I see it, she’s a marching band member with a Duel Disk, Gurren Lagann glasses, and Iron Man feet…who is from Pallet Town.

She’ll be released in February 2014 for 4000 yen. Preorders have not yet begun, so we do not know if she’s exclusive or standard, but if that release date is indeed correct, I’d think it would lean towards the former.

That’s all for this week! Are you waiting for Kaito, frustrated by Guts, interested by Isshiki, or anything else?


10 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 9/27/13

  1. I am really eyeing Kaito…but I swore that I would only buy the Append figmas because I would honestly just buy all the Vocaloid ones, but this Kaito and the newest Miku are just too beautiful to resist! Hopefully we’ll see the Kagamines and Luka soon, they deserve updates, I believe…but I am also really hoping for Rozen Maiden figmas! I think they’ll make good figmas, they’re so lovely…and it is rather lovely to see Akane is something where her underwear is not showing! >.>

    Can’t wait for your Kaito review!


    • I’m really hoping for those Kagamines! And yes, the new Miku is a wonderful improvement. I’m also looking forward to trying out the new figma joint system with the new Miku~

      I hadn’t thought of it, but with Rozen Maiden nendos, that could be a possibility. I think they’d be a lot like the Touhou figmas in terms of construction.

      Just waiting for him to ship! …and get here XD


  2. The anime (Vividred Operation) does have a LOT of irritating fanservice, but otherwise it’s a cute show.. Basically, the show is a magical girl show, so that’s Akane’s magical outfit (although it’s based off of science, not magic). The preview for this figma introduced me to this show, so I may have to buy her sometime ^^


    • Oh, I see! I had no idea it was a magical girl type of show, and making it science rather than magic is neat. I do think Himawari Shinomiya is cute, but fanservice has become such a major turnoff for me that I don’t think I’ll end up watching it =/

      figmas introduced me to a lot of shows XD


      • I completely understand that lol.. I didn’t know it had fanservice when I started watching it, though, and I hate to just stop watching something in the middle, y’know?


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