August 2013 Loot

After a healthy SAL wait, all of August’s loot is finally here.

Here’s everything:
loot 1
figma Kyoko Casual ver. and Great Eastern Entertainment Kirito plushie

A small loot once again, but I’m kind of proud of that. I resisted many tempting things(like shoes for poor Kagura). Even if they’re only $10, that stuff builds up after a while! O_O’

loot 2
We’ll start with Kirito who was an unanticipated acquisition.
I mentioned earlier that I went to a sci-fi convention which fell far below my expectations. This was partially due to overcrowding but also because I soon noticed that the only time I really was happy was when seeing anime related things. I just love anime! T_T
Anyway, my dad and I were trying to rescue our exhausting day by browsing the dealer’s room when I saw a booth selling anime merchandise that had plushies. And of course I noticed Kirito right away >_>. I recalled seeing his entry on MFC(gotta keep track of my Kirito merchandise :P) and ended up going back to get him. But what was embarrassing was that when I asked the shop owner to get him for me(the plushies were on a shelf), I totally choked on the “r” in “Kirito”(r’s surrounded by i’s in Japanese words always mess me up), and when I quickly tried to remedy it by saying “The guy from Sword Art Online”, it came out as “The guy from Sword line o-blargh”. Thankfully he knew what I meant, and now I have a huggable Kirito so that I can say at least one good thing came out of going to that convention!

loot 3
Still, having been spoiled by Gift’s lovely plushies, I have to say that this isn’t the best possible Kirito rendition. He’s missing some details here and there, and the overall style isn’t my favorite(why didn’t Gift pick up SAO?!). Also, after staring at his face for some time, I find it strange that they gave him a pointy chin rather than the standard chibi round chin. He’d have been so much cuter that way :/.
That still doesn’t stop him from being my sleep buddy! Too bad this fabulously disturbing bed sheet never realized its true potential as a dakimakura.

loot 4
My only figure this time around is Kyoko! Poor Kyoko always comes last, but she really does look great in her casual wear. She’ll be a breath of fresh air among the Madoka school girls on the shelf. She even completes my Madoka Magica figma collection(for now). I’ll be reviewing Kyoko soon, so please look forward to that~ ^^

That’s all for this time. September was slated to be goodie free, but I managed to toss something extra into my order XD.

loot 5
In the mean time, let’s all snuggle up to our slightly deformed Kiritos and enjoy the cooler weather!


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