Review: figma Black Rock Shooter 2035

Yet another requested review! This time it’s figma Black Rock Shooter 2035 by Max Factory.

Black Rock Shooter had her humble beginning as a simple sketch by the artist Huke. She then became the focus of a popular music video which eventually spawned a merchandise empire consisting of everything from figures to an anime. Something which makes Black Rock Shooter unique is that she has no official backstory. Although the Black Rock Shooter song outlines the basic story of a lone fighter amid gothic inspired architecture, creative minds are free to put the mysterious character into whatever world they choose. This particular incarnation of the blue-eyed warrior comes from the PSP title: Black ★ Rock Shooter – The Game. Rather than using BRS and friends as a metaphor for the internal struggles of…school girls as the anime and OVA did, BRS – The Game does what I’d have preferred and places BRS in an apocalyptic setting. With the familiar gothic background exchanged in favor of a ruined world, Black Rock Shooter is tasked with the mission of saving the world. Sadly though, that is the extent of my knowledge as I have not played the game. But for those interested, it did recently receive and English translation and can be downloaded for the Playstation Network. I’d like to play it myself one day, but now is not the time for that, so I’ll have to review the figma solely based on aesthetic.

I purchased this figure since, for whatever reason, I like to be surrounded by tiny Black Rock Shooters. Although I chose to give up on collecting all of her companions from every new series, you can just never go wrong with Black Rock Shooter(ok, maybe Black Rock Beast wasn’t my favorite) so I make sure to at least get her.

BRS box
Like other BRS figma boxes, this one is decorated by a checker pattern. But to match the apocalyptic theme, the checkers are weathered. I have to say that I love the blue they used since it provides great contrast.

Another fun thing about Black Rock Shooter’s being in different worlds is seeing the changes made to her basic outfit. Who knew a bikini and coat could undergo so many changes?

This version spruces up BRS’s usual look by adding various details and a military motif.

But the trademark change in this version is that BRS’s usual coattails have been replaced with two amazing wing-like jets!

As expected of such a minimalistic outfit, her articulation is above average and she is even able to sit. But while photographing her, I did eventually notice black rub-off on her legs. It shouldn’t be permanent, but does happen when bending the legs into sitting or other similar positions.

head close
One thing I’ve always loved about this BRS is how full her hair is. The bushiness of her bangs combined with those heavy eyelashes gives her a mature and almost exotic appearance that sets her apart from the others.

Her pigtails are very brittle and pointy. This brings us to our next issue. See those white streaks? The good news is that they are not part of the figure. The white streaks are from my cleaning her hair with tissue paper. The rigidity of the plastic in her hair makes things like tissue stick to it mercilessly, and as much as I tried to get it off, it’s does not want to come off without a fight. It’ll come off eventually(I had the same problem with another BRS), but please excuse it in this review.
Also be sure not to mishandle the pigtails they could break.

Of course, both pigtails are jointed which allows them to be posed dynamically.

head back
Even the hair on the back of her head is finely sculpted!
You can also appreciate her two toned hair. The dashes of blue tie in to her design quite nicely, and as to be expected considering how many BRS figmas Max Factory has produced, are executed well.

As usual, Black Rock Shooter is not wearing much, but there are still some interesting changes made to the original outfit that enhance the game’s theme.
First, notice her dog tags which make her looks very militaristic.
There is also white trim on the bikini top for added fanciness and a spiffy new belt. I like the choice to use matte paint for her top as it gives an otherwise standard outfit some much appreciated dimension.
Another change to the traditional Black Rock Shooter look is her scars which now resemble bar codes.

On her arm and coat is a white star. Her hands also make use of matte paint.

back star
The figma hole along with her hood. The pieces coming from her back are rigid plastic, so be careful with them.

wing 1
Of course the most interesting thing on Black Rock Shooter’s back is her jets.

wing 2
Composed of various black and white pieces which jut out, the wings bestow Black Rock Shooter with a distinct mecha vibe. So if you enjoy mecha girls, this might just be the Black Rock Shooter for you!

wing 3
The wings have a matte paint job and nice white lines.
They are jointed, but only at the base, so the wings need to be taken care of.

And because of the joints, Black Rock Shooter has an impressive wingspan! Perfect for action scenes~

Last is her boots.
The boots are standard BRS fare with the exception of a white toe piece and accompanying heels.
The toe pieces are sturdy and from certain angles make it look like she’s wearing slippers. Wonderful indeed.

boot side
Here you can see the heel and sculpted wrinkles on her boots.
The joint in her ankle is unhindered.

Next let’s look at what else is included in the package.

First are the obligatory figma accessories starting with optional faces!
BRS faces
default and yelling

As usual Black Rock Shooter has not been gifted in the way of faces, but since that usually suits her character, I suppose it can be overlooked. I do like both faces included, and not having played the game, cannot comment on how relevant they are. But I do like her eyes, so that counts for something!
I should also add that both faces are a tight fit and stay on very well.

Now for her hands
BRS hands
open, fists, relaxed, gripping, jointless gripping for use with a weapon, and relaxed jointless gripping also for a weapon.

But what really makes a figma fun is the character specific accessories!

flame eye
Black Rock Shooter begins with her signature blue flame.

flame close
The flame eye is a separate hairpiece with the clear blue fire attached.

flame closer
The flame is very convincing and looks great with light shining through it.

sword close
Second is her sturdy and appropriately named sword, Black Blade.

sword handle
Black Blade features a crooked handle and is very sturdy. I have not fear of it breaking in her hand.

sword tip
The blade itself is simply black with a touch of metallic silver. It is slightly weathered.

But you can’t expect Black Rock Shooter to save the world with a measly sword, can you? That’s why she needs to be able to break out the big guns.
sword and cannon
And I meant that literally because what is Black Rock Shooter without her signature oversized Rock Cannon?

cannon out
Rock Cannon can be displayed like above, but for action poses a second stand and clip attachment are provided since the cannon is to heavy to be held up by the figma alone.
I like having the option to display the cannon this way, but the stand makes it not ideal for photos.

cannon close
And I’m not joking when I say oversized.

cannon close
The cannon is about as long as Black Rock Shooter!
She must have a very strong arm…

cannon handle
Looking at the cannon itself, Black Rock Shooter’s hand grips a handle. Be careful when placing her hand as it requires patience to not snap the handle. It might be a good idea to warm up the hand using a hairdryer for added flexibility.

cannon top
With it’s precise coloring and weathered appearance, the cannon is an impressive accessory! It really does look like old metal!

cannon knife
And at the tip is a rusty spike for added protection. Just in case the bullets don’t do their job.

Now that we’ve seen the complete BRS 2035 package, let’s see what we can do with her. Time for a photo shoot!

This Black Rock Shooter has been a part of my collection since her release in December 2011, but I’ve yet to give her a proper photo shoot.

But somehow things like this are still in my archive. They look nice with each other’s hair.

You can also see her in the background of this photo from my BRS TV anime ver. review.

For Black Rock Shooter’s well-deserved private photo shoot, I wanted to recreate the usual world of destruction that Huke’s characters find themselves in. In the past, I’ve attempted to create this atmosphere with simple white paper and a checkered floor. But I’ve done this so many times that it no longer feels exciting, and to be honest, it was never that impressive in the first place. So recalling how unexpectedly well things turned out with Snow Miku, I decided to make another screen(this time without the wooden squares) to create the same diffused white light. I often have trouble creating convincing action poses and backgrounds, so having this white background gives me a lot more confidence when working with characters like this. And you can probably tell that I like it since I’ve been experimenting with the setup for the last five or so reviews.
For the floor, I used a poorly painted tile. I first thought that the tile would ruin the image, but then remembered that my theme is destruction anyway and realized that it would be perfect. I also added rocks for more ruggedness.

You shall not pass!

Same pose. More rocks!


The wings work wonders when balancing her.

A little dark


With this being it’s third appearance in a review, I’m officially making that rock a part of my props. It’s just the prefect figma sized boulder.

BRS 10

BRS 11
I like her face in this one. She looks deep in thought.

BRS 14
MY favorite from this shoot. A black v.s white showdown!

BRS 16
I prefer the angles in the photo above, but kept this one as well in case the visible stand bothers anyone.

BRS 20

BRS setup
A shot of my set up!

Final Words
When it comes to choosing a Black Rock Shooter figma(if you only want one, that is), it really is a matter of personal taste. This BRS benefits from mecha parts and a futuristic design, but has little extra to offer with accessories. She’s also almost alone since her only figma companion from the game is White Rock Shooter who was a limited release(although not too hard to find for a good price). Still, if she ticks all the right boxes for you, then don’t hesitate to add this silent beauty to your collection!


6 thoughts on “Review: figma Black Rock Shooter 2035

  1. While TV Ver. didn’t do much for me (even with a hood and an articulated cannon) there’s something about 2035 that makes me want her despite already having the similar OVA ver. … Is it the eyes? I think I’ll play the game first before deciding to put her on my wishlist.
    By the way, are the chains in the photoshoot from the original BRS figma or does 2035 also come with some?


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