Gluing Things Together

I’m not afraid(although slightly ashamed) to say that I’ve been slacking off in terms of photo taking lately. It has been raining for the last few days and I’ve also been sewing for Tamaki and Kagura a lot, but the truth is that I’ve just not been doing much, and without the photos I usually rely on, I’m scraping the barrel for posts. But the good thing is that I actually like scraping the barrel every now and then. Not only does this allow me to stretch my imagination and venture out of my comfort zone for new content, it hopefully gives you all something different to read. So today I have a special post in line. A post about…glue?

That’s right, glue. Whether they have bad luck or just really big hands, those who collect regularly are eventually brought face to face with the misfortune that is a broken or loose figure and the sadness that comes with it. I’ve run into this problem several times within my collecting life, and after finally procuring the glue needed to fix my many breaks, thought it would be fun to show just what’s broken over time and celebrate that it’s finally fixed. So I hope you enjoy this tidbit from the bottom of the barrel!

gc 1
We’ll start with the most important part: the glue!
The glue I used is Elmer’s Krazy glue. Why do they call it Krazy glue? Because it sticks to everything within seconds! O_O’

gc 3
The glue came in a pack of two, and if you think you’re getting a lot, that’s not really the case because inside of each tube is a smaller tube and needle(for poking a hole in the tube and preventing the glue from drying out). It may look like a tube of lies, but the glue is very strong, so just a little goes a long way. Like my kindergarten teacher said, “One drop does a lot!”.

See that “All purpose” banner at the bottom of the tube? Well, Krazy glue is certainly worthy of that tagline because it is extremely powerful. Once a layer is applied to plastic, it’s pretty much impossible to remove without damage. It also sticks to skin very easily and can release a little bit of heat when applied(I experienced both of these XD), so if you decide to use it, know what you’re dealing with and be careful. Respect the glue!

With those words of caution out of the way, let’s start gluing!
gc 2
The first candidate is figma Kirito’s sword, Elucidator. Elucidator is flawed in that it is very weak around the handle, and I know from comments that I am certainly not the only one to have to deal with it breaking! The difficulty in gluing Elucidator was that the break was on a very small point(no wonder it broke =_=) on the handle. I had to make sure to only get glue on the point, and then place the blade back on quickly and straight since nobody wants a crooked sword(Oh no, that doesn’t sound right).

gc 4
Elucidator was able to be glued back together, but glue is probably not the best solution in this case since it broke again afterwards, and multiple re-gluing attempts results in a layer of glue which does not look very good. If you do glue it, be extra careful with the sword afterwards as it will not be as strong as before it was broken.

gc 5
Next is figma Kuroyukihime’s folded parasol. Like Elucidator, this broke almost right out of the box as it was very weakly held together. But it was thankfully much easier to put back together since the break left me with a little compartment to glue into. The hold is much stronger too!

gc 6
I display Kuroyuki with her parasol now, and it’s like nothing ever happened.

gc 7
Here is something that was really my fault: a broken bow on Chouyuusha Haruhi’s boot. This break happened a year or two ago when I was figma body swapping. I wanted to put Luka’s head on Haruhi, and while trying to pull her head off, applied pressure to the ribbons which caused one to snap off. But the break was such that it fit back into the boot and only came out again when moved a lot. Still, this restricted Haruhi from outdoor photo shoots and forced me to always keep an eye on her. Now with the ribbon right where it needs to be, Haruhi is ready to take on the world!

gc 8
Figma Nozomi’s bra also happened to break. I had been displaying not Nozomi, but a plastic skeleton who used to sit in the Wagnaria restaurant wearing the bra. He looked very good in it, but when I tried to take it off of him one day, the strap broke. The strap has now been glued back ,but the skeleton will probably not be wearing it anymore.

gc 9
Casual Saber’s sword stayed together for a long time, but finally came apart one day when I was trying to pry it out of her hand. After gluing, it held together nicely since the break was over a large area.

gc 10
I loved figma Saber Bride, but was upset that the hand on mine came off almost immediately. It’s like there was never any glue! So I remedied that with my own glue. I no longer have to worry about losing her hand in the grass(again).

gc 11
Figma Hitagi’s stationary hand lost a piece(although it was barely noticeable), but now there’s no gaping hole in her hand!

gc 12
Unlike the others, figma Kiritsugu did not require gluing. The cigarette and face are intended to be separate pieces. The problem was that the cigarette had a very loose fit in his mouth which resulted in it being almost lost several times. Searching carpet for a microscopic cigarette is not fun, so I figured it would be better to go ahead and save myself some grief and time by gluing it in.

gc 13
Much better now!

gc 14
figma Yui Hirasawa’s guitar broke because of…a factory defect? No. It fell from the top of the shelf? No.
The guitar broke because I stepped on it =_=
I’d been poorly keeping it together with some sticky stuff, but now the hold is much better!

gc 15
As for stupid things I broke stupidly, this is the worst. A few months ago, I took Momohime outside for some review photos. I also grabbed her alternate arm pieces so that they could be swapped out and photographed. After removing the sword hand, I realized that the hand and sword were stuck together. Surely this was from her having been in the same pose for too long, right? So I pulled on the hand a little bit, but it wouldn’t come off! So I pulled some more and it finally came off. But there was some nasty paint transfer like you see in the picture above. I figured this was just a small problem to be noted in the review, and continued with what I was doing in spite of having a nagging suspicion that something wasn’t right. It was not until I went inside and looked at Momohime’s box and instructions that my suspicions were confirmed. The sword and hand were supposed to be stuck together because they were one piece(emphasis on were).

gc 16
I can put this behind me now.

And with all of these breaks behind me, I can continue playing with my figures like nothing ever happened! But maybe just a little more gently…

What about you all? Whether it be an accident for unfortunate factory mistake, have you ever had to deal with or fix a broken figure?


9 thoughts on “Gluing Things Together

  1. I love that this is a “Scraping the bottom of the barrel” post, LOL! I really loved it! You have a way of writing that’s humorous and easy-going… which makes your posts really fun to read.

    The only figma break I’ve had so far is Kuroneko decided she was sick of holding her teacup -_-
    I haven’t tried fixing it yet though.

    I’ve had way more misadventure with Neemo breaks… their ankle joints are very delicate things (either that, or I just had a really bad string of luck, breaking several all within a month of one another). Trying to get that ankle joint peg out after it’s broken off in the leg just makes me want to weep. I’ve swapped out leg bits, and ordered whole new bodies just to avoid it. (Thankfully, Neemo bodies are way cheaper than full Neemos).


    • *sniff* Thank you for the compliment! I hope to make mundane things like gluing exciting XD

      I think the same thing happened to mine. It seems to have not been glued down in the first place (or it was done very poorly) since I was able to shove it back in the hand for a makeshift fix.

      Waah I hope to not have to deal with that! A while back, Kagura’s neck joint popped out and got stuck inside her head. It was a pain to get out =_=
      I wouldn’t mind getting a new full flection body for Kagura though. I really like having it on Tamaki and it helps with the strangely fitting jackets I’ve been sewing lately.


  2. I recently experienced my first break. ;_;
    After I got my BRSB figma home her “crown” broke off, when I was trying to pose her. I was able to glue it back on and now it works perfectly, but it was a little frightening at first.
    I sure got her used, but I didn’t expect her to fall apart just from that X_X; She sure is fragile compared to her other figma friends.
    Anyone got the same problem with BRSB or was I just not careful enough? ^_^;


  3. Since I like to swap and customize, I have broken a LOT of stuff. Figmas are just not meant to be pulled apart over and over! But let’s see, I have two stories. The first happened recently and the second, maybe you can help me because it’s STILL BROKEN XD. Because Kyouko came out recently, naturally, she’s been one that I’ve had out, fiddling with, posing, just having around on my desk. And her pocky face is easily one of my favorites, even though I’ve already lost the spare pocky stick. But I think I was trying to pry her head off, and my hand slipped. I dropped her because hard pvc still hurts when it’s sharp! And when I picked her up off the floor, her pocky stick was hanging in two. And obviously you KNOW how tiny they are! I managed to get a little drop between the pieces, snap them closed, then rolled it a little between my fingers so the glue more or less, would make a shell around the break. Then I used a marker to darken up the glue. So it seems to me like when you have issues of frailty because of a break, if you kinda do the shell method, super glue or krazy glue holds color from markers well.

    Wow, this is a long post! Uhm, the other one was when I first got the original Aigis figma. She was like, one of my second or so purchases of figma, and I had been wanting her years before that. Welp, the joint in her elbow broke. I scrambled to fix it with super glue, but now it just has a sorta crusty mess on both sides. Any thoughts on how to fix broken joints that are stuck like that?


    • Youch! Poor pocky. Did it fall on a hard floor? I thought the pocky was pretty sturdy last time I touched it O_O’

      Hmm a broken crusty joint? Where is it broken/crusty? I’d think it would be best to pull out the joint and replace it with another one, but the problem is where you would get a new joint and how to get it out >_>’
      My Miyuki came with a broken shoulder joint, and I never got around to doing ANYTHING, so I’m not exactly motivated when it comes to figma joint repair XD


      • Nuuuu, the pocky basically was wrenched against my hand. It didn’t draw blood, but it sure as hell hurt. So she was really just dropped on my bed. I think you can buy shoulder joints on Ebay, at least, but they’re expensive. Otherwise just look in the spare parts club on… I wanna say MFC? Or the other one.

        I’m a little worried to try the whole hot pin technique. Like, part of the joint is broken off in her arm. If I could remove it, I have a few spare joints. But were you able to pop out the piece?


  4. The worst thing happened to me with breaking things.. Figma Madokami got pushed off the shelf by my cat (evil little creature), and one of here hair pieces snapped off in the socket DX I want to see if maybe I can hold if with a pin so I can still remove it before gluing it, though


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