Collection Wishlist!

I’ve been feeling rather uninspired with posts as of late, so I thought now would be a good time to introduce some variety. Having figures is always exciting, but what is sometimes just as fun is dreaming about what you would like to own. Of course being greedy or unappreciative of what you do have is never good, but this is a blog with a lot about collecting, so it can’t hurt to share our dreams every once in a while! So today I will be sharing my own wish list and talking about just what it is that has attracted me to each particular item. In addition to must have items, I will also include things that I am intrigued by, but just have not decided to pursue yet.

Insane BRS
figma Insane Black Rock Shooter
Should I have to explain? Just look at her! With weathered metal, spikes, chains, and skin pale as a bleached lily, Insane BRS shows off one of Huke’s coolest designs. She is one of those characters I’d always halfheartedly hoped would be made into a figma, but never truly believed would be made. I would have purchased her long ago were it not for the words, “Limited Blu Ray bundle” which are the bane of any collector’s existence. I intend to track her down(preferably preowned and blu ray free), but that day has not yet come.

blue yukata miku
nendoroid Miku Hatsune: yukata ver.
What’s better than a tiny Miku with hair buns and a yukata? Nothing!
I already loved this Miku for her cute hair and outfit, but those adorable faces just seal the deal. Sadly, she was a GSC shop exclusive and came out before I considered buying nendoroids again, so Miku and I have yet to be united.

figma Archer
We’ve waited so long for any news on Archer. And after a reveal of his new sculpt, we’re waiting again. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time since there is apparently a new Fate anime in the works, so whenever Archer comes out, I’ll be sure to introduce him to the Sabers!

Mikasa preview page
figma Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa shouldn’t be on my wish list; she should be on my ordered list along with all the other things I’ve preordered. Except I can’t preorder her because her preorders sold out like lightning! Mikasa is still available on GSC’s shop, but that will be my last resort since I’d rather not pay full price even if it includes a fancy di;stage. In the mean time, all I can do it add my figinstock notification and wait.

figma mato
figma Mato Kuroi
Mato is one of my most wanted figmas. She may be a simple school girl with simple accessories, but that face, that glorious face boosts her near the top of my list. I’ve wanted her since she was announced, but she just had to be a Wonderfestival exclusive, and since this was before the days on GSC’s international shop, I was out of luck. And now that I could get her, I have other priorities. One day, Mato!

Saber extra
figma Saber Extra
Part of my quest to own ever Saber figma, but still a beautiful figma even without this quest. I especially love her long ladylike eyelashes. She was originally bundled with the limited edition of Fate/Extra.

maiko madoka nendo
nendoroid Maiko Madoka Kaname
Madoka dressed as a maiko. Out of character? A little. Another example of GSC’s milking? Maybe. But cute anyway? Oh yes! As soon as I saw her, I squealed, and seeing that the scaled figure failed to enchant me, this is my only way to own a figure of this little cutie. She was available on GSC’s shop, but since I’m trying to order only what’s necessary right now, I deemed it better to wait and find her later.

Racing Miku 2011
figma Racing Miku 2012
I have the feeling that I am part of a minority with this, but Racing Miku 2012 is my favorite of all the Racing Mikus. I love how the stubby almost chibi look of the illustration was transferred into figure form, and she just looks so cute and bubbly. I could see her in an oversized jacket trying to boss the racers around.

saber alter figma
figma Saber Alter
Although not the moe beach queen I undoubtedly love, figma Saber Alter is on my list just for looking cool. I hope that by the time I do get her, I’m able to create a scene truly worthy of her darkened demeanor.

figma Ui
figma Ui Hirasawa
Ui is not high on my list, and I’ve even contemplated removing her, but she’s cute enough that I’ve just never been able to do so. Also, her price has dropped enough that picking up Ui is not much of a sacrifice.

figma Rin Kagamine
figma Rin Kagamine
Those who read Pokemon Comics would know that I love Len Kagamine, yet his sister has managed to elude me. This is largely due to her aftermarket prices being on the upper end without a rerelease of any kind in sight(and I like Len more >_>). I’m still hoping for updated figmas of the twins, but even if that happens, I’d still like to get the original for Len.

yomi and kagura
figmas Yomi Isayama and Kagura Tsuchimiya
Yomi and Kagura are also on the lower end of my list, but I’d still like to have them since I enjoyed Gai Rei Zero and these two were announced right around when I started figma collecting. They have also risen in price on the aftermarket.

yukata miku nendo 2
nendoroid Miku Hatsune Natsu Tsubaki yukata ver.
A red yukata with yet another awesome face? Of course I want her! Even without the bun hair of the first yukata Miku, I still like her and think her accessories are decent. I opted to wait until release to pursue this Miku.

adult mikuru figma
figma Adult Mikuru
Haruhi was my first real anime, and Mikuru has always been my favorite character. Not only is Adult Mikuru pretty, the special feature in her shirt would make her a worthy candidate for some silly pictures.

figma nodoka
figma Nodoka Manabe
Like Ui, Nodoka is low on my list, but I think she is still worth getting. And who doesn’t like tiny cop hats(except tiny robbers)?

miyuki takara summer
figma Miyuki Takara summer ver.
I gave up on collecting the Lucky Star girls a while back, but seeing that I already have both versions of Tsukasa and only winter Mikyuki, I’d like for Miyuki to not be outnumbered.

figma Racing Miku 2013
Racing Miku 2013 is my second favorite Racing Miku! She was available as part of Goodsmile Racing’s sponsorship package, but because immediate payment is required, I was not able to preorder one. I hope to have a racing trio one day!

figma Chariot
Chariot has not been sculpted yet, but there’s a very good chance I will be getting her since I love Chariot’s design. I hope she comes with macaroons!

figma Mika Jougasaki
I was able to resist Anzu, Rin, and Mika’s sister Rika, but I really do love Mika! She may not be a priority, but this is one figma that I definitely wouldn’t mind owning! I think her eyes are my favorite thing about her.

kureha MF
Max Factory’s Kureha Touka
Kureha was probably the first scaled figure I ever wanted. Between her delicate face and that amazing outfit, I’ve always loved her. Sadly, I’m not the only one as she is very expensive on the aftermarket. And every time I find one to buy, something gets in the way. Sorry, Kureha.

tsukihi scaled
Goodsmile Company’s Tsukihi Araragi
Tsukihi has not only a beautifully colored kimono and diorama base, she’s also sporting my favorite sideways glances! I’d love to have her one day even if shipping will be a killer.

morgiana GEM
Morgiana dancer outfit
Morgiana by Megahouse
Even before watching Magi: Labyrinth of Magic, I was attracted to this figure. And now after having watched it, I’m even more excited about her! Her outfit is light and flowing, and her pose is full of so much energy. Morgiana has reminded me of what I like in a scaled figure, and after seeing her, I may very well abandon my kimono only rule and just trust in what I like.

Pureneemo Alisa Nostalgic Story Collection, Commemorative version
If this doll looks familiar, it’s because she’s the limited version of my Kagura! This version is what initially attracted me to the doll, but I gave up on her and came to love the standard blonde version instead. Still, I do think she’s very pretty with that gentle pink hair and white dress, so if I ever got the chance to have her, I just might!

Pureneemo Chiika Komorebimori no Dobutsutati ♪, Squirrel ver.
I was confident that no other Pureneemos would get my attention, and then Azone just had to introduce their new mori series. Everything is so cute >_

Pureneemo Raili Komorebimori no Dobutsutati ♪, Bambi ver.
In the mori series, each girl is a different animal. Raili is a fawn, and I think she suits that roll just perfectly! What I like about Raili is her light wavy hair, wide eyes, and innocent blue dress. The mori girls are killing me *_*. I even have names for the ones I want…

Nanoricchi VC Kirito
Apparently this is a new chibi action figure series that Griffon is starting(why not?). I have little belief in Griffon, but if it’s Kirito, I might as well keep an eye on it.

That wraps up my wish list! Does your list have anything in common? Or maybe what you want is entirely different. Perhaps there’s even something that you thought would be on my list but isn’t. If so, then don’t hesitate to give your own collection aspirations a shout out!

12 thoughts on “Collection Wishlist!

  1. Do you ever buy gently used figures? I have a Rin Kagamine figma, I’ve really enjoyed owning her, but she just remains in my cabinet, never being used. I haven’t used her for comics or photo shoots. She’s just always been on display.


    • I don’t mind having used figures at all so long as they come with a box and have nothing broken/missing.
      However, things are tight right now, so I’m trying not to venture outside of my preorders. >_>
      The best I can do is trade for which I can offer figma Index ^^’


  2. There are so many on this list that I want as well. I really hate myself for not ordering Mikasa straight away since I was awake when she first went up for pre-orders. I thought she wouldn’t sell out that fast so I decided to wait…. then she was gone….. ;-;

    Also, I had no idea there was a IBRS figma!! I want her so badly now!!!!


  3. I have the figma Insane BRS (all of them actually). Before I pre-ordered her I was thinking is it really worth buying her together with the bundled TV series, I love the TV series much more than the OVA, but the problem for me at that time was “is there English subtitles?” otherwise its difficult to justify paying that much and I can’t even watch the BDs, anyways I proceed with the pre-order betting on a possibility because the OVA has one. When I received her, the answer was thankfully YES! I was actually very happy when I played the BD and a subtitle option was available, so for me its a worth full buy as I already watched the BDs twice now 🙂

    As for the figma only Insane-BRS, I happen to found a couple of secondhand in Mandarake last month ranging from 6,000-18,000JPY figma only, it is all gone the last time I check.
    As for the Racing Miku(s), My 2011 ver. just arrived a couple of weeks back and I pre-ordered the Racing Miku 2013 at 10,000 JPY Personal Sponsorshipl Level, I want to get the folding umbrella with the GSR Racing Miku Logo. I personally don’t like the 2012 ver. because it doesn’t really look like Miku so I will pass it for now.
    I would be very happy if a figma Chariot would be available sooner than later, because that would be the only one missing, I also pre-ordered figma Strength TV ver.


  4. My short IBRS review (maybe I’ll write my own someday): Got her for 160USD unopened and she’s… very close to worth it? 160 is still a bit too much money for her, in my mind, but that was probably going to be the lowest cost I could find her at so I went for it. Only flaw is that the flame piece slides onto the hairpiece and falls off at the slightest touch, but her eyes are so beautiful I rarely use it anyway…
    I have most of the expensive, hard to find items out of my way. I have until June (maybe July?) to buy everything else I want before REAL LIFE NO MONEY begins, and I think I’m going to make it?? The rare ones are Racing Miku 2012, Sakuya, and rebuying Reimu (due to breakage and a tough lesson in putting figures where they will NOT get knocked off)


  5. Hey there 🙂

    I was a little suprised to see how many Nendos your list has. And a little bit how high Mato ranks on it. Personally since I own her, I’d greatly recommend getting her! She’s AWESOME XD I didn’t really like her that much in the show (was more of a yomi-fan), but her figma clearly rocks. 🙂 She’s my favourite one right now.
    As for Racing Mikus and Mika I totally agree, I want those too ;_; I’m happy to have managed to get my hands on 2013’s racing miku after all. And I’d like to have Rika to go with Mika. 😀
    …at least I got BRSB figma lately, so that’s one down on my list, haha. 😉


    • Ahaha I try not to get into nendos, but those are just so cute! And they go together, so it’s ok. *hopefully*
      I’ve had Yomi forever, but don’t play with her much because I don’t have Mato. Yomi can’t be alone! >_<
      Congrats on getting Racing Miku!
      How many BRSs are left on your list?


      • Well,there’s certainly BRS2035! I really want it, especially since I saw your review. That just confirmed how much I’d like to get her. So that’s my top want out of all BRS figmas.
        There’s also Yomi, Dead Master (OVA) and maybe (if I find her at an affordable price) IBRS. I’m not a fan of Black GolD Saw so I guess I’m skipping her.
        As for preorders, I’m hoping to see Chariot soon. I’ve Strength on preorder already. 🙂 And hopefully my dear little Mato’s not alone anymore since she got Beast-chan protecting her now. XD


        • I didn’t like BGS either. I had her for a little while, but just never formed an attachment. It’s also the big hands. Oversized hands and feet bother me XD

          Haha seems Mato will have a family soon~ ^^


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