Figma News Fridays 9/20/13

It’s Friday yet again. And for the first time in two weeks, there is actually news about more than one figma at a time! So let’s get started!


Kaito Release Date Announced
Kaito preview
Kaito will be released on the 27th

I have Kaito ordered, and have mixed emotions about this since I was sort of hoping for a delay. But now that I know he’ll be coming, I better stock up on ice cream! Who am I kidding? Ice cream barely lasts two days in my house…

Link (re-release) Delayed
Link preview
Link has been delayed to October.

Samus Aran (re-release) Delayed
samus preview page
Samus will also be out in October

A bit of news from early Saturday since I always push the boundary on these being Friday posts XD

Chihaya Kisaragi Date and Some Accessories
chihaya saturday
There must be some Idolm@ster related event going on because several figures of the idols that we have not seen since Wonderfest are popping up again. Among them is figma Chihaya who is from the original series rather than the Cinderella Girls spinoff. The sign next to her projects an estimate of March 2014 for her release and she is also displayed with a speaker and stage light. At first look, I was doubtful that these were actual figma accessories since they looked a little off to me, but I suppose they really are. No word on what else she comes with, but Chihaya may very well pop up in this month’s magazine scans in which case we’ll see her again next Friday.

That’s all for this week! Are you happy to be getting Kaito this month or upset by delays? Or maybe you’re happy to finally see an idol who is not from a phone game!


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