Figma News Fridays 8/30/13

First of all, my deepest apologies for the delayed FNF. Friday night, my dad and I decided to check out the sci-fi convention happening on Saturday. This was not one of our better decisions. Not only was it very crowded and chaotic(we didn’t plan anything orz), I remembered that I don’t even like sci-fi that much XD. The craziness left me too exhausted to even think about blogging, and since the only time I was happy was when I saw anime cosplayers, I’ll be sticking to anime conventions from now on. At least I tried! And even though I told myself I’d stay away from cosplaying, this experience really made me want to give it another try. Right now, I’m kicking around the idea of cosplaying Rani VIII from Fate/Extra or her CCC version.

But enough about me! In spite of the long delay on my part, this week of figma news was rather smooth. We have two preorders. So let’s get started!


Archetype Next : She Preorders Begin
she monday

To celebrate figma number 300 and the subsequent improvements made to the line, Max Factory is releasing yet another pair of archetypes. The figma archetypes are blank figma bodies meant to help you appreciate the basic joint system of a figma. I imagine they’re also a customizer’s dream, and in the case of the flesh colored archetypes, perfect for anyone who wants to make their figmas naked. All previous archetypes were exclusives to GSC’s shop, and although I was certain, that would be the case this time, it apparently is not. Instead, She will be bundled with the ”Max Factory Complete Works” book. The bad news is that books usually add to shipping costs, but the good news is that She can be preordered at regular stores like amiami! She retails for 4743 yen and will be available in December.


Amy Preorders Begin
amy wednesday
The bubbly Amy soars into the figma line! Complete with three expressive faces, a beautiful turquoise messenger bag, a flashy red glider, and her fluffy friend Grace, Amy is ready to take on the world; one delivery at a time! Amy retails for 4800 yen and will be available in January 2014.

Cute! That word perfectly describes this figma! From her awesome outfit to her adorable creature, everything is cute. And don’t forget that glider which is the first time one has been included as a figma accessory! By the way, is it me or does the combination of a red poncho, furry friend, and red glider remind anyone else of somebody? How many years were you frozen in an iceberg, Amy?
Amy is a pass for me since I haven’t watched the show, but if I do, that might change.

That’s all for this…er last week! Have you preordered Amy or She? What about cosplaying and conventions? Any thoughts on that?

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6 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 8/30/13

  1. I have preordered Amy! The price is indeed a little steep, but I think the accessories that accompany her package make up for the upcoming hole in my wallet. ^_^;;
    Oh, and it helps that I watched the show she was in.


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