Room/Collection Update- September 2013

Time for something that’s long overdue. A room update! I’ve been wanting to photograph my space and collection for quite some time now, but have never been able to get all of it clean enough at once for a photo shoot. So now that it’s finally all cleaned up, I’m happy to share it with everyone!

This is only my second room post ever. The first post can be found on and was made before I even had this blog. The room has changed a lot since then.

Anyway, let’s begin the tour!

room 1
Opening the door, this is what you see! I’m obviously not in a position to have a separate room dedicated to my hobbies, but my bedroom works just fine for now. The small size makes it easier to decorate(especially since I don’t have too many posters), and it’s nice and cozy!
The walls are painted blue since that’s my favorite color. Initially, I wanted a darker blue, but I think it works better since the posters and figures bring in a lot of their own color.
This room also has very poor lighting, so please excuse some of the blurry pictures. I did my best!

room 2
Once you step in and close the door, you can see lots of smaller pictures and post cards. I prefer have only posters on the wall, so smaller things that I still want to display go here.

room 3
To the side is the closet and my figure shelf.
I think a long tapestry or poster would look really good on the wall where Haruhi is. I was hoping to find a Kirito one, but never did (they’re expensive anyway).

room 4
And now for the figmas! There are currently 70 on the shelf.
A few years ago, this was a bookshelf with only a few figures on the top. But as the number of figures increased, an epic battle took place of which there could be only one winner. And that winner was the figures.
Yet as the figures continued to multiply, I began to run out of shelf space. To stretch the bookshelf to its limits, I began using figma boxes as risers. The boxes are both colorful and practical, and in some places I’m even able to squeeze in three rows of figmas!

The order fluctuates every now and then, but I’ll go over the figma shelf as it is now.
room 5
I do my best to keep everyone together according to series. On top is the Madoka Magica group! I think that Ultimate Madoka is the perfect crown for a figma shelf, and considering how precariously she is perched, I’m happy that the ground is stable.

room 10
I wanted to keep the uniformed versions in front of their costumed counterpart. All of the school girls have their bags, and Madoka and Homura just look so happy.

room 9
Although this is the Madoka shelf, Kurisu has managed to sneak her way on. She’s only here temporarily though and will move somewhere else when Okabe and Lab Coat Kurisu arrive.
I also have a spot waiting for Kyoko’s casual version.

room 6
Once you reach the second shelf, it becomes a mish mash of series.
I have Type Moon and Vocaloid along with a lone Princess of the Crystal.

room 7
The alleged Type Moon area is mostly Sabers. And I’m still missing Extra and Alter!

room 8
Same with the Vocaloid space and Mikus. Still, I can’t get enough of either.

room 11
On the third shelf Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, SAO, Accel World, the Monogatari series, and Seto no Hanayome are represented.
But it’s mostly Haruhi. I used to have more Haruhi figmas, but sold some and kept the ones I like. Now the only one left that I want is Adult Mikuru.

room 12
Bakemono is another series that I intended to collect all of, but ended up just keeping who I wanted. Tsubasa was sold off and I never ordered Kanbaru. Karen has only stayed because of her brother and sister.
Still, Araragi and Hachikuji are some of my favorite figmas!

room 13
Poor San and Kuroyuki are lone wolves.
Meanwhile, Kirito is threatened.

room 14
On this shelf I have, BRS, Se Kirara, Oreimo, K-on, and Lucky Star

room 15
My sword holding poses never have been very good >_>
Don’t worry Yomi, I’ll get Mato for you one day!

room 16
School Uniform Aya was something I received in a giveaway from Plastic Parfait. Gosh, that was so long ago! I still love looking at their reviews and beautiful photos >///<

room 17
There should be more Kuroneko figmas…

room 18
I used to have the K-on girls displayed with their instruments, but that takes up more space than I have. They’ve also fallen out of favor with me somewhat.

room 19
Summer Tsukasa was my first figma. *sniff* oh the memories!
Winter Tsukasa has been wearing that shirt since I put it on her months ago. At least it’s cute XD
And Miyuki is from a trade. She arrived with a broken arm, and I still haven’t gotten around to fixing her. I’d like to get summer Miyuki and stop my Lucky Star collection there.

room 20
The last shelf is thankfully not full and houses the Touhou girls and Ika Musume.

room 21
Next to the figma shelf is a wall of posters and my workspace!

room 22
The chair and table were not originally part of my bedroom furniture, but I drug both in as needed, and they work well enough.

room 23
My laptop(complete with Fate/Extra CCC stickers) and desk decorations. Flipping over the Mawaru Penguindrum desk mat will expose the many stains left behind after I spilled food on it. How else am I supposed to eat and watch anime?
I bought a corded mouse so that I’d never have to change the batteries…
And nendoroid Kirito is my desk buddy! Since these pictures were taken, Beach Queen Saber has become a desk buddy alongside Kirito.

room 24
The pencil holder came with Kamineko when I ordered her from Otacute. May you rest in peace, Otacute.
The blue heart is filled with the names of CDs I want to buy. Whenever I’m ready for something new, I pull something random from the heart. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be. I usually just pull until I get what I wanted.
Lately I’ve been buying a lot of music from Kalafina, Supercell, and Egoist(AKA Supercell). Once I finish getting all of their music, then I’ll go back to the mystery method.

room 26
I bought the Crossing Field Limited Pressing CD just for that Kirito and Asuna poster. It was worth it.

room 27
Come to think of it, some of my favorite posters are the smaller ones over my desk. I was so happy to find a poster of that Saber and Iri illustration for sale on

room 28
The scaled figures stay on my nightstand. It’s the perfect place since there aren’t many anyway. Since these photos were taken, Saber has been replaced by Snow Miku.

room 29
Sadly, a lot of my posters are those sketchy ones you get at anime conventions.
I also wish I had some from more current animes to reflect what I like better. Still, I do love that Miku poster. It was a gift from a friend~

room 30
The next wall is taken up mostly by my bed. Somehow, I always end up with a twin bed. Not that I’m complaining though. The stuffed animals need a place to sleep too.

room 31
In the previous picture, you can see the Donyatsu straps I hung from my fan. Donyatsu turns the light on and Ronya adjusts the fan speed. It makes remembering which cord is which a lot easier to remember!

room 32
Returning to the bed, here is my stuffed animal shrine which is where I keep some of my favorites. The beaver’s name is Justin.
I recently got a new plushie, but am saving its debut for my September loot post~

room 33
The black poster is from a local convention. I didn’t go that year, but bought the poster because I thought it was pretty. The K-on poster was also a gift from the same friend. She made sure Azusa wasn’t in it. She knows the way I feel about Azusa.

room 34
I’m very fond of the Tsubasa Chronicles poster.
The Madoka poster was also a gift. Madoka looks so girly there. Too bad I don’t have one of her kicking witch butt.

room 35
At the window are some teruteru bozu I made as decorations. One of them is supposed to be a cowboy, but his hat fell off.

The last wall has my dresser which works as a secondary display area.

room 36
Above the dresser I have a FMA and Naruto poster. The Naruto poster was given to me since a friend had a spare, and I took it even though I don’t watch Naruto. Bare chested Sasuke and Itachi’s giant head aren’t bad, but I wouldn’t mind replacing this poster some day. The same goes for the FMA one which was an impulse buy.

room 37
The ponies sit on top of my accessory storage bin. I’m missing Twilight Sparkle and Applejack to complete the mane six. I’d also like to have Nightmare Moon since she looks darn cool.

room 38
And here’s where I keep my figma accessories! I prefer it to the plastic bags. It’s both convenient and chaotic.

room 39

room 40

room 47
My piggy bank. My grandparents brought it as a souvenir from Arizona. It is never full.

room 41
Next to the bins is Wagnaria!

room 42
In spite of its status as the only figure restaurant in the area, Wagnaria seems to attract animals rather than people. But being good hosts(and desperate for money), the Poplar army serves them just the same.

room 43
The beef there is very fresh.

room 44
My petites! Madoka, Miku, and Nessa~

room 45
Then there’s a Pinkie Pie bubble blower and the most fabulous cheetah leopard thing you’ve ever laid eyes on.

room 46
On the far end of the dresser is my designated doll area. I call it this because the dolls are rarely there. They spend most of their time near the sewing machine. You can also see what exists of my Dollfie Dream. One day, my sweet!

room 49
Above the dresser are two more posters.

room 48
And last is my beanbag which has become a holding area for stuff that I have no place for like a notebook, lined paper, and figma Index who happens to be for sale. Index comes with her box and all accessories, and is only $20. Payment is through Paypal. I’ll also accept trades for items on my MFC wish list. If you’re interested in her or would like more pictures or shipping info, please contact me at .

That concludes this update! I had fun going over everything, and hope you all had fun looking!
Do you have a room devoted to your collection, love of anime, or hobby?


23 thoughts on “Room/Collection Update- September 2013

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  2. That is one really impressive shelf of figma you got there!! =)
    Do you dust them occasionally, or is your room typically dust-free?

    And your bed looks so comfy… I want to take a nap on it. XD


    • Sadly, my room is far from dust free. I brush the dust off every now and then, but the poor figmas mostly have to bear with it XD. It’s never bothered me that much. ^^’

      Ahaha my bed has so much padding and fluff that it could play rugby!


  3. I haven’t had an opportunity to display my collection yet. Before getting Kyouko’s casual version, I had all four of the schoolgirl versions of the Madoka girls together as a display using two Nendoroid bases. You can fit the arm part of your figma stand into the nendorod bases. Only the outer holes though, I think.

    Have you ever done any posts about… How to set up to take pictures? I’ve tried taking some shots, but… I’m not sure if it’s the lighting in my room or the angle that I’m taking the picture from, but they don’t seem to turn out well. I’d love to get your wisdom and perspective about this! My email is if you’d like to talk. I couldn’t find any other way to contact you on here since I don’t use facebook.

    (And I practically LIVE by your figma friday news! Thanks!)


  4. haha, my figures are currently i my living room instead of my actual room because my actual room is a mess 😛 However, this is not a problem as I currently own only two nendoroid, as actual figures. Now as for toys…. Well they are over any and every flat surface. Oh, and Autumn, my Dollfie Dream shares my bed with me ^^; I actually share my bedroom with my little sister, who is not so happy with my stuff everywhere. As soon as I get my own room, I’ll see about organizing my figures (and toys) ^^;
    Yeah, by the way, my brother has the same Miku poster as the one over your bed


    • Aww that’s so cute that your Dollfie shares your bed ^^. Whenever I do get mine, I guess she’ll stand in the doll corner of shame with the others. Or spend her time half dressed by the sewing machine XD

      Poster buddies!


      • I’ve actually thought about getting her a bed her size. I’m scared that I’ll find her on the floor in the morning O.O But so far it hasn’t happened so I guess we’re okay.
        If your Dollfie does spend most of her time by your sewing machine, I think she’ll be happy as long as you’re making her clothes. ^.^


        • I’m afraid to keep things close to the floor. I have a male dog, you see…

          Good point! I want to make DD clothes SO BAD. It’s fun with the Pureneemos, but I want to make extravagant detailed things!


          • Yeah ^.^ Right ow I’m working on making Autumn a Kaito jacket…… We’ll see how that goes.
            By the way, thanks for recommending Puella Magi Madoka Magica, I just finished and I loved it. Now to find a way to get the uniform version of the Madoka nendoroid… ^-^;


            • Ooh! That sounds cool(like ice cream haha)! I really love long jackets for some reason.
              No problem! I really loved Madoka. So much that I watched it several times which is unusual for me.
              Mandarake would be good to check. The uniform figma’s price shot down so much that I got her from there for 2500 yen. I’m not sure about the nendoroid though. :/


                • Sure!
                  In case you’re not too familiar with Mandarake, it’s like a giant yard sale, so the stock changes regularly which is good if you don’t see what you want right away. All of the items are secondhand, but the condition is listed, and they’re usually in great condition anyway. What they call box damage is usually nothing more than a scrape on the corner. When you place an order, they don’t ask you to pay right away, but don’t worry about it. What they’re doing is checking the store to make sure the item is still there before they ask you to pay. If everything checks out, you’re all good! And you have pretty good chances of getting the item. I’ve only not been able to once, and it was with something rare. I love Mandarake because it’s an easy way to get figures that otherwise seem impossible to get!


  5. Haha, my room is the exact same color, however it’s definitely not as neat and tidy as yours. Nice idea to use the figma boxes are risers; you save a few bucks and they actually blend quite well with the figures. Extremely jelly of those BRS figmas!!

    I don’t have a room dedicated for anything, but at the rate my figure collection is growing I’m going to need to create some more space in my room somehow. Problem is, most of my room is consumed by my computer setup, all of my musical instruments (thank god I had space under my bed for my guitar cases), and my bed. I want to get some detolf display cases from IKEA for my figures, but I need to sort out how I can get them to fit…..


    • Mine is rarely this tidy XD. It is for a while, but as I take figures off the shelves for photos, they end up all over the room. It’s clean now, but we’ll see how long that lasts…
      I swear there are too many BRS figmas O_O. I had to give up on collecting them all!
      I keep my boxes under the bed. Forgot to mention that in the post, but it’s a box warzone under there.
      Those Ikea cases do look good(especially since they cut down on dusting), but I haven’t pursued any since the modern design of the Detolf doesn’t really work with my room’s color scheme.


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